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  • Did you know you could get your very own personalized airline seat cover? A look back at Vagabondish's classic list This list of 20 useless and impractical travel gadgets rounded up by Vagabondish in 2007 remains a classic and one of my favorites. — “20 Useless Travel Gear”,
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  • Hostel Dog has teamed up with Mike over at Vagabondish to release a new line of t-shirts. We worked closely with Mike to create a line of t-shirts that we believe represents the ethos of the Vagabondish reader. — “Vagabondish Wing Shirt from Hostel Dog Hostel Dog”,
  • An African safari is likely to be a bit more exciting than a day at Disney Land, but there comes a point where enough is enough. Turner Wright, writing in Vagabondish , runs down seven travel ideas that'll World News Summaries. | Newser. — “7 Ways to Get Jailed (or Killed) While Traveling - Forget”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Vagabondish - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Vagabondish definition, wandering from place to place without any settled home; nomadic: See more. — “Vagabondish | Define Vagabondish at ”,
  • Editor's Note: At Viator we are big fans of Vagabondish: The Travelzine for Today's Vagabond. Also check out her personal blog - Not A Ballerina .To read the Viator reply to Amanda & Vagabondish, click here. — “Guest Blogger: Vagabondish | Viator Travel Blog”,
  • If you think I post a lot of travel news and links, wait till you read Mike's Vagabondish blog. He shares my fascination with odd/funny/weird/interesting travel news. There's that post about a plane getting hit by lightning and the pilot Continue reading. — “Vagabondish | ”,
  • vagabondish is using Twitter. Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What's happening? vagabondish. Empty Plane Syndrome: Carriers Roll Out Old Ideas, New Concept to Lure Flyers Back: — “ (vagabondish) on Twitter”,
  • Tag Search Result: "4 Cheapo Questions" for Mike Richard of . October 28, 2009 Start here to find the best bed for your budget. Enter your location *City, Country. Enter your travel dates *Check In. mm/dd/yyyy. — “ Budget Travel Tips – EuroCheapo”,
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  • Definition of vagabondish from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of vagabondish. Pronunciation of vagabondish. Definition of the word vagabondish. Origin of the word vagabondish. — “vagabondish - Definition of vagabondish at ”,
  • Vagabondish. This Week in Kickass Travel Tweets: 5 Stories You Might Have Missed. TSA Forces Assault Rifle-Bearing Soldier to Relinquish Nail Clippers. From Paris (Russia) With Love This Week in Kickass Travel Giveaways. Photo of the Moment: Sleeping at Daybreak, The Road Trip Begins. — “Vagabondish”,
  • Information on Montreal for a weekend with Vagabondish!, Free travelogue / travel blog hosting and travel photo & story search engine for travelers. — “Travel Blog: Montreal for a weekend with Vagabondish!”,
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  • traveljunkies says: RT @vagabondish How to Chase Polar Bears Across the Canadian globaldish says: RT @vagabondish: How to Chase Polar Bears Across the Canadian Subarctic. — “How to Chase Polar Bears Across the Canadian Subarctic”,
  • Vagabondish. Photo of the Moment: As Santa Creu de Rodes Burns, Catalonia. How to Chase How (Not) to Chase Polar Bears Across the Canadian Subarctic – Part 1. — “Vagabondish”, feeds2
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  • Valentine - EmmaJayy (Official Lyric Video) check us out on iTunes: Hey everyone! We got a little creative and wrote a valentines song on a whim. Instead of writing an instrumental -- because of time, school, & work we browsed through several beats on youtube to write to. We actually found one by :) so all credit for the music goes to him! We also own NONE of the still photos, they were found through different google searches. All links for the pictures and instrumental will be listed below. instrumental to this song - XFILMZ channel - links to pictures: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - i216 #5 - #6 - #7 - #8 - #9 - #10 - #11 - *all rights belong to their respectable owners. no copyright infringement intended. LYRICS: Valentine - Written by EmmaJayy © 2011 He's got a real nice smile & he thinks he can make me laugh. He's got a hole in his pocket & a dime fallin' out the back. He's got calloused fingers from playing my favorite song. And the melody is shining as he sings along (2x) Valentine, valentine will you be forever mine? That's what I say in my mind even though I'm invisible. & I'll keep on dreaming 'till the day comes along when you find out your the perfect one. Valentine, valentine I'm invisible, but be mine He's got a thousand mile heart & he ...
