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  • Bill Kaulitz's Girlfriend Update 2 this is the second part of bill's girlfriend update this will be surprising with 2 gifts and a third gift that might not even be given because of Amanda's fear and vacantness,maybe.....she might even go off and wish to never see him again after this....wait,what will happen with bill? Will Bill be able to take what Amanda Puts out on him?...futher episodes will tell the futuer I'm just messing with ya lol no but yeah eveything is still a mystery even to pends on what will happen while i think another episode out sorry for all of you Gustav and Georg fans but i think that they may not have there own stories for another...few weeks at the least and at the most 2 more months...maybe..but hey..i always pull something off so i will get to thinking there stories out in a few more days ^.^