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  • Tnarg and Seanamana This is really hiarious
  • Xanthochroid's Dinosaur gig part 1 This is the first part of Xanthochroid playing at the dinosaur park...they didn't actually have permission to be playing there and the fuzz actually showed up but they didn't do anything about it because they were just supposed to be puling over someone :P It was a really awesome gig sorry about the bad quality Yoooohoooooo! Yoooohoooooo! Yoooohooooooooo! ABANDON SHIP!
  • Count Chocula You wouldn't understand.
  • mic check for Parasitic Xanthochroid - BOX! checking mic levels during BOX!'s recording session of Parasitic Xanthochroid
  • Ghastly Garage 2008 Part 1 Here is a slow, spooky walk-through of the Ghastly Garage put together by the Houck Avenue Asylum. The vocal commentary was provided by Jarod Dean and the Final Fantasy victory theme was supplied by yours truly.
  • Ghastly Garage 2008 Part 2 This one is a bit more action-packed. In this, the victim is attacked by a tropical assailant, a crazed Ghostbuster, a bearded werewolf, and a Juggalo.
  • Xanthochroid - Of Erthe and Axen (Part I) The 2nd track from Xanthochroid's 2010 EP "Iced, In Extremis". Xanthochroid are a progressive black metal band from Lake Forest.
  • Xanthochroid's dinosaur gig part 3 This is the third part of Xanthochroid playing at the dinosaur park. Sorry it cut off at the camera's battery died...hope you enjoy :)
  • The Ghoulish Garage Behold! The Ghoulish Garage!
  • ThanatoSchizO- Traces A great song from the portuguese progressive black metal band Thanatoschizo.
  • Travis the Internet Meme Banana This is a snippet of the outrageous fun we had during Halloween, 2008. Travis was more than happy to become the Peanut Butter and Jelly Banana.
  • Xanthochroid's Dinosaur gig part 2 This is the second part of Xanthochroid playing at the dinosaur park. This vidoe really makes me think they should change their name to "The Mopheads" lol anyways hope you enjoy
  • Behind the Scene Gerald C Behind the Scenes of Gerald C's shoot