  • Trailer for the exhibition - Text and image Edvard Munch's word renowned artistry would probably not be what it is if it were not for his aptitude for expressing himself about his works and efforts. The exhibition - Text and image will show what his communication with his surroundings meant to him personally and professionally. His extensive correspondence with several hundred persons in the course of a long and vagabondish life represented a fixed point that followed him on his journeys. The exhibition - Text and image will mark the publication of the internet archive of Edvard Munch's collected writings in January 2011. His letters, notes and literary texts will become available on the internet in a searchable, commented and research-based digital archive. Trailer by Hilde Dybvik and Sivert Thue.
  • - Text and Image: Exhibition opening The exhibition - Text and image will show what Munch's communication with his surroundings meant to him personally and professionally. His extensive correspondence with several hundred persons in the course of a long and vagabondish life represented a fixed point that followed him on his journeys. An essential element of the exhibition is to show how Munch's literary ambitions were expressed in a variety of areas. The lyrical prose texts to his own pictures provide a rich opportunity for immersion into his parallel artistic experimentation in words and images. Well known examples are the several literary and visual versions of Scream and Vampire. Like many of his contemporary author and artist friends, Munch wrote his life into fiction. The exhibition will place Munch's literary journals in a contemporary context. As revealed in his testament, Munch anticipated the post mortem publication of his literary works.
  • Where are you now? ep. 59 Rory POV- i decided id wear something new i got. so i picked out this: i did my make up and curled my hair my hair. it wasnt some fancy dinner so i just went casual but nice. i grabbed my bag and put my phone in my pocket. it was 6:55 now so i decided to head out. Rory- later dad *walks past him in the living room* Will- hey Rory- *stops and turns* what? Will- be back by 11 Rory- ok *turns and starts to go again* Will- rory Rory- *stops* dad im gonna be late Will- *gets off the couch* here. *hands her 50 bucks* Rory- whats this for? Will- in case he takes u somewhere and u wanna get something Rory- i doubt ill need 50. *extends her hand to him with the money* Will- keep it. spending money Rory- okaaaay. *puts it in her pocket* Will- have fu- Rory- ya know u cant just make me forget about how u forced me here and how u made me leave justin just by bribing me with money. Will- *serious face* im not doing that rory rae. im just trying to be kind to you. Rory- yeah well u cant buy my forgiveness Rory POV- or my love. Will- Rory.. Rory- i have to go *reaches for the door ; will grabs her by the arm* Will- Rory, we need to talk now Rory- Will, we'll talk about this later. right now i have to go to dinner Will- *lets go of her arm* fine. goodbye Rory POV- i closed the door and walked down the hall. i checked my phone. 6:58. i hurried down and out the lobby. i sat on the bench and waited. i grabbed my phone. damn. i cant text anybody. everyones pretty much in ...
  • Turtle Sanctuary at Estrella del Mar (Mazatlan, Mexico) During the past year alone, the Turtle Sanctuary at Estrella del Mar has released 120000 olive sea turtles into the wild. Their efforts have increased the survival odds for these amazing creatures ten-fold. We were fortunate enough to witness a mass release of young turtles into the wild - a truly amazing highlight of our trip.
  • TBEX 2010 - Branding, Finding a Niche & Relevant Self-Promotion Intro track by The Kooks - See The World Branding, Finding a Niche & Relevant Self-Promotion Debbie Dubrow, Delicious Baby (moderator) Mike Richard, Vagabondish Jessica Spiegel, Italy Logue Annemarie Dooling, Frill Seeker Diary Heather Poole, Gadling & book author Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman
  • Escape from Polar Bear Jail in Churchill, Manitoba "Bad bears" - those polar bears found wandering in or too close to town in Churchill, Manitoba - are often tranquilized and brought to "polar bear jail". A team of biologists monitor and periodically release the bears back into the wild via helicopter during planned "bear lifts". To learn more about Churchill, Manitoba (known as the unofficial "Polar Bear Capital of the World"), check out our series:
  • Days N Daze - An Ode to Paul Days N Daze "An Ode to Paul", for the train kids. Thanks to Shelby and Marissa for their artistic contributions. Many of the photos here borrowed from the genius, Mike Richard, at . Visit /wjdaysndaze. Thanks fer listening.
  • Vagabondish Saying goodbye to Italy