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  • Zambuk - Overprotection Matching Studio PLC. | Film Director : Taveepon Teerawichitchainan
  • Zam-Buk TV Commercial 2010 15s- Bayer Thailand
  • zambuk part 1.wmv
  • 101 Ways to MAKE FIRE - #7 The Devil's Breath Today, I show you how to make char-cloth (a magic material you will encounter often in fire-making videos) and also show a cool way to start a fire at the same time. Devil's Breath is a term sometimes used by firefighteres to refer to the noxious brew of gases cuased by incomplete combustion of organic material. When people die of smoke inhalation it is usually these gases that are to blame. Carbon dioxide will suffocate you mostly by replacing the available oxygen in the air, it isn't really toxic. But these gases can incapacitate you within seconds. Almost everyone knows the acrid smell of charring material and will recoil or retreat instinctively, or react by coughing, sneezing etc. We are designed or adapted to find the smell very unpleasant. THESE GASES ARE POISONOUS. DON"T TRY THIS WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION. Most people don't realise that "things" don't actually burn. Flammable substances like grass, wood, rubber etc (even petrol / gasoline) don't combust directly. What happens is that the heating of these materials causes a chemical breakdown that results in the release of flammable gases. This is called pyrolysis. Once the temperature of the gas reaches its ignition temperature, it bursts into flame. It is these burning gases that we recognise as fire. But the process of combustion requires oxygen too. In the absence of oxygen, we get charring. Most of us are familiar with charcoal. The process of making it is very simple and can be observed along many rural roads ...