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  • Android platform on Real Target(Zaurus C1000 PXA270) This is Android platform on Real Target(Zaurus C1000 PXa270 416Mhz) Below is my note for memory about task. 1. Kernel for RealTargetboard (필수) ARM EABI (필수) Frame Buffer (Device Driver) (필수) OpenBinder (필수) TouchScreen Device drivers (옵션) Low Memory Killer (옵션) Android Log Subsystem (옵션) Android USB Gadget (옵션) Android Buffer Console ( for goldfish's audio ) (옵션) Android Power Management (옵션) Goldfish (Virtual Machine for QEMU based Emulator ) (옵션) Panic Timeout 2. RootFS . sysfs , proc, tmpfs . yaffs for system & userdata . Dalvik . System Libraries ( webkit , sgl, sqlite, etc) . zygote Process ( /system/bin/app_process) . D-BUS Daemon (System for sending messages between applications. It is used both for the systemwide message bus service) . runtime (/system/bin/runtime , Process for socket binding ) . adbd ( /system/bin/adbd , Android Debugging Bridge Service Daemon) . usbd ( To implement mass storage) . debuggerd ( /system/bin/debuggerd , Debugging Daemon like ddms) . Etc : hcid , sdpd , dund , hfag(sdptool), hsag(sdptool), rfcomm , brick (wipe)
  • YAFFS with 'lzo' compression Demonstration with 'lzo' compression library.
  • K DUB vs yaffs this is why mk42 bridged us.mpg haha
  • YAFFS with 'zlib' compression Demonstration with the option 'zlib compression'
  • HTC HD2 Nand Boot with Yaffs checkpointing workng Shaves off 10 seconds or so off the boot time because it doesn't have to rescan the flash on mount.
  • YAFFS without compression Demonstration without compression
  • HTC HD2 Android from Nand, no SD card, no RootFS Using magldr 1.08 with hotfix and android build. No SD card needed during boot, SD-aware froyo applications install without errors. Proper small initrd like on real Android devices, speeds up boot time and frees up 17.5MB of NAND space. Hopefully this first build i've made will be used as a base for many more to come. Build made using mksquashfs from squashfs 4.0 and mkyaffs2image from latest yaffs git + modification at EDIT: updated link to frg81 based cyanogen build with kernel with wifi fix included
  • His Yaff Yaffs In case you didnt know, Yaff is baby talk for laugh...:o)
  • HTC HD2 Booting from yaffs2 NAND partitions Shubcraft 1.5 (Sense based builds didn't fit on my 256MB /system part) running from NAND on a HTC HD2. This is the first time someone has done this on a HD2. Quadrant benchmark IO score is comparable to the Nexus One. The fbconsole part was much quicker on first boot, because yaffs was checkpointed and was able to mount instantly. Because current Android builds don't unmount their partitions properly on shutdown, yaffs had to rescan the whole partition on next mount (boot). I assume someone will fix this on a proper NAND build. EDIT: updated yaffs sources to latest git, so boot mount resumes from checkpoint every time now, see
  • HTC HD2 Booting android without WinMo NAND test Testing nand partition erase and random writes on yaffs filesystem. DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR OWN DEVICE. Erasing /dev/mtd/mtd0 WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE because your partition layout is not the same as mine.
  • Google I/O 2010 - Writing zippy Android apps Google I/O 2010 - Writing zippy Android apps Android 201 Brad Fitzpatrick Come hear tips & war stories on making fast, responsive (aka "non-janky") Android apps. No more ANRs! Eliminate event loop stalls! Fast start-ups! Optimized database queries with minimal I/O! Also, learn about the tools and techniques we use to find performance problems across the system and hear what's coming in the future. For all I/O 2010 sessions, please go to
  • Yaffs walkabout 08/02/2010 Walkabout Wales
  • Look Where I'm Blocked From I'm blocked from Teh Chimera. Oh noes. yotsu21 lets other trolls in, but not me. Why? Because I'm the thing he hates most, a troll who uses logic. In addition, he's still butthurt over past events. It seems he really is a hypocrite. Hope you enjoy this video.
  • android demo phone We have booted android in our smartphone(omap730/omap850 based). The linux kernel is linux 2.6.23. Keyboard and touchscreen work fine. The phone boot from uboot. Android can boot from flash(yaffs),sd card and NFS.