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  • Mike Zadick vs Alan Dudaev Chicago Cup wrestling 60kg 2/6/2007
  • zAdDiCk paradise city (cover) age 17.VOB zAdDiCk joey haire paradise city cover. also, amie haire, jason carmean
  • SoNoFzAdDiCk jammin to da bloc Dec 2008
  • serpent ZadDick and Dj Konasty
  • zAdDiCk mack sings jingle bells Dog sings jingles bells
  • my studio tour dec 2008 a tour of where i record my music
  • zAdDiCk andy new song preview & his take on aliens andy, SoNoFzAdDiCk, new song preview and what he thinks of aliens...
  • Holiday&***pths freestyle to the max
  • zAdDiCk andy meditates to Jaloes
  • zAdDiCk andy vs. evil
  • zA[}X andy gets rockband2 and xbox andy xmas 2009
  • zAdDiCk and brother Mike at "work"
  • zAdDiCk nephew sings The Diaper Song mt nephew sings a song of his
  • xmas 2008 present from fan zAdDiCk my pet shark
  • zAdDiCk and son playing baseball 10.04.2009
  • zAdDiCk fight for your right to party (cover) age 12.VOB zAdDiCk joey haire at age 12 doing fight for your right to party. also scott fast, bernie fast & ryan cline