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  • 1/2 day at Bertil Roos Racing School Pocono North Track
  • What am I Doing Here? The song playing is Us Of Lesser Gods by Flogging Molly
  • The Waffle Stompers- Serious Original Music Video by the Waffle Stompers Directed By Marsh Chamberlain 2007
  • Waffle Stomper!
  • Waffle Stomper Music video for the song "waffle stomper" by delishuz creem pIE. /wewantpie
  • Vanessa Carlton- More Than This Douglass College- 90th birthday
  • Bob gets shocked Bob p. doin what he does best.
  • Burnout at Atco taken during outlaws at atco
  • MXC tribute music video
  • Re: Dear Yoke Up... Why only see our differences?
  • Wafflestompers - Proud Mary (Tina Turner Cover) Ska cover of a Turner classic
  • Flogging Molly Green 17 Tour Flogging Molly & Revrend Peyton & His Big Damn Band playing at the Tabernacle in Atlanta 3/6/08
  • Shark Sandwich - at Lucaspalooza IV Shark Sandwich performs at Lucaspalooza IV in Marin County, CA. 2001 Rob - singing & playing keys Tom - playing guitar Brian - playing bass Mick - playing drums
  • frankie G phone Waffle stomper episode one enter frankie g
  • wafflestomper @ battle of the bands 2002 part 1 part one of the battle
  • Dance Ensemble: Vlog #1 A daily thing we decided to do :) I'll be recording before every class I go to. Just for the hell of it :) Enjoy. /nicolenjca
  • wafflestomper @ battle of the bands 2002 part 3 part 3 of the battle
  • SBTG Custom Kicks - SBTG Opivy Waffle Stomper The Roots the Radicals, homage to Tim Armstrong of Operation Ivy Rancid. A low top version of the Opivy's, an all punked out dunk fully studded on the rear for some serious stomping. Subtle tear away ollie holes revealing the every classic scottish tartan savge stitched on premium selvage denim. Tongue is armored with 2 rows of black / white pyramid studds purposely distressed
  • Lift Chase - Halo 3 Fun to watch laser kill in Halo 3 GamerTag: Wafflestomper89
  • Re: AmazingAtheist exposed (TAA now unblocked) Just because we don't agree doesn't mean we can't respect each other
  • Shark Sandwich - Santa Clara County Fair Shark Sandwich playing at the Santa Clara County Fair, Santa Clara, CA. (5/19/01)
  • 9/12 Dear SconeLover19, In which I answer his question, talk about geography, show you some inflatable toast, and tell him what to do. :]
  • Epic Battle Jin and moon....epic battle
  • The Waffle Stomper Live the Waffle Stomper Live at Starland Ballroom, NJ 7/11/09
  • Christianity doesnt just harm Christians A sad end to this story
  • The Waffle Stompers Video Log 12 Teddy takes you through some hilarious lyrical mishaps brought to his attention by various important people.
  • The Morning After Guzzo Productions Presents The Morning After, a story about a kid who wakes up after a hard night partying and is trying to piece together what he did last night. /guzzoproductions
  • "Chuck" PV Review Dakon aka "Wafflestomper" does an in depth and scientific review of the personal vaporizer "The ChucK" and demonstrates a new and unprecedented vaping technique.
  • Josh Prada- Waffle Stomper Waffle STOMPING IT!
  • Pyramid Head Needs A Ride?! My friend Waffles as pyramid Head at Daishocon 2009. He was super tall thanks to his waffle stomper boots lol Awesome job, Waffles! :D
  • plr_hightower small glitch in red spawn. Sorry for the choppyness, It's the first time recording a video from tf2. But to the point, in the RED spawn there's a wall which you can jump into. The only way to grief with it is to bring spies in with teleporters other than that you can build in it and just stand there. This is after the engie update This is just a video to inform the tf2 team to help or whatever. I'll delete it once it's fixed.
  • Doug Clips: Doug Soundtrack - Hollywood This is the "Hollywood" theme from Doug. In the episode Doug goes to Hollywood, famous director JB Spigot comes to town. Judy and Porkchop star in a dog food commercial together.
  • wafflestomper @ battle of the bands 2002 part 2 part 2 of the new providence battle.