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  • Charlie St. Cloud (Music Score) Ambulance Instrumental" music score from the film Charlie St. Cloud Starring Zac Efron, Amanda Crew and Charlie Tahan . The film is based on Ben Sherwood's best-selling novel, The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud . Zac's character "Charlie" is a young man overcome by grief at the death of his younger brother in a car accident. From that moment on, "Charlie" makes a sacrificial decision to live his life in the past. Until that is, he meets a beautiful yachtswoman "Tess" and he has to rethink life and death. Zac's training for "Charlie St Cloud" began in Vancouver, British Columbia, in July 2009 and started production in Upstate, New York from July to early October 2009. Actress "Amanda Crew" was shooting her scenes the following September. Actor Chris Massoglia was signed in October 2009 to play Sam St. Cloud, but never made it into the final film, his role was played by Charlie Tahan. The audio track featured is from the "ambulance" scene in the film. The track is composed by "Rolfe Kent" on the instrumental score. "Charlie St Cloud" is available on DVD and BluRay and the instrumental soundtrack of the film is available on itunes.
  • US SAILING's 2009 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of Year Award Ceremony US SAILING Team AlphaGraphics member, Anna Tunnicliffe, along with Moth sailor, Bora Gulari, recognized and honored at US SAILING's 2009 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of Year Award Ceremony held at New York Yacht Club.
  • Yachtswoman campaigns for sustainable future Round-the-world yachtswoman Dame Ellen MacArthur talks about how her sailing career has led her to become an ambassador for energy efficiency, in partnership with E.ON.
  • Sailing in Turkey Top yachtswoman at work
  • Congrats to Anna - Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year AlphaGraphics CEO, Kevin Cushing, congratulating Anna Tunnicliffe on her ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Award!
  • US SAILING's 2010 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year Award Ceremony
  • Junior Australian of the Year Solo yachtswoman Jessica Watson is the Young Australian of the Year.
  • Andrew`s Slide Show Equinox Slide Show Equinox pictures taken from southampton of its first sailing to Gurnsey
  • Snipe Women's World Championship 2010 Every other year, the best Women Snipers gather for the Women's World Championship. In 2010 that was St. Petersburg, Florida in November and the temperature was a balmy 80º. Out on the water the competition was even hotter. With competitors from Europe, North & South America and Japan, this group of sailors showed just how tight one design racing can be at the top level. Going into the last race, only 3 points separated the top three boats. It doesn't get a lot more competitive than that. It took a stellar final day for Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year Anna Tunnicliffe and her crew Molly Vandemoer to take the Championship with a win in the final race. Trixy and Yuyu Agusti from Argentina came in second with Kathleen Tock and crew Kate Sheahan just two points back of them in third. There's definitely a trend in the Snipe Class. Young sailors are finding there's a lot of competition to be had in this boat that turns 80 this year. Those younger sailors are showing up on the podium a lot. The new generation of Snipe Champions.
  • Anna Tunnicliffe Worldsport catches up with the World Yachtswoman of the Year, Anna Tunnicliffe!!
  • the first woman to sail solo, non-stop around the world What an amazing Woman! Vendée Globe Update: 3000 Miles to the Finish Line for Aviva's Dee Caffari The first woman to sail solo, non-stop around the world Aviva skipper Dee Caffari, Vendee Globe 08/09 On sleep deprivation Aviva skipper Dee Caffari, who is aiming to become the first woman to sail solo, non-stop around the world, is now only 3000 miles from the finish line of the Vendee Globe 2008/09. The yachtswoman has spent 85 days at sea, averaging about 3 hours of sleep per 24 hour period. The solo skipper has experienced both good and bad sleep days. Available video includes soundbites with Dee Caffari on sleep deprivation whilst racing at sea in a high intensity global race.
  • Celebrity Eclipse Naming Ceremony Part 3 The Celebrity Eclipse was named by yachtswoman Emma Pontin in an emotional and glittering ceremony.
  • Sailing solo around the world - Dee Cafari sets world record British yachtswoman Dee Caffari, 36, has succeeded in achieving her ultimate goal of becoming the first woman to sail solo, non-stop both ways around the world. The former PE teacher from Hertfordshire crossed the finish line of the Vendee Globe 2008-2009 in sixth place with a heavily damaged mainsail having spent 99 days at sea. Details on
  • Sailing solo around the world - Dee Cafari sets world record British yachtswoman Dee Caffari, 36, has succeeded in achieving her ultimate goal of becoming the first woman to sail solo, non-stop both ways around the world. The former PE teacher from Hertfordshire crossed the finish line of the Vendee Globe 2008-2009 in sixth place with a heavily damaged mainsail having spent 99 days at sea. Details on
  • The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud Trailer NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING ZAC EFRON 'Refreshingly romantic, dangerously good fun, hugely addictive' Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat Charlie St. Cloud was a blessed boy, destined to do good things in high places. But all that changed the night he survived the car crash that killed his little brother, Sam. Years later, Charlie is still trying to atone for his loss. He has stayed at home, in his snug New England fishing village, tending the lawns and monuments of the ancient cemetery where his brother is buried. You see, Charlie is graced with an extraordinary gift: he can see, talk to, and even play catch with Sam's spirit. Theirs is a perfect, magical world, untroubled until Charlie meets Tess Carroll, a captivating, adventurous, yachtswoman training for a solo trip around the world. Suddenly he is faced with a choice -- between death and life, the past and the present, holding on and letting go. The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud is a romantic and exhilarating novel about second chances and the liberating power of love. 'Heart-meltingly moving.' Glamour 'Sherwood makes you believe -- and that's miracle enough' Newsweek
  • The ship that saved two thousand Brits! As maritime naming ceremonies go, this was an unusual one given that most people in the UK are already familiar with this particular ship. Celebrity Eclipse, the brand new cruise ship which made a dramatic dash to rescue 2200 British holidaymakers from Spain this week, did so without ever having been officially named. Today, that was finally put right when her Godmother, British yachtswoman and breast cancer survivor, Emma Pontin, undertook the highly coveted task of christening the ship by releasing a magnum of champagne to smash against the helm (Sat, 24th April). Celebrity Eclipse was scheduled to arrive in the UK on Tuesday morning for a week of launch celebrations including a two-day maiden voyage in the waters off the South coast of the UK. But rather than 500 specially-invited VIPs, her first official passengers turned out to be hundreds of weary tourists who had been stranded in Bilbao, Spain as a result of the volcanic ash cloud that was covering Northern Europe. In honour of the ships inspirational Godmother, Hampshire-born Emma Pontin, whose brave fight against breast cancer saw her continuing to race, sail and instruct during her treatment, todays naming ceremony was timed to coincide a breast cancer charity fundraising event. Thousands of men, women and families donned decorated bras to take part in the 5km and 10km Celebrity Sunwalk around Southampton, reaching the finish line by the docks at Mayflower Park in time to join in the naming ceremony celebrations ...
