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  • Nice rainbow by Jerry S, dry fly San Juan River June 2009 This is Jerry who has been my repeat client for few years fishing at Texas Hole dry fly fishing. He caught this trout on Andy's Candy Mayfly pattern. San Juan River is wade able most places so you can fish most of quality water not being on the boat.
  • Mark Vogt's Zero Backcast SpeyCasting 01 Mark Vogt of PondSCUM Flyfishing Guides At Large offering some novice tips on spey casting techniques for icky, un-wadeable ponds & rivers found all over Illinois...
  • South Holston 800cfs Sluice - Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing This is what an 800 sluice looks like on the SoHo, still wadeable in some areas, the bugs still come off, and the fish still rise, but its a game changer....check out more at
  • In Focus: Manchester Environmental Laboratory This video displays the important work done at the Manchester Environmental Laboratory, in Washington State. It shows how the laboratory is a critical piece in supporting the Department of Ecology's mission. Reliable, quality laboratory services are required to accurately determine the concentrations of environmental contaminants in air, water, and soils. Many of the Washington State Department of Ecology's regulatory decisions are based on the data provided by laboratory services. For more information, see the Manchester Lab Web site: Credits and acknowledgements: Special thanks to Manchester Lab Director Stuart Magoon. Video filmed and edited by Elisa Sparkman
  • Sampling Macroinvertebrates in Wadeable Streams in Washington State An instructional video regarding the methods used by Washington State Department of Ecology to sample aquatic invertebrates. This video includes a review of equipment and techniques as well as a demonstration in both slack and moving water habitats in wadeable streams. These techniques are used because of their applicability to a wide range of stream types and conditions. For more infomation, see: Status and Trends website - Stream Biological Monitoring website - Credits: Markus Von Prause -- Music, Filming, Editing
  • Lynden Fire Department, Station Visit Slideshow, 2 Jan 2010 My buddy fnscooter and I decided to check out historic Lynden, Washington, but we arrived before anything was open. It didn't take me long to find a fire station, and seeing me taking pictures outside, the boys invited us in for a tour! Friendliest fireys I ever met, and I even got a patch! Some photo credit goes to fnscooter and the FFs. Thanks guys! :) 2 January, 2010 Lynden Fire Station 4th St & Liberty St Lynden Whatcom County Washington State United States of America