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  • A viatical settlement is, simply stated, a method for an insured person with an abbreviated life expectancy to. — “Viatical Fraud Information”, viatical-
  • Viatical settlements involve the sale of your life insurance policy for a lump sum cash payment. While a viatical settlement may be one option to meet the needs of. — “Consumers: Viatical Settlements”,
  • Go Life Settlement - Providing information on How To Maximize Your Viatical Transaction. Doing a viatical transaction frees money from your life insurance policy. — “How To Maximize Your Viatical Transaction”,
  • viatical settlement Arrangement by which a terminally ill patient's life-insurance policy is sold to provide funds while the insured (viator) is. — “Viatical settlement: Definition from ”,
  • A viatical settlement allows you to invest in another person's life insurance policy. For these reasons, you should exercise caution and thoroughly investigate before you consider investing in a viatical settlement. — “VLSAA, Viatical and Life Settlement Association of America”,
  • 940 CMR 18.00 is designed to protect Massachusetts consumers seeking Viatical Settlements or Viatical Loans and to ensure that the Viatical Settlement and Viatical Loan industries operate fairly and honestly by means of legitimate and responsible. — “940 CMR 18.00: Viatical Settlements And Viatical Loans”,
  • © 1998 - 2009 Bialkin Books, publisher of viatical books banned in Texas and Florida (at the behest of companies that consider informed consumers dangerous to their bottom line): Viatical Litigation: Principles & Practice - the first legal text on the industry. — “Viatical and Life Settlements Consumer Info”, viatical-
  • offers financial assistance to seniors and people with severe or chronic illnesses by purchasing their life insurance policies, this assures financial security and peace of mind. Viatical Settlements, Viaticals, Life Insurance. — “, Viatical Settlements & Life Settlements 800-800”,
  • Viatical settlements help make your tough choices easier, creating peace of mind. Our viatical brokers have a tremendous depth of knowledge about the viatical settlement industry, and will be pleased to share with you More About Viatical Settlements. — “American Life Enhancement”, american-
  • Viatical settlements involve a terminally or chronically ill person selling his or her life insurance policy to an investor in return for a lump-sum payment. The investor takes over payments on the policy and is the beneficiary of the policy upon the death of the patient. — “Viatical Settlements | What is a Viatical Settlement?”, viatical-
  • The Viatical settlement, Senior settlement, and Life settlement all provide the same service to the insured individual. Though, in most cases the viatical settlement is used in the case of a terminal illness for which life expectancy is less than 3 to 5 years. — “Viatical Life Settlements”,
  • . Popular Categories. Sorry, there are no results for your search. Search again: This page is provided courtesy of . Copyright © 1999-2010 , Inc. All rights reserved. — “Welcome to ”,
  • LPI is the oldest and only publicly traded Life Settlement and Viatical provider in the United States today. We use our experience and credibility to get the most out of your Life Settlement. — “Life Partners Holdings”,
  • Safe Harbor Funds: Viatical, viatical settlement, senior settlement, and life settlement financial services to policy owners, agents, brokers, and the life insurance settlement industry. — “Viatical Settlements, Senior Settlements, Life Settlements”,
  • Definition of viatical in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of viatical. Pronunciation of viatical. Translations of viatical. viatical synonyms, viatical antonyms. Information about viatical in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “viatical - definition of viatical by the Free Online”,
  • A viatical settlement allows you to invest in another person's life insurance policy. For these reasons, you should exercise caution and thoroughly investigate before you consider investing in a viatical settlement. — “Viatical Settlements”,
  • Viatical and senior settlements clearinghouse for insurance agents, estate and financial planners, attorneys, and other professionals. — “”,
  • What is a Viatical? A Viatical Settlement can be described as an agreement in which the Viator, (who has a life insurance policy) sells his policy to a third party in order to have immediate access to liquid cash to which he can access before his death. — “”,
  • Offers and promotes investment opportunities in viatical and senior settlements. Located in Georgia. NVI also manages viatical and life settlements, as well as settlement portfolios for accredited and institutional investors. — “National Viatical”, national-
  • A viatical settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy by the policy owner before the policy matures. Generally, viatical settlements involve insured individuals with a shorter life expectancy. — “Viatical settlement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Providing information and news on Viatical Company, including Viatical Insurance, Viatical Life Settlements and Viatical Companies. Your one stop point for useful articles about Viatical Company. — “ - Viatical Company - Viatical Insurance”,


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