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  • How To Grow And Care For Citrus And Alvocado Sign up for a newsletter and get a free herb. /how-avocado-trees/ Steve McShane of McShanes Nursery and Landscape supply speaks about Avocado and other edible plants you can grow in your backyard! Editable Garden Hi Im Steve Mcshanes with Steve McShanes Nursery and today Im here to talk to you about Citrus and avocado. Today Im here to talk to you about the excitement of editable gardening. Specifically Citrus and avocado. Citrus and avocado do very well in through out most of our state. I'm going to focus on the fun of your own harvest out of your own garden and that where making your own food from wonderful things like avocados come from. This is a family recipe that going to knock your socks of my best friends and family members. But lets talks about what it takes to get to that point. First let me touch bases on avocados. Avocados do very very well a long the coast and some inline valleys. One of things that people are always concern about is How cold does it get near my house? Most avocado can take down about 28 degrees. Some of the Mexican varieties like forta can take it down to about 24 degrees. Hass everybody loves hass. Hass is a little bit more frost sensitive. Some of the best varieties that I recommend are forta, bacon. With that said avocados can do well. Selecting a good tree is key but more importantly is getting it established is really key. That is digging a whole that is two or three times the size of the ...
  • Gear assembly is fully functional now You can see it's fully functional now with steering also working. This assembly will go though vagarious testing before it's certified to be in production use with my upcoming kits. Right now its one off only.
  • India to launch exclusive satellite for climate Bengaluru, December 30 (ANI): After the success of Chandrayaan 1, India's Space Research Organisation or ISRO is going to launch an exclusive weather satellite jointly with the French space agency, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales. The satellite, named 'Mehga Tropiques' will study the tropical atmosphere and its associated phenomena and would help India and France to study the vagarious like cyclones, monsoon and other changes.
  • [Fanmade Music] Oracle Twins Themes - Merriment/Sulkiness/Vagarious Twins A tribute to one of the best shows Disney made. Downloadlinks: Sara: Kara: Oracle Twins:
  • PAX 2010 Mock Movie Trailer I got iMovie 11 for Christmas and wanted to try out the new Trailer mode. Pretty cool, actually. I was able to make this in 20 minutes or so.
  • [iphone/ipad game] Survivor Dowson by DPRAT GAMES #The most exciting escape game in app store!! #The best practice of earthquake surviving!! Let's follow Dowson and earthquake professor to escape from fire, to hide with correct posture at correct place, to select the most essential tools... FOUR GAME MODES!! EARTHQUAKE TOTORIAL AND MANUAL!! VAGARIOUS ACHIEVEMENTS!! THREE CONTROL TYPES!! AWESOME ANIMATION AND AUDIO!! All in SURVIVOR DOWSON...
  • [Fanmade Music] Oracle Twins Themes - Merriment/Sulkiness/Vagarious Twins (Orchestral Version) A tribute to one of the best shows Disney made. Downloadlinks:
  • OmenameSHOW trailer The OmenameSHOW is the live incarnation of Omenamehu, and is a festive and vagarious mix of music, dance, performance and acrobatics! musicians: Jak Peters, Sander Linders, Rijnder Kamerbeek, Nada Chourbaji acrobatics: Wietske Vogels, Leila Köckenberger dance and choreography: Daphne van den Dobbels***, Darline Deprez host, director, music and concept: Michiel van de Weerthof OmenameSHOW was part of the New Jacks program of Incubate festival in Tilburg (NL) Omenamehu! for full episodes: More episodes to come! © 2009 Michiel van de Weerthof