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  • You can always throw in an "yclad" or "ycleped" for meter. Wed, 10/06/2010 - 17:56 @peterbyrnes Well then you might as well go straight for the You can always throw in an "yclad" or "ycleped" for meter. i DiD *N0T* WRiTE 0N THA EVERYTHiNG HURTS P0EM S0M1 T00K AN 0LD STANZA&PUT iT 0N THA P0EM ;. — “Stanza on Twitter | Lexcycle”,
  • newrules['classifieds/(\d*)'] = 'index.php?post_type=yclad&year=' . $wp_rewrite->preg_index(1) newrules['classifieds/category/(\w*)$'] = 'index.php?post_type=yclad&=yclad_category' . $wp_rewrite->preg_index(1). — “WordPress " Support " add rewrite rules for custom post types”,
  • Mediaeval eventide song by Eugene Field - Come hither, lyttel childe, and lie upon my breast to-night, For yonder fares an angell yclad in raimaunt white, And y. — “Mediaeval eventide song - Poem by Eugene Field”,
  • A Ditty - by Edmund Spenser .. In praise of Eliza, Queen of the Shepherds SEE where she sits upon the grassie greene, (O seemely sight!) Yclad in Scarlot, like a mayden Queene, &nbs. — “A Ditty by Edmund Spenser”,
  • For yonder fares an angell yclad in raimaunt white, And yonder sings ye angell as onely For yonder fares an angell yclad in raimaunt white, And yonder sings that angell, as. — “Eugene Field's Poem: Mediaeval Eventide Song”,
  • Daily explanation about new words, word origins, slang expressions, etc. from Jesse Sheidlower, a senior editor in Random House's Reference Division. A few others are yclad 'clothed' ("Spring yclad in grassy dye"--Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage) and iwis 'certainly' ("Iwis men shall spit at. — “The Mavens' Word of the Day”,
  • yclad (comparative more yclad, superlative most yclad) (obsolete) At th'upper end there sate, yclad in red / Downe to the ground, a comely personage. — “yclad - Wiktionary”,
  • Yclad definition, pp. of See more. — “Yclad | Define Yclad at ”,
  • Whose loftie trees yclad with sommers pride. Did spred so broad, that heavens light did An aged Sire,^ in long blacke weedes yclad, His feete all bare, his beard all hoarie gray. — “The Faerie Queene/Book I/Canto I - Wikisource”,
  • In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in yclad. ycleped. ydrad. ye. yea. yead. yean. yeaned. yeanling. year. year-book. yeared. yearling. — “Browse 1828 => Letter Y :: Search the 1828 Noah Webster's”, 1828
  • Y.C.L.: Definition and Pronunciation yclad. Cite. Print. Related Content. Daily Word Quiz: raconteur. ***ogy of the Day: Today's ***ogy. Spelling Bee: Today's Spelling Bee. Kids' Word Quiz: procrastinate. Crossword: Crossword Puzzle Guide. Frequently Misspelled Words. — “Y.C.L.: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • A glossary of Shakespeare's words, from your trusted Shakepeare source. YCLAD: clad, clothed. YCLEPED: called, named. YCLIPPED: do. YEARN: to grieve, vex. YEDWARD: a form of "Edward". — “Glossary of Shakespeare's Plays - Y”, shakespeare-
  • Definition of Feares with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. impenetrability, semisubmersible, schooling, yclad, adwoman, vulcanian, airworthy,. — “Feares: Definition with Feares Pictures and Photos”,
  • Presentation page of the ebook "God's Good Man - A Simple Love Story" by Marie Corelli. Read it on your PC PDA or Smartphones: Windows Mobile Blackberry Palm Symbian ( Nokia Series 60 1st 2nd 3rd edition, UIQ 2, UIQ 3) or Pocket-PC. "When all is yclad With blossoms; the ground with grass, the woodes. — “Mobipocket eBook: "God's Good Man - A Simple Love Story" by”,
  • Spenser talks of "lofty trees yclad in summer s pride" (verdure) Yclad in Scarlot, like a mayden Queene, And ermines white: Upon her head a Cremosin. — “Search Results for "yclad"”,
  • The Faerie Queene, by Edmund Spenser, at sacred- Yclad in costly garments, fit for tragicke Stage. Proceeding to the midst, he still did stand, As if in mind he somewhat had to. — “The Faerie Queene: Book 3: Canto XII”, sacred-
  • "Old Winter sad in snow yclad, Is making a doleful din; But let him howl til he crack his As the leaves fall from the trees so does the temperature outside creating a need for. — “Kansas Government Information: Winter Energy Conservation and”,
  • PRIDE: Review the definition, meaning, pronunciation, explanation, synonyms, and antonyms of the term PRIDE in the Online Dictionary. What is a 5 letter word that starts arrogant and presumptuous confidence, as beauty, ornament, noble character, children, etc. Lofty trees yclad with summer's pride. — “Definition of PRIDE (Meaning of PRIDE), a 5 Letter Word”,
  • The Faerie Queene - Reference Prefix y- retained in participle: "Yclad," 1. 58, 254, 'clad,' 'clothed.' Adjective: "Combrous," 1. 203, 'harassing,' 'troublesome.' Verb: "Keepe," 1. 360, 'heed,' 'give attention to.'[7]. — “The Faerie Queene - Reference”,
  • Definition and etymology of the English word y Etymology of the English prefix y- the English prefix y- Derivations in English. yclad, aswoon, everywhere, hearted. Usage. Word found in Modern English. — “: English etymology of y-”,


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  • Canto 1 : From the Faerie Queene by Edmund Spencer CANTO I. The Patron of true Holiness Foul Error doth defeat: Hypocrisy him to entrap, Doth to his Home entreat. A Gentle Knight was pricking on the Plain, Yclad in mightie Arms and silver Shield, Wherein old dints of deep Wounds did remain, The cruel Marks of many a bloodie Field; Yet Arms till that time did he never wield: His angry Steed did chide his foming Bit; As, much disdaining to the Curb to yield: Full jolly Knight he seem'd, and fair did sit, As one for Knightly Giusts and fierce Encounters fit. But on his Breast a bloody Cross he bore, The dear Remembrance of his dying Lord, For whose sweet sake that glorious Badge he wore, And dead (as living ) ever him ador'd: Upon his Shield the like was also scor'd, For soveraign Hope, which in his help he had: Right faithful true he was in Deed and Word; But of his Cheere did seem too solemn sad: Yet nothing did he dread, but ever was ydrad. Upon a great Adventure he was bond, That greatest Gloriana to him gave, That greatest glorious Queen of Fairy Lond, To win him Worship, and her Grace to have, Which of all earthly things he most did crave; And ever as he rode, his Heart did earn To prove his Puissance in Battle brave Upon his Foe, and his new force to learn; Upon his Foe, a Dragon horrible and stearn. A lovely Lady rode him fair beside, Upon a lowly Asse more white than Snow; Yet she much whiter, but the same did hide Under a Veil, that wimpled was full low, And over all a black Stole she did throw, As one that inly ...