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  • Yessing on the beach! We yessed on the beach.
  • The YES dance iTunes: Instrumental: How to YES. Created, written and performed by Robert James Hoffman III and Kato Bonner. Also featuring Gustavo Vargas, David Moore, Twitch, Nick Wilson, Mike D, Dante 7, and Jessie Lewis. Performed at Carnival Jan. '07. For more info on Carnival go to . Special Thanks to Carey Ysias and Boogie. Uncensored version available at Track available at: Tags: YES dance fork garbage contact Choreographers Carnival PunchRobert punch robert james rob hoffman iii dancing choreography gay *** extacy Wild 'N Out funny sketch
  • Lion Cubs at the Bronx Zoo 3 Three lion cubs play with each other, their parents, and a young lioness at the Bronx Zoo in New York. Video recorded May 28, 2010. Sorry for the background noise, but it was very crowded. The lion cubs are very popular! This was shot with a Flip so it's a much wider angle. I hope it's still fun to watch. And for the record, I know the character in the Lion King was named Mufasa, but I was trying not to talk while recording and just yessed my friend. :)
  • Coral yessing too hard Coral and Jen Logan (just for kicks) performed the yes dance until Coral yessed too hard and dislocated her knee!! Oh No!! :/ We must believe in the YES! The Yes can cure everything!!!
  • la banda loka2 kvn
  • The YES Dance with Friends It's called YES. We were in class and decided, "OH HEY! I THINK IT'S TIEM!" And so we yessed hard. I think we should do it again and make sure the camera doesn't throw up FAIL.
  • Mon Film 160311
  • *** ... You just got Yessed
  • the yes dance we yessed too hard... SUBSCRIBE!doing yes dance!!!!