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  • Whittler's First Strike
  • Beautiful Moments 2 Music from The Beautiful Losers graces this montage of clips from films made for the 2010 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project. Music: Fairweather Friend written and performed by The Beautiful Losers Films: The Sound of the World - The Whittlers Antique Plates and You - Over the Top Film Collective Code Red 3: The Key - Original Sinema Flatline - Imaginations: Gone Wrong Cracked - Taza Films Red Road - Not My Day Job Productions Untied - ZoRo Films The Chummers - production line/norcal red Cream: A Love Story - 2 Lefthanded Idiots Ladycat - Team Rocket Nothing Stops the Railroad - Dollar Short Productions Snatching Feargus - The Whalen Bros.
  • Practicing Music for Ed and Bridget's Wedding Allison and Joe practicing music for the wedding in the living/dining room at Whittler's Lady Bed & Breakfast.
  • The Whittlers - PY T By Michael Jackson (Cover) For all enquiries regarding bookings please contact The Whittlers via
  • toothpick whittler calico eyes Title track to Toothpick Whittlers new release on Appaltree Music Group
  • Lauryn Whittler (Softball) Lauryn Whittler's Highlight Video
  • Adam Leech's Video Diary Vol. 23- The 2009 Pikes Peak Whittlers Show Here are some shots from my first whittling show. I wasn't thinking straight so I missed a lot of great stuff, but here are my best shots.Adam (Muggy Lovins) Leech and his wife Heather own the Leechpit(.com) Vintage Buy, Sell, Trade at 708 N Weber St. in Colorado Springs, CO. He writes a weekly music column called "Reverb" for the Colorado Springs Independent () and leads the band Thee Kissing Disease (/theekissingdisease).
  • Walk in the Park Sneeky vampires need to beware of whittlers
  • Bones Video Uncovered This is the newly discovered Bones video by Whittler's Meadow of Knoxville as seen on
  • Whittler's Meadow of Knoxville Preview Here is the preview for Whittler's Meadow of Knoxville as seen on .
  • The Whittlers - Good Times by Chic (cover) For all enquiries regarding bookings please contact The Whittlers via
  • The Whittler on the Roof (Part II of IV) Part two of the saga. We find out some family history, and bare witness to Whittler's startling transformation...
  • The Whittlers - Play That Funky Music White Boy by Wild Cherry (cover) For all enquiries regarding bookings please contact The Whittlers via
  • Diamond Willow This is some wood I was cutting up and burning to get rid of it and then I found out it was Diamond Willow a whittler's best friend.
  • a little film about a vase (part1) Stop Frame Animation of Green Wood Working (Polelathe Turning) Golden Oak (Quercus alnifolia) Branch from Highgate? Wood. (need to double check origins) Sawn. Drawknifed. Turned. Towards an Obelisk shaped Single Flower Vase. Once it has dried a bit I will sand it, and drill the hole/core. Made in Abney Park Cemetary/Nature Reserve. Stoke Newington. London. On the 23rd of September 2009. Thanks to cindy (for the wood) and geraldine + jaqueline for the continued use of the polelathe/shave horses. And to the Abney Park Trust for their support. The Association of Polelathe Turners and Green Wood Workers. London Group. First Meeting on Saturday 17th October from 11am til 4pm (Abney Park Cemetary) All welcome. From Whittlers to Turners.
  • Pikes Peak Whittlers Pikes Peak Whittlers at the Colorado Springs Shrine Club. March 30, 2008. For more info on the Shrine Club, call 632-3881
  • #007 Alexandrov Ensemble: Albert Hall, London, Live 1963, "Birch Tree" Soundtrack: Nikolai Gres sings "Birch Tree" (traditional folk song) live at the Albert Hall, London, 1963. Conducted by Boris Alexandrovich Alexandrov. The words of the song are actually about a young agricultural worker sitting under a birch tree and whittling, ha ha, and the tune appears to have medieval origins in the style of the French troubadours. However Boris Alexandrov's arrangement has turned this amusing ditty into a magnificent apologia for the peasantry. And isn't it the whittlers of this world who make time to think and get the ideas for progress? These machines of the Agricultural Revolution were indeed magnificent, and The Ensemble's music says so. Video: Portable steam engine at Home Farm, Beamish Museum, Durham, powers an oats-processing machine. Portable engine on Wikipedia: Nikolai Gres on Wikipedia (listed on Alexandrov Ensemble soloists page): Alexandrov Ensemble 1963 Albert Hall playlist: Nic Gres playlist on Youtube:
  • The Whittler's Stare -CHAPTER ONE Chapter One