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  • my boy =] =] vendis perfect... AHH I LOVE HIMM, new horse is here and hes perfect, no school and showing all week =]... this was vens first time doing these jumpish things (idk what theyre called).. we both had no idea what we were doing, but it was fun
  • 1234 - Plain White T's (2 1/2 Atzen covaaaaa) jamsession with awesome people. breathtaking Violinist: Amelia Koidl best,awesome, skilled triangelist xD : Kevin Berthold subscribeeee!
  • Vend - Silent Snow Falling English title: Silent Snow Falling Russian title: Тихо снег кружится Artist: Vend Vend is a talented Russian musician, and he asked me to add his song to my channel. After giving it a listen through, I decided to. It has a gorgeous sound, and I hope you all think so too. Vend's channel: The original video: Download link: (Right click floppy disk icon, save link as)
  • Kotoul-lyžák Kotoul-lyžák Vendis si šla lehnout
  • Soda Machine DISCOUNT LINK Refrigerators Soda Machine The Seaga BV155 Mechanical Beverage Vending Machine offers 5 selections and a capacity of 155 cans. This refrigerated soda vendor offers a great variety of product to your customers while its size fits in any location. This attractive machine will sell in any location! Offer a great variety of product to your customers with the Seaga BV155 Mechanical Soda Vending Machine!How does this mechanical soda vending machine work? The customer puts the change into the slot and turns the knob, causing the product to fall out through the back of the coil and drop down (exact change is necessary). The amount that is charged per vend is fully adjustable and instructions are included on how to make the adjustment. Seaga BV155 Mechanical Beverage Vending Machine: - Selection: 5 sodas- Large capacity: Despite compact size holds up to 155-12 oz. (355 ml) cans/bottles- R134a refrigerant: Meets all national and international CFC-Free requirements- Positive flow delivery: For instant loading- Mechanical design: Never "out of order"- Compact size: Allows more mobility, more locations- Individual product coin mechanisms: Multiple coin combinations up to 5 coins. Can be changed in seconds. Accepts the new golden dollar coin. - Steel locks: Multiple combinations available- Environmentally friendly high-R insulation: For the most consistent can cooling available with significant operating cost reductions- Theft GuardTM metal coin mechanisms ...
  • Pepsi machine (how to set it for Free Vend & pimp it up!) Setting up free vend is easy. On the jones plug console connect 1 and 7 together. Then hook a switch into 1 and 3. Customer pushes the button to activate free vend. Then they make their selection. If you want the 'exact change' light on simply connect 2 and 5 together. Easy as a Pepsi!
  • Mia Measo La Estraro de Esperanto-Asocio de Britio vendis sian domon en Londono en 1999, sed la membroj ne estis bone informitaj pri la vera situacio. Estis konstruita nova domo sur la tereno de la kolegio Wedgwood Memorial College, kiu estis malfermita en 2002. En septembro 2007 la loka magistrato (Stoke-on-Trent) proponis fermi la kolegion kaj vendi la bienon, malgraŭ neta enspezo de la kolegio. EAB pagis por la nova domo, sed havas minimumajn rajtojn pri ĝi. La kolegiestro eniris la Estraron de EAB kaj estis en ambaŭ flankoj de la negocoj samtempe, antaŭ ol emeritiĝi. Ŝajne iu anticipis la translokiĝon. La membroj ne havis voĉdonon. In English A poem in Esperanto, which describes the monuments at the Wedgwood Memorial College in Barlaston, Staffordshire, on whose grounds was built Esperanto House, the new HQ of the Esperanto movement in Britain. 'Mia Menso' [ my mind] starts off in a similar way to Zamenhof's 'Mia Penso' [my thought], but it's about Zamenhof Day, the 15th of December, when the poem was written. Zamenhof's birthday has traditionally been an occasion for celebration throughout the world Esperanto movement, probably because of its proximity to Christmas. But now, everything is dead. "Where is your spirit now, my friend? Is it just in a five-pointed tombstone?". The monument is in weathered concrete, and is in the form of the traditional symbol of Esperanto, the five-pointed star. The monument in question was quietly placed a few years earlier between the road and ...
  • 14 august vendis Vaadake:D
  • hello vendis! we miss u. this is a special video just for you... we love and care for u. the DUdES arent complete without you. we love love love love youu!!
  • Vendis Knír :-D -Lyžák Vendis Knír :-D
  • Õhtul sai vendis mõnitatud :D
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  • Raj Thackeray warning to Multiplex!!! no desciption needed ven dis person is talking!!!!
  • Siraga Vendis Copyright © Siraga. Distributeur automatique de bouteilles de gaz - LPG cylinders vending machine - distribuidor automático de cilindros de GLP
  • K6mi seiklused eRP vendis vol.2 Ventrilo
  • Hullud Vendis . Parimad palad osa 1. .
  • Vendis a její huba
  • ballice o vendis show bloopers del2