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  • Gold prospecting with the New 49'ers. Gold mining, gold dredging, gold panning, metal detecting. Well, I suppose I did my job too well; as except for some small flecks, Al and I vacked all day and got nothing large. — “Gold Prospecting with the New 49'ers Club -Cleaning up”,
  • 1) I would go for larger water changes twice a week. Say, maybe 30-50% twice a week. Because dilution means you take out some of the new water with the old water each time, 5 10% water changes do not equal 1 50% water change. 2) Put as much bio. — “75 gal aggressive amazon tank. Filter? I have a Jebo large”,
  • The beef is frozen and cry-vacked, available individually and by pound. Large Quanity *** available for ground beef/ hamburger patty purchases from 20lbs or more!. — “Danda Farms - LocalHarvest”,
  • Medevac definition, a helicopter for evacuating the wounded from a battlefield. See more. vacked; , -vack·ing; : to transport in a medevac helicopter. — “Medevac | Define Medevac at ”,
  • medivac: Definition and Pronunciation n., v.t., -vacked, -vack•ing. medevac. Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease. medius. medlar. Cite. Print. Email. — “medivac: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • That sacrifice which cause pain, loses its sacred character and will break down under stress. Sacrifice, to be effective, must be vacked by the uttermost external and internal purity; without the requisite purity, sacrifice is no better than a desperate self. — “Encyclopedia of Gandhian Thoughts : Complete Book Online”, mkgandhi-
  • I had surgery stapedectomy and right after surgery I could hear inprovment Surgery was on January 7th its now February and went in to have gel packing vacked out and some was still stuck in there Doc kept digging until it started bleeding put me on drops Neomycin and said see you in 2 weeks. — “Hear-it: hearing, hearing loss, hard of hearing, hearing”, hear-
  • I want to try to get some good bone-in ribeyes for Christmas dinner, but I don't really want to go to the butcher on Christmas Eve. If I can get them. — “How long can I store raw steaks in the fridge? - Home Cooking”,
  • Shrink City Yet until Sunday's 3-1 victory over the Canucks, the Wings hadn't won a game in April and, even then, remained in danger of being wet-vacked from the first round of the NHL playoffs for the second consecutive year. — “Its population in decline and its fans wracked by anxiety”,
  • Half Beef - 2.79/lbs. *Half Bison - 4.49/lbs. Half Hog – 2.69/lbs. 1.00 per lb. vacked patties. Hog Processing Bison Processing. Kill fees: Kill fees: $60.00. — “Testimonials”,
  • New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin says the City is emptying out and it appears most residents are heeding the call to evacuate. Their most critically ill patients are being air-vacked out as we speak, and they will still be open with. — “* - WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports”,
  • The meals are cryo-vacked and are meant to be heated by dropping in boiling watter. They will last up to two weeks in the fridge. quick reviews (12 Reviews) "Crab Sandwich. I don't live anywhere near this place, but how did I find it? It happens. — “La Bedaine - Berkeley Restaurants & Bars - CHOW”,
  • Herbert Reed was medi-vacked out of Iraq after suffering injuries to his spine. Elinoar Astrinsky speaks to Army Veteran Herbert Reed to find out how it happened. — “mkprod-radio-060505.html”,
  • Herbert Reed was medi-vacked out of Iraq after suffering injuries to Multiple surgeries to his back and shoulders and large doses of pain medication did not alleviate his memory lapses, rashes, and other chronic symptoms. — “Welcome to the ”,
  • The last two days I have been "vacked" a great deal of the time, I find that being here and the fuller I get the hungrier I become! The more God pours out his love, the more I see, hear and As they were in the midst of that time the glory came into their hotel room and the two of them got "vacked". — “October " 2009 " My Fireplace”,
  • outpost31 is THE site for fans of John Carpenter's The Thing. News, rumors, conversation, graphics, and more!. — “Outpost #31 - Fan Fiction - Palmer and the Snake”,
  • Polar bears were circling the Kiwi cameraman's hut on the remote Russian Arctic island and the company that helicoptered him and two colleagues in wasn't coming to their rescue. said, did have another of its personnel "medi-vacked" afterhaving a leg savagely mauled by a leopard in. — “'Thunderbirds' answer Kiwi SOS' - business |”,
  • Definition of medivac in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of medivac. Pronunciation of medivac. Translations of medivac. medivac synonyms, medivac antonyms. Information about medivac in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. vb -vacs, -vacking, -vacked a variant spelling of medevac. — “medivac - definition of medivac by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. med·e·vaced also med·i·vaced or med·e·vacked or med·i·vackedmed·e·vac·ing also med·i·vac·ing or med·e·vack·ing or med·i·vack·ing. — “Medevaced - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Find out what some of the best investors on MSN Money are picking in our competitons and on our message boards. What's hot today? Or make your own recommendations and see how you measure up to the top performers. We had success getting it "wet vacked" up as soon as possible and getting that air moving. — “Message Boards: Learn Savvy Spending ideas on the Smart”,
  • 6 letter words beginning with V: vacant, vacate, vacked. — “6 letter V words : 6 letter words beginning with V”,


  • 2003 ford ranger after rolling it 8 times at 85mph should of died. this is my 2003 ford ranger edge. it had a lift kit, spacers, fatty tires, moto metal rims. we hit a gard rail at 85mph rolled 288.4 feet. tailgate over hood roll. and stoped 20feet from a wash. i had to be air vacked to las Vegas. other 2 passengers made it true. this truck saved my life. video taken the day i got out of the hosiptal.
  • Ruby loves to be vacked! Ruby the Cairn Terrier just loves to be vacked!