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  • Probably the very waffliest of our waffle pages, enter at your own risk. Well, I put a syllable break after TOE, so it ends up rhyming with so what. Or sometimes I admit I sort of ignore the first O completely, so it rhymes instead with idiot. — “The Online Encyclopedia of Tunings / TOEOT”,
  • Encyclopedia article about waffliest. Information about waffliest in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “waffliest definition of waffliest in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Threads beseeching information as to which RP/RP-PVP Realm has the most/best/friendliest/waffliest RP environment. We RPers are an organized bunch, so let us stop with the redundancy and pool our opinions together so as to inform the hungry,. — “World of Warcraft - English (NA) Forums -> A New Person's”,
  • The great and the good of Britain's classical music scene gathered last night for the annual Royal Philharmonic Society Awards. The longest and waffliest speech was given by author Patrick Carnegy who, oddly enough, won the Creative Communication award. — “Talent Shines Though Waffle at U.K.'s Royal Philharmonic”,
  • Search Results > Search Results for "waffliest" No documents match the query. Search for books related to your query at : Search Now:. — “Search Results for "waffliest"”,
  • Charlottesville, VA based weekly publication offering News and Culture coverage. Waffliest: Jeff Clark, the 5th District independent candidate, threatens for the second time to withdraw from the race, this time if he's not. — “The Hook - 4BETTER OR WORSE- The week in review”,
  • waffliest. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 27 February 2009, at 12:37. Text is available under the. — “waffliest - Wiktionary”,
  • Follow me on Twitter for occasional bonus drawings plus lots of other things you won't care about The Waffliest Wish. All original content Copyright 2001-2010 Anthony Clark. Nedroid Picture Diary is powered by WordPress with. — “Nedroid Picture Diary”,
  • Definition of Waffs with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. waffies. waffing. waffle. waffled. waffler. wafflers. waffles. wafflestomper. wafflestompers. wafflier. waffliest. waffling. wafflings. waffly. — “Waffs: Definition with Waffs Pictures and Photos”,
  • Definition of waffliest in the Medical Dictionary. waffliest explanation. Information about waffliest in Free online English dictionary. What is waffliest? Meaning of waffliest medical term. What does waffliest mean?. — “waffliest - definition of waffliest in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • I read the title as "The Waffliest Fish". I was starting to get excited about how the waffles were going to turn into fish by the end of the comic, but then they didn't. :( inkytwist. 2010-02-19 05:09 pm UTC (link) I did almost the exact same thing once in my spanish class. — “nedroidcomics: The Waffliest Wish”,
  • It's the waffliest post I've seen on the AB for a very long time, but the bottom line "waffliest" great word Sue. What are they dreaming up next, is even this the thin end of. — “Coming soon: more third party ads : TameBay : eBay”,
  • Adjective: waffly (wafflier,waffliest) Usage: Brit. Containing lengthy and vague writing or talk "These sound like big, important, Derived forms: wafflier, waffliest. Nearest. wading. wading bird. wading pool. wads. wafer. wafer-like. wafer-thin. — “waffly, wafflier, waffliest- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • Words starting with w: wab,wabain,wabains,wabbit,wabble,wabbled,wabbler,wabblers,wabbles,wabblier,wabbliest,wabbling,wabbly,waboom,wabooms,wabs,wabster,wabsters,wack,wacke,wacked,wacker,wackers,wackes,wackier,wackiest,wacki waffliest. — “Words starting with w”,
  • Aw-fullest - Define Aw-fullest at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Aw-fullest. Look it up now! waffliest. — “Aw-fullest | Define Aw-fullest at ”,
  • I've saved optimized all of the photos for web, but it'll still take a bit of time for the pages to load, my apologies if you are on a dialup (I'd throw the photos on something with a thumnail thingy but I gotta get outta the house, it's bike night eh?) More pix this way. — “/doom-pix-4-web/doom-07-1.html”,
  • 9 letter words beginning with W: wabbliest, wackiness, wadsetted waffliest. wafflings. wagenboom. waggeries. waggishly. waggliest. waggoners. waggoning. waghalter. wagmoires. wagonages. wagonette. wagonfuls. wagonload. wahcondas. wailfully. wailingly. wainscots. waistband. waistbelt. waistboat. waistcoat. waistings. — “9 letter W words : 9 letter words beginning with W”,
  • The idea behind it is that if blog owners don't in any way restrict the abuse of their commenting feature - if they just leave their comments to the loudest, the waffliest, those with the most time on their hands and the most anger in their hearts. — “An Onymous Lefty: I've had it up to here with your RULES!”,
  • Words Starting With W: wab,wabain,wabains,wabbit,wabble,wabbled,wabbler,wabblers,wabbles,wabblier,wabbliest,wabbling,wabbly,waboom,wabooms,wabs,wabster,wabsters,wack,wacke,wacked,wacker,wackers,wackes,wackier,wackiest,wacki waffliest. — “Words Starting With W”, words-starting-with-
  • Words starting with W (page 1): wab, wabain, wabbit, wabble, wabbled, wabbler, wabbles, wabblier, wabbliest, wabbling, wabbly, waboom, wabs, wabster, wack, wacke, wacked, wacker, wackes, wackier 94 waffliest. — “Words starting with W (page 1)”,


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  • The Superstarz Candidates! (VOTING CLOSED) Vote for the Wafflist Candidates! UPDATE: The next round will be Sara vs. Kimberly! Vote in the comments section! Pikachupink - 13 votes Sara - 16 votes Oleva - 2 votes Eugene - 8 votes Kayla - 3 votes Candidates- Pikachupink(Me)- For candy, pokemon, and love Sara - Will sacrifice herself to save you. Oleva - Avenge Froggie's death... Eugene - Vote for his singing and very effective subiminal messaging. Kayla- She'll make you a millionare. Songs used (In order that they appear) Candy - DDR Eternal - Evanescence Honey Punch Moonlight Shadow - Groove Coverage 7 Things - Miley Cyrus SOS - Jonas Brothers Toxic - Brittney Spears Freeway Shuffle - DDR