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  • Love is a Curse Ch. 76 Hey, sup people?! Season finale comming up!!!! Don't miss it!!!! Kevin's POV I heard someone upstairs throwing up. Apparently Deanna did too. She was looking up at the stairs. We go upstairs and knock on the bathroom door. All we hear is more vomitting. Luckily, nobody locked the door. I opened it, and saw Nick holding Melanie's hair back while she puked. "What's wrong?! What's going on with Melanie?" I ask, running to Nick. Deanna quickly followed. Nick's POV Dang. Caught. No way of getting out of this. Unless..."Oh, she just ate some rotton food." I say, hoping he'll accept this. "Liar! What's REALLY going on?" he asks. Darn. I sigh and say, "She was at a party and her punch got spiked. She's drunk." I sigh again and look at Melanie. She stood up and wabbled over to the sink. She rinsed her mouth off. I stood up. Ryan's POV Nick freaking Jonas...Grrr...I HAVE to get him away from Melanie!! But how?! Melanie's a responsible drunkee!! You know what, who needs to break the law for me to win my girl back?...I'll just do this old school. I'm so evil! Hehehe ______ 8P....Who likes that smiley? I DO!!! haha Comment Question: YOU GET TO ASK ME A QUESTION!!! ANY QUESTION!!! As long as it doesn't include any personal info, ask anything!! haha
  • Chewy and Koro Fun at the Lake We had a great time at Cherry Creek reservoir. It was fun place for Chewy to play with toys and Koro to have physical therapy. It has been almost 7 months since he got paralyzed. His back legs are moving more and more every time he spends time at the lake. He made a stand at the end, when our memory card ran out. This visit, he wabbled to reach the beach towel by himself. We made sure to wash off sand from his eye after the Lake time.
  • Jenelyn & Joy - "Jenelyn & her new boyfriend" Part 2 "Jenelyn & her new boyfriend" Part 2 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Jenelyn stared into Justin's eyes as he got himself a water bottle. You and I are going to be together forever, she thought, Justin BIEBER. It was exactly the same as with her ex-boyfriend. She thought of him as Justin Bieber! And when her teacher had said 'Justin,' she must have heard 'Bieber' instead of 'Fincher' by mistake. She had asked him to be her boyfriend and before he said yes, he introduced himself. Though, Jenelyn heard his name loud and clear. Justin Fincher. But still, Jenelyn had lied to Robbie, Joy, and Rachel. She was not over a 16 year old. But they were pretty sure that she was still in love with him. With this obsession, the girls will never see the end of it. Ms. Bueno and Ms. Flores talked while the kids were talking about the boyfriend trouble. Joy had to think of the plan, but how will they work it out? "We go over to that Justin Fincher guy," Joy started. "Then we ask him for the truth about this boyfriend-girlfriend thingy. Then, we will know for sure if this is actually real." Rachel put her finger near her lip and put on her thinking face. Then, she raised her hand. "Um, Joy, what if he won't tell us anything? Jenelyn would have told him not to speak to us." Joy slapped the floor really hard, then eventually wabbled her hand ten times. "That Jenelyn is smart. Well, it's not that bad. I mean, he does look like a nice person, though." "A nice ...
  • Feed me!! He just knew I was going to feed him. He wabbled to me with a quickness, stopped and waited patiently. Checked me out for a second. "Man, I'm gettin' outta here, this chick ain't got no food!!"
  • jemi story - s.4 - ep.60 Joe: *ties her hands and feet together with ropes* duct tapes next, demi im serious. *mad* let me sleep without worrying your gonna wake up dead Demi: okay Joe: GOOD NIGHT *falls asleep* Demi: *falls asleep thinking shell do it tomorrow when he goes to record* +*+*6 am the next morning*+*+ Joe: *finding clothes* demi wake up Demi: noooo! Joe: up now Demi: gahh! Fine *gets up and looks at the clock* WHY ITS 6 AM Joe: the kids are already at selenas andd, were going to the recording studio Demi: why do I have to come? Joe: im not leaving you alone Demi: fine, *changes and showers with Joe* **+at the studio+** Demi: *gets up* Joe: where do you think your going? Demi: to the bathroom? Joe: no Demi: I NEED TO PEE STOP TREAATING ME LIKE A CHILD Joe: STOP ACTING LIKE ONE Demi: Just let me go pee Joseph Nick: JOE STOP BEING SO OVERPROTECTIVE demi just go Demi: *goes to the bathroom and takes out tylonal* DEMIS POV: I love joe , but I just cant take this cody ***, im leaving, for good, ive made my decision . I stuffed a bunch of tylonals into my mouth, they were so over expired. I drank some water ontop real quick and walked out of the bathroom, I felt so woozy and dizzy. I coughed up some blood, I was in unbareable pain. My legs wabbled and I fell , on the cold floor, my head was throbbing, and I was seeing flashing lights everywhere, I couldnt move, everything hurt, I managed to put another tylonal in my mouth but I couldnt swallow it, I just opened my mouth and let it flow out ...
