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  • Chipmunk Oopsy Daisy OFFICIAL VIDEO Buy iTunes Special album now for 5.99 with Chip Diddy Chip video and 'Best fo ChipTV' plus all album tracks. Click here: Directed by Vertex.
  • Upsa daisy
  • Ausg'steckt Is' 2007 Indoor Mixed Ultimate Frisbee in Wolkersdorf/Austria: "Ausg'steckt Is'" tournament, hosted by SPIN (Vienna) 2007 Finals: Upsadaisy - Hallodigaze
  • ups a daisy A little bit strong but careful.
  • Herman - Sudden Fried Chicken (1946) Herman figures that if Hen-pecked Hector (Henry) can take the beatings from his wife, Bertha, he can last 2 rounds with the champ. Director: Bill Tytla Production Company: Famous Studios Translate this cartoon: Playlist for Noveltoons Cartoons:
  • The house where I grew up springman street Sac Ca. The story of the old world religion: Ank-ologie Chronicles and not Alice in woderland introducing some to . Im not used to making videos yet and I have 6 fantasy fictione book ideas befor breakfast . I also like to journale reality.The medias are universal wilsuvs towning. This isn't Galatea gheto's may fairlady a cinderrella story . I kiss the sky.This is the house where I grew up and will live the next couple of
  • Marta & Chess - PPA Wrocław 2009 Marta Podlasińska & NNL Ups-A-Daisy (Chess) - LA0 - 30.08.2009 PPA Wrocław
  • RD on 650sx mess up but still fun I didn't hit it right but this is still fun stuff even whne you don't pull it off sometimes it is even more fun
  • Ups-a-Daisy
  • Marta & Chess - jumping 0 (2) - PPA Kozłów Marta Podlasińska i Never Never Land UPS-A-DAISY (border collie) PPA Kozłów - 3.07.2010
  • Dave & Shadey fooling about in North Wales Donut Dave & Ups a Daisy John
  • Marta & Chess - PPA Wrocław Marta Podlasińska & NNL Ups-A-Daisy (Chess) - LA0 - PPA Wrocław 30.08.2009
  • Men of Lost A little vid I made of the hot male specimens of the greatest show evah LOST. Song: I Need a Hero- Bonnie Tyler (Okay, most of is Sawyer, what can I say?)
  • Container Planting : Products and Kitties! I spent some time sharing a container planting with some of my favorite products. I'm saving time from watering using Geohumus and saving money by using the Ups A Daisy product. Please take a look at all the goodies I'm recommending this spring in my garden. If you enjoy gardening in the Midwest please stop by my website at to see what I am sharing in my neck of the woods. Thanks for stopping by! Bren
  • Marta & Chess - LA0 - Wrocław 29.08.2009 Marta Podlasińska i NNL UPS-A-DAISY
  • Upsa-Daisy I thought that that last video of Daisy needed some pizzazz you go! Song: Something Kinda Funny - Spice Girls
  • Ups-A-Daisy! Fox Trot (Robert A. Simon-Lewis E. Gensler) Victor Arden & Phil Ohman & Their Orchestra, 1928. This video is more than a sampling of the sparkling two-piano style of Ohman & Arden; It is also a tribute to the songwriters and the Broadway musical comedy, "Ups-A-Daisy." The artwork for the sheet music is by New Yorker cartoonist Peter Arno (born Charles Arnoux Peters), who designed and occasionally wrote for a handful of Broadway shows, including 'Here Goes The Bride' (1931), 'The New Yorkers' (1930) and the Ethel Merman caricature used in 'Call Me Madam' (1950). Producer/song writer Lewis Gensler had a penchant for good illustrators, and hired Russell Patterson for some of his other productions, such as 'Ballyhoo of 1932' (1932) and 'The Gang's all Here' (1931). Ohman and Arden were the most famous two-piano team of the era of the 1920s. They appeared in concert, vaudeville, radio, screen, and made many phonograph records, some with a studio orchestra supervised by Frank Black. Their style influenced George Gershwin, and they were featured performers in five Gershwin shows, including ''Lady, Be Good' (1924) and 'Funny Face' (1927). After 1934 they assumed separate successful careers in the music business, Phil in Hollywood and Victor (real name Lewis J. Fuiks) in New York City.
  • Ups a Daisy Mierlo NK 2010 1m60 Ups a Daisy Mierlo NK 2010
  • Marta & Chess - jumping 0 (1) - PPA Kozłów Marta Podlasińska i Never Never Land UPS-A-DAISY (border collie) PPA Kozłów - 3.07.2010
  • Upsa Daisy Ava jumping on trampoline
  • Arthritis Therapeutic Gardening Tip.mp4 Shawna Coronado is at the 2010 Chicago Flower and Garden Show demonstrating how to use the Ups-A-Daisy for arthritis and therapeutic gardening as well as for money savings because it reduces the amount of soil needed to plant in a pot. See more of Shawna at
  • Queens Bohemiem ups-a-daisy...
  • Ups A Daisy
  • Trampoline-Hey baby yea yea yea watch
  • bob builder bumming upsa daisy
  • From Brens' Potting Table Sharing some wonderful Garden finds from my potting table in the garden. Endless Summer * Summer Bulbs * Ups a Daisy Product in this share. Check out my blog for more about these great finds that I am using in my garden.
  • Autumn Containers : Thinking out of the Box! The colors are changing and so are the containers. We are thinking out of the box as we bring the inside out for fall planting. Step-by-step how to with a few o-zone friendly ideas.
  • Kitty Daisy & Lewis 'Going Up The Country' Kitty Daisy & Lewis are no ordinary band. The three siblings -- now aged 15,18 and 17 - first came together onstage at a country and rockabilly jam in a North London pub. Over five years later the 50s music, fashion and technology obsessed family have built a massive word of mouth audience through a stream of rapturously received gigs and festival appearances and are ready to release their first long player on Rob da Bank's Sunday Best label on 28th July 2008. The single 'Going Up The Country' is a perfectly rounded summer holiday feel-good jam, full of harmonica solos, handclaps and lyrics about leaving the city smog for fairer country hills. Coming out on 7", authentic 78rpm 10", CD and download on 7th July 2008. This video was directed by Alex Walker of Brickwall Films. http