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  • Zaffire Mi2 on acoustic but through processor
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  • HAHAHA THE YFC BATCH 10 ! xD oh myyyyyy Johan you're too funny xD Some things in this: James Bond xD Conan O' Brien Marc and Johan's dance solo xD Johnry's Tehraan tehraan tinaaaaaaaa Bryan playing gameboy xD ... and in the end, Johan: "Vad betyder Tehran? HAHAHA xD"
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  • Hands on Motorola Aura Full test of the luxury phone of Motorola
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  • CIMG2928last.MOV Zaffire practicing Dirty Deeds by ACDC on 5/30/10.
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  • how WE study for finals we were in History, and Alejandro, Michael, Zaffir, Chris, Jeremy decided to practice for their final (with a little help from Ryan)
  • Zaffir_fontana.wmv
  • mp4 zaffire jumping
  • Zaffir.wmv Bull Terrier
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  • Basel A Kanaan Zeffa a3l Faras (Mukhmas, Ramallah) Palestinian Traditional wedding dance! Dedicated to my brother Basel A Kanaan for his wedding. TheTraditional Palestinian Zeffa on horse outside father's house consists of family and friends around groom right before his wedding singing and dancing to lyrics and poetic verses that our great grandfathers used to sing. Long Live the Palestinian Spirit with its traditions and culture. This groom and family are from Mukhmas, Ramallah, Palestine...currently residing in Fairview, New Jersey. The song is for Ghadi...called Fares 2010 Album. Hope you enjoy the video...and may you celebrate the joyful wedding of a loved one soon.
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  • 29032010.mp4
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  • Belinha e Zaffire
  • Some Woman Laughing at the Cassandra Crossing A video clip of some woman laughing at some old movie about trains starring OJ Simpson and a bunch of 70s character actors. Too bad MST3K never did this one.