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  • NOBODY by Wondergirls Featuring Gabriel - a 3 year old kid I want nobody, nobody but you! XD But sorry about the video, it`sa little dark... Still, I hope you will enjoy it! I gotta admit, He really knows how to dance! CUTE! hahaha.... Please watch the WHOLE video... :D He`sa Flipino
  • Zarnick's masterpiece 4th of July 2010.... Thanks Jon!
  • pete lubawski skate video filmed and edited by andrew zarnich
  • Daman's Strength Training D Moye, B. Beight. R.Zarnich and J.Howarth......Sled Pulls and Prowler sprints...
  • Daman's Strength Training Matt Parker ( St. Francis LB), Ryan Zarnich (St. Francis TE), Bryan Beightley (Geneva College SS), Jesse Howarth (Geneva College LB) find themselves busting through a saturday morning workout.
  • Five Foot Two Grandpa Zarnick plays a classic.