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  • Homestead Book Shop - (603)876-4213 Homestead Book Shop http:///page/1-1119546.html 221 E Main St Marlboro, NH 03455.
  • th study hall dance classes
  • Karanta Dunkar
  • holiday hell jack hammer
  • Glowing "Formula" As part of his mad scientist costume, Jared poured some glowsticks into an Orangina bottle. It was very hard not to keep playing with it.
  • Squelching Cream pancakes at midnight. not too sure about the can thoughhhh sounds like a dead fetus.
  • The Mad Scientist Heres a little animation I've been working on for a month or so, its a little rough around the edges but I hope you like it. I made my first version of this ...
  • Mushroom Man Part 1 There's trouble at the Mushroom Homestead...
  • Shroom daz
  • Mad Scientist's Holiday This project was created using DAZ Studio and produced with CyberLink PowerDirector. DAZ Studio objects used include Steamworks, Steamworks Interior, The Stu...
  • Gorilla flying Produced with Daz Studio 4 and PowerDirector 9.
  • Thailand Jungle Monkey Calls! I have a way of interacting with the animals -whatever type. I sense what they are saying and respond accordingly. More at: http:// in the v...
  • aayong pasko karanta.
  • Jungle Monkey A first attempt with DAZ Studio and Mimic...