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  • My Performance in few Institute Level Events My Performance in few Institute Level Events xanthate xanthate098
  • Ultramafic Nickel Ore Flotation -4.wmv In a more practical approach aging is replaced by pre-aeration. Air flow before flotation enhances the oxidation reaction to form elemental sulphur. This video shows how the froth zone enriched with black sulphide particles with time during air flow. Bubbles in the pulp zone seem small in size due to the presence of very high concentration of Magnesium ions. Froth is also stable initially by fine particles. It allows not using any frother and taking the first concentrate with higher separation efficiency. Sulphuric acid was used in this approach in combination with grinding to disintegrate the chrysotile fibres. In a practical circuit sulphuric acid can be produced in-site by capturing toxic sulphur dioxide gas exhausted from smelters. High Magnesium content in slurry water and tail can be used to sequester carbon dioxide by mineral carbonation processes. Reduction of huge amount of organic and inorganic chemicals like xanthate, MIBC, carboxymethyl cellulose and soda ash is possible with this technique.
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  • m2u02384.mpg During Inter IIT Sports meet, 2009
  • Ultramafic Nickel Ore Flotation - 2 In this approach, first, the fibres were disintegrated and the system was transformed into a less viscous one due by lowering entanglement density and increasing free volume. This was performed through combined chemical (HCl and EDTA) and physical (grinding) treatment. Subsequent conventional flotation (amyl xanthate, soda ash and MIBC) gave significantly improved separation over untreated ore.