  • Anna Tunnicliffe - 2008 Beijing Olympic Sailing Gold Medalist in the Laser Radial - From Sit down with 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Anna Tunnicliffe, who has also recently been named US Sailing's Rolex Yachtswoman of the year. Hear what drives Anna to train as hard as she does. Then, see interviews with other Olympians and Yachtsmen of the Year, as well as tons of event coverage, Technique videos and other features at
  • Anna Tunnacliffe interview Anna Tunnacliffe, 2009 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year, talks about getting into sailing and the road to Olympic gold.
  • Hilary Lister Sets Sail Quadriplegic yachtswoman Hilary Lister from Canterbury sets sail from Dover on the first leg of a three-month voyage around the British Isles, which will see the 36-year-old sailing 1500 miles. Follow us on Twitter at /KentTV
  • A testimonial from a rescued yachtswoman Yachtswoman Pippa Uniwin talks about being rescued by the RNLI during 2009's Round the Island Race.
  • Dee Caffari interview Heather Walker interviews the record breaking British yachtswoman Dee Caffari at the Southampton Boat Show 2008
  • Woody Woodpecker - Woody Dines Out Woody Woodpecker - Woody Dines Out. Captions have been added.
  • Dame Ellen MacArthur DBE inspirational speech Round the World Yachtswoman Dame Ellen MacArthur DBE delivers an inspirational speech. To book her for an event visit . JLA are "The UK's leading speaker bureau." (Financial times)
  • CSA Celebrity Speakers - Dame Ellen MacArthur Record Breaking Single-handed Round the World Yachtswoman
  • French and Saunders - Lone Yachtswoman Debbie O'Brien Dawn embarks on a one-woman 'round the world sea voyage
  • ECLIPSE.wmv New Ship Cel ECLIPSE sailed into Southampton on Tuesday 20th April 2010 at aprox 7:15am, this is my slide show of it starting with a sunset picture
  • Navigation through Winter Darkness WONG: Swedish yachts men and Yachts women come out of hibernation. Here is more from Sweden. STORY: A sure sign that spring is around the corner is the annual Gothenburg boat show. For many it's a beacon of light in the darkness. Families and people of all ages come to warm their dream of summer and boating. Some are looking for new equipment or some piece of gear. Plans for the preparation of the boat for the coming season are also in focus. [Per and Lena Johansson, visitors]: This is the beginning of spring, now the spring begins. We are going to look for plotters and navigators. Its gadgets we are looking for. About one third of Swedes are out in pleasure boats each year and the numbers are steadily increasing. More and more wooden boats are disappearing. Today about 80 percent are made from plastic. Some are in need of a new boat, some are just curious and some are nostalgic. Others are tired after a long day waking around looking at all the different displays. But I am sure tonight the summer boat dreams will be much more vivid.
  • Ellen MacArthur arriving in Falmouth Round-the-world sailor Ellen MacArthur arriving back on dry land after her 71-day record-breaking voyage. Accompanied by a huge flotilla of boats, she guided her boat B&Q back to the Port Pendennis Marina in Falmouth, Cornwall to a welcome by thousands of people. The 28-year-old yachtswoman crossed the finish line off France around 2230 GMT on Monday night making her voyage the fastest single-handed time around the world. Her 75ft trimaran B&Q left Falmouth on 27 November last year for the start line at Ushant off the French coast. A longer version of this can be seen on
  • Jeanine Treharne International Yachtswoman, Yachting media Jeanine Treharne is an international yachting personality, yachtswoman, yachting media guru. Jeanine Treharne is interviewed by Mark Tronson for the Australian Missionary News.
  • Dee Caffari - World Record Breaking Yachtswoman Dee Caffari's introduction video covering the news coverage and interviews with Dee about her incredible Journey
  • French record-winning yachtswoman stages Seine stunt French yachtswoman Maud Fontenoy jumped into the Seine river on Wednesday in a staged stunt designed to highlight the work of search and rescue services. The stunt, which involved a water and helicopter rescue, was also timed to coincide with World Rivers and Oceans Week. Images.