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  • "Island Chillin" Golz's photos around Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil by TravelPod blogger Golz titled "Island Chillin". TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Golz's travel blog entry: "Sleepy Time Hello everyone - as you may have noticed, we haven't written a blog for a while now. This is for a few reasons - one, we were being very lazy as we chilled in the sun, two, to allow everyone to catch up with what we have been up to, up to now, and C cos we didn't want to depress you further, as we know you are all snowed in. However, due to the outcry from certain members of our audience at our lack of work, we're back and with a double edition none the less. After a hectic stay in Salvador, we decided that we needed some sun, sea and sand to help us get back to a horizontal state of perpetual relaxation and find some inner peace, dalai lama stylee. So we jumped on the ferry over to Morro, which took about 3 hours (most of which Kate showed off her incredible ability to sleep anytime, anywhere). I just watched the sea for an hour or two and soaked in the view of Salvador from the coast. On arrival, we were offered the chance to take a taxi. We thought this would be nice as we were unsure of where we were going and had all our kit; turns out our taxi was a wheelbarrow and a guy called Jan-Carlos. However, having climbed the steep hill to the lighthouse and the first beach, we were glad we hired the dude. By the way, after spending some time with germans on the trip ...
  • *** Waggoning Zack, Matt and Scott doing some *** Wagoning!
  • Wagon Jousting I believe this is how they did it in the olden ages, can't be too sure though.
  • Extreme Waggoning Jon and Ollie acting their age.
  • waggoning down a snow hill that most inceane vedio
  • waggoning LANDED land!!!!!!!
  • waggoning GAP oh yea
  • Chad and I waggoning chad and ir really freakin bord and he dont have a dirtbike then. so we ride a rickety plastic wagon!
  • Drums b2b Africa Hoezone layer, big pockets, Barl and Robo absolutely waggoned
  • waggoning ( rad ) RADICAL!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Waggoning 2 Me waggoning..duh
  • Hard Core Waggoning Morgan is riding in a little red wagon down a hill. While acting hard core. Notice the serious face. Because there is no such thing as waggoning for fun.
  • Waggoning and car I was waggoning but i dint see the car! i could've died!!!!!!!!