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  • Lenticchie e Cotechino
  • Day 24- What I Eat On a little business/vacay trip to the UK, where, funnily enough, we have stuffed ourselves silly on good food. Zampone, puddings, roast beast and Yorkshire pudding. Delicious, but now my body is craving raw apples, spinach and arugula (they call it rocket here), and anything else juicy and vegetable in nature! oh yeah, and lots and lots of wine! the verdict? too much of a good thing IS a good thing, though not for too long :)
  • Cotecolino Show!!! Super Zampone Cotecolinico!
  • Pork Sausages and Lentils Antonio prepares a traditional festive meal of pork sausages and lentils - Cotechino e Zampone con Lenticchie
  • Hughes Gustl.wmv Raptor 50 + Hughes Rumpf
  • zampone mea hgfddf
  • Super Zampone 051210 Castelnuovo Rangone MO
  • A look at future Simon in Misfits [SPOILER ALERT] A look at future Simon (from Misfits S02E03)
  • Scarp da Tennis - Vergin Swatch Scarp da Tennis - TSI ZIUQ 1996
  • Precotti Cotechino Zampone Specialità gastronomiche GBianchi SpA
  • Dilemma natalizio
  • Grigliata Superfast Speed up grilled chop in Carlo's Lake - Arsiè (Belluno)
  • SuperZampone 2006 Super Zampone 2006 Castelnuovo Rangone