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  • Mushroom Man Part 1 There's trouble at the Mushroom Homestead...
  • Jungle Monkey A first attempt with DAZ Studio and Mimic...
  • Mad Scientist's Holiday This project was created using DAZ Studio and produced with CyberLink PowerDirector. DAZ Studio objects used include Steamworks, Steamworks Interior, The Study, and Christmas decorations (by Redhouse Studios), Steam-Mech (by imagenation3d), Kudie Bug (by The AntFarm), the glass jars (created by DAZ 3D to hold the V4 brain), the hammer (by Valandar), Steampunk Cowboy (by royloo and karanta), and David, Millennium Beard, and Hell-Bent for Leather (by DAZ 3D). Some sound effects were obtained via the Freesound Project (), including: crackling fire (by dobroide), the grandfather clock chime (by WIM), and hydraulic sounds (by mab and by swelk).