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  • yabbering Dani yabbers and so does Eric.
  • Ambers Little Creatures Birthday #1 ComeOutAndPlay celebrated Ambers birthday at Little Creatures in Fremantle. The theme for the night was sparkly
  • YABB Guelph Bass in the Ballroom & ? YABBers, please tell me what the 2nd piece is called?
  • funny parrot For the most part the parrot just yabbers on, but when it laughs it's priceless.
  • Funny video Edna returns the movie is out 2011 July sometime until then watch my other vids at yabber123 happy tubing !!
  • Mario's giude to Wuhu Island Episode 2- Beaches and lone trees We get all the areas of the beach and sadly we still have the very talkative camerawoman. She yabbers on and on. And I hope that people don't mind me getting very frustrated at this game!
  • Random Commentary: Purge, Canada and 55 Seconds Tonikins yabbers on about stuff
  • Operation Flashpoint - Tombreros (Take It) ...
  • 18: A Supposed Maladroit Saturday. So sorry about this one, it's rather late. I promised Sammijay of samatharox1327 that I will fill in for Maddy last saturday. I had the video done and ready but then again I have had problems uploading it... so yeah. Random yabbers. :] Sorry I look horrible I just got out of the shower when I shoot this. This is me:
  • Operation Flashpoint (Tombreros & Edizon) ...
  • yabbers drunken RAVE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Operation Flashpoint - Tombreros (Take It 2) ...