  • Summer Love- Chapter 4 Hannahs POV "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP" uhhgg my alarm sounded like a warning for a massive tornado or something! I dont want to get up, even if I get to travel the whole summer with 3 cute boys!! I rolled out of bed and tried to deside what to wear. (i35 ) I walked down to the kitchen and got a glass of milk and sat down at the table. Harold wabbled over to me and sat on my feet. I scooched him off and fed him breakfast. My dad was outside loading the buses. I watched out the window as the Jonas' pulled up, everyone jumped out. My dad waved them toward the house. They came in and saw me in the kitchen so entered. "Hey everybody!" I said trying to sound cheery! "Good morning Hannah." Mr Jonas said with a smile. "Any coffee, milk, breakfast?" I asked everyone. "I'm hungrey, got any cereal?" Frankie asked. Everyone laughed. "I sure do, we have cherrios, fruit loops, and brain flakes.." "eww no bran flakes, could I have fruit loops please!" he asked "You sure can, yeah I think those bran flakes are my grannys, she forgot them the last time she visited..." I giggled. I poured him a bowl and we all sat around the table and talked. Kevin seemed nervous about something, Joe is so outgoing and loud! Nick is quiet and doesnt say much. For Frankie hes all over the place. My dad walked in the house and greeted everyone. "Alright folks, the buses are packed and were ready to roll!" he said. Everyone started to stand up. "Wait!" Kevin said. "What is it dear?" Mrs.Jonas said ...
  • Face the strange~ Dally 5 he wabbled like a ***y
  • going 52 km on tricycles! me and my friend going down a steep hill on tricycles at night and in the day time. it may not look like it cus of the crappy quality and the fact that the camera wasnt taped on right so it wabbled alot but i rilly did reach 52 km it doesnt say that in the vid cus i ran out of memory but the driver spoke up after a long conversation saying i was going 52 km ish, ON A TRICYCLE!!! i combined 2 vids together so thats why it says thanks for watching in the middle of it. i might use my moms high definition recorder next time. :D
  • Broken iPod home button The ipods home button isnt working. ive had it for about a year and a half. the home button always wabbled in the little socket. i will open my ipod as a last resort, but i really need help soon. thanks for any help.
  • Keep Holding On Nelena Season 1 Episode 1 Part 1 Keep Holding On Episode 1 Selena stradled herself around Nicks waist. They started making out passionitly on his bed. Nick started to kiss her sweet spot. Selena moaned. She loved when he kissed her neck. "I'm ready" Selena groaned. "you are" Nick had a smile on his face. Selena nodded her head yes. 8 weeks later. Selena rushed to the bathroom and missed, she threw up all over the floor. Her friends Demi and Jennifer were with her in PE when she started throwing up. She had gym first period. This was the 4th day shed thrown up. "Geez Sel, you need to go home." Demi held her hair as she threw up some more. "I feel fine though." Selena snapped as she got up to wash her face. "man If I didn't know any better I'd say you were having morning sickness" Jennifer said with a laugh. Morning Sickness- Something clicked in Selenas head. "oh no." was all Selena could say. "oh no what?" Demi said in a nervous tone. "about 2 months ago, um, Nick and I, we slept together." "oh my god!" Jennifer yelled. "and you didn't tell us? We're your bestfriends." "i know, I'm just really embarrassed." "why, was it not good?" Jennifer laughed. "no, it was good, I'm just ashamed. I'm only 17 you know? I wasn't ready, I thought I was, but I wasn't.." Demi who had been silent chimed in "Selena, you used protection right?" Demi bite her lip. "well we used a condom, but there's no way I could be..." "condoms can break Selena" Demi said in a stern voice, "condoms break." Selena started to have a mini ...