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  • Me wacking my friend My Friend got me pissed so i was standing on the table fixing something and he comes and wackes me with a stupid pillow.LOL
  • Holler My AP English diction project. The purpose of this project was to explore the denotation of a commonly used word and compare the connotation. I chose the word "holler." It was hackin' a boot-load of fun to make. :) Thanks to Gwen Stefani for her "Holler Back Girl."
  • Logan's Revenge Watch the tall guy (eric) As Logan comes around on ropeswing and wackes him in the head while attempting to land in small intertube.
  • HELP ME WITH PMD [PMD EDITER HELP REQUEST] Mkae, so I tried editing Rin. I just took off the ribbon and bow. Then I put Len's hair. ONE PROBLEM!!!!! The eyes don't come on unless you add another character in the MMD screen thing. The hair sometimes wackes out and the belt from the new Len goes crazy....not to mention the right eye for the edited one. Can anyone help me?? I'm a noob at PMD :P If you could, could you please edit it yourself and tell me how you fixed it so I know in the future? PLEASE, I need help! ::Model Download:: I called the model 'Rin Kagamine 22223' because I feel that I tried to fix it 22223 times. xD
  • penelty a penelty that hits the post den wackes d keepers face
  • Thats Just the Way We Roll - Viva Pinata THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR SHOW COMPANY IN ANY WAY. AHHHHH CAN IT BE? I USED A LOT OF EFFECTS?! OMFGNOWAIDUDE Anyways, the audio on this was messed up in WMP. Its hard to explain how, but because of it, it took a big 6 hours! I know, I rushed at the end, BAD PETRA *wackes self*, BAD! My brother pretty much hated this just because it was a Jonas Brothers song...
  • Brent and Megan's Engagement Brent turns MC/fiance as he proposes to Megan at the 2010 New Years party at Bamboo. The lens cap gets flipped open for visual at 1:53 until then its black with audio only.
  • wackes freestyle ever by ko famousrssn1's webcam video January 09, 2011, 08:55 AM
  • Shaydn bail 7 set Shaydn W. bails 7 set and wackes his ass on the kerb at Waikato university
  • DJ Splash - Bass is kicking DJ Splash Bass is kicking [Wackes Vs. Clubbiz Acustic Gone Bad Remix] -Instrumental- This is an awesome tune!!! Subscribe for more :)
  • How TO Wined Up a DOG ( Bear ) Very FUnny he wackes his head on the table
  • A STAR fell for me (Justin Bieber Love Story) EP2 ~At the airport~ KD:Will miss u honey *Kisses her cheek* Kayle:Me too dad... pov: My mom left us,well it's suppose to be the dad leaving..She was different,she took drugs when she was pregnant an she lost my brother,all i wanted I'm the only child...end of pov KD:Take care of her Justin Justin:Will do sir pov:Will i take care of her? OF COURSE! She must be the girl who fills my fingers in between,her personality,warming smile,eyes,The girl who has been my dream girl along end of pov Kayle:Justin?! Justin?! *Waves her hand in front of hes face* Justin:Huh? who? KD:See this is what i mean he cant go like that when ur in danger... Justin:U had a conversation bout me? KD:*nods* Kayle:Please DAD! KD:Only for u honey Kayle:THANK U! KD:*Smiles* Airport person: *calls there plane* Kenny:Thats us guys Kayle:Bye daddy KD:*nods then walks away* Paparazzi(Pappyz):Who is this girl? Pappyz2:Justin will u tell us? Kenny:GUYS! Pappyz:*Back off* Justin:How bout we take our plane? Kenny:yea... ~in there privet jet~ Kayle:wow... Jet: Justin:this is my 8 fav jet Kayle:spoil much? Justin:ehhh Kayle:yeah 'ehh' all u can say? Justin:ehh Kayle:*smacks hes head* Justin:DAMN! GIRL! Kayle:*grins ear 2 ear* Justin:Grin all u want Kayle:thank u *yawns and check her watch* Justin:u can go asleep Kayle:there no bed Justin:*looks around* Yea ur right! Sleep on daddy's lap! Kayle:*giggles then walks over to Justin and sleeps on hes lap* Something is poking out ur pants! Justin ...
  • Wack Rapper..... Justin the wackes Rapper ever... part of Swack 4
  • A Movie Gone Wrong!!! A movie until the filmer wackes her head on the door handle
  • 116.wmv wackes guy ever [email protected]
  • girls at shafter high dancing
  • Audley Rollens ~ Give Thanks (Wackies) artist: Audley Rollens song: Give Thanks album: Role Model year: 1984 Massive tune from Audley Rollens. Recorded at Lloyd Barnes' New York based Wackies studio. "What have I done today to brighten up Jah golden way of love." 071809 Miami
  • Monty Hall Special Monty Hall Principle Hillary Agra Jolean Brann Jessica Wackes
  • Getting 70 Wc Wackes !
  • carlo calls sonnys sister spoil guini pig brat 003.AVI carlo wackes sonny,s sister
  • Cold Steel Rajah II Tests Cold Steel Rajah Tests...Spine wackes, over strikes, and weight hang.
  • Scott running at a fence Scott runs at a fence and wackes his head on the floor the noise is unreal and it really hurts
  • Mr. Jim Jim the Cheshire cat wackes the window.
  • Crossfusion ep 3 Naruto: hey grama tsunade i got the scroll back Tsunade:um thanks naruto but i had sent sasuke and obito on it how did u get it Naruto:i sense it with my keen senses Note:naruto only found it cause a guy to him while he was eating ramen. Tsunade:ether way thanks naruto Later that night Naruto:[looks at the sky] wow look at that A light fly into the forest in the forest Sora:[wackes up] uuuhhhh were am i ?????:[runs futher in to the forest] Sora:[fallow him] hey who are u ?????:[Summons a monster and runs] Sora: this insnt good. im already tired but there no runing Monster: [charges at Sora]
  • Femme Fatale Yet another project for AP English.