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  • Ski !
  • ABC? An Obscure Alphabet. A is for addax, an antelope whose horns are weird B is for barbate, to have a beard C is for cachalot, but sperm whale is the name we use instead D is for draconite, a jewel from a dragon's head E is for eyot, a small island in a lake F is for flaught, a pretty snowflake G is for gabelle, a salt tax we no longer pay H is for heliolatry, to the sun they pray I is for iulus, a fancy name for a millipede J is for jesserant, armour you might need K is for kvass, a rye bread based beer L is for lachrymiform, shaped like a tear M is for metheglin, a drink from honey we can make N is for natricine, a long water snake O is for onocrotal, but pelican is the name we use the most P is for planchette, a way to talk to a ghost Q is for quagga, a type of zebra that are now all dead R is for rubify, to make something red S is for salse, a mud and salt volcano T is for tatou, the giant armadillo U is for ucalegon, a neighbour with a fire at their place V is for vasculum, a botanist's collecting case W is for wherry, a light boat with a clinker hull X is for xeme, or a Sabine's Gull Y is for yapok, a possum that likes to swim and Z is for ziggurat, a pyramid with steps on its rim
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