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  • Thinkgs out of the place they were intended to be Objects in strange places or were they do not belong naturally Just untidiness or curious <a href= http www flickr com photos xul sets 72157606687672054 target= blank >disposition of things < a>
  • Thinkgs out of the place they were intended to be Objects in strange places or were they do not belong naturally Just untidiness or curious <a href= http www flickr com photos xul sets 72157606687672054 target= blank >disposition of things < a>
  • Thinkgs out of the place they were intended to be Objects in strange places or were they do not belong naturally Just untidiness or curious <a href= http www flickr com photos xul sets 72157606687672054 target= blank >disposition of things < a>
  • Thinkgs out of the place they were intended to be Objects in strange places or were they do not belong naturally Just untidiness or curious <a href= http www flickr com photos xul sets 72157606687672054 target= blank >disposition of things < a>
  • CAWAN CUPCAKES Tuangkan bancuhan 2 3 penuh di dalam loyang muffin yang telah dialas dengan cawan kertas 2 1 2 inci selama 22 hingga 25 minit Akan menghasilkan lebih kurang 30 cupcakes just ignore the untidiness of MamaFaMi s decoration ya concentrate on the icing only muahahahaha ICING
  • Thinkgs out of the place they were intended to be Objects in strange places or were they do not belong naturally Just untidiness or curious <a href= http www flickr com photos xul sets 72157606687672054 target= blank >disposition of things < a>
  • tummy is gross my legs are jiggly So my question is do I look like my weight Disclaimer I m in the middle of getting my bathroom bedroom remodeled so sorry for the untidiness http i300 photobucket com albums nn3 k http i300 photobucket com albums nn3 k
  • Ignore the slight untidiness the case is far from finished i just really wanted to get loop in and leak tested
  • Ever since his first years as a professional Jack has been gregarious and self confident A brilliant after dinner speaker he loves an audience and speaking his mind scroll down for more Bobby and Norma Charlton He would argue anything with anyone says his wife Pat Forgetful and disorganised he became notorious in the football world for his untidiness in both the
  • Just untidiness or curious <a href= http www flickr com photos xul sets 72157606687672054 target= blank >disposition of things < a>
  • And that s the front after it had been raped And here s after a little clean up It s going to be hidden anyway so the untidiness is excusable
  • Thinkgs out of the place they were intended to be Objects in strange places or were they do not belong naturally Just untidiness or curious <a href= http www flickr com photos xul sets 72157606687672054 target= blank >disposition of things < a>
  • yere things noo It s nigh upo my dinner hoor I suppose ye can wait till then for refreshment Most certainly Varra weel But dinna disarrange the antimacassars page 82 said Miss M Kenzie as Marion in passing accidentally swept one from a chair Of a things I maist abhor untidiness I will remember said Marion and her tone
  • in the middle of town workshop that you occasionally stumble upon It s a long drive ending in a mile long hike down a forest road Unless you drive a terrain vehicle first gear is advised When greeting visitors to his classic country house with hatched roof that serves dual purpose as workshop and residence he is fast to apologize for the untidiness
  • These came in the mail a few days ago and please ignore the untidiness of my shelf I m still trying to figure out where to put all the stuffs I bought Damn it I WANT A FREAKING COLLECTION
  • to MY DINING TABLE ok maybe not that far anyway pardon my untidiness flu caught me these days and i had difficulties playing basketball or running lunch Yoshinoya was great Especially with
  • Thinkgs out of the place they were intended to be Objects in strange places or were they do not belong naturally Just untidiness or curious <a href= http www flickr com photos xul sets 72157606687672054 target= blank >disposition of things < a>
  • food Antiques Not being pressured Unconditional love Privacy Family etc Dislikes Untidiness Disorder Being Bored Familiarity Surprises Loneliness etc WHAT HAPPEND DURING THE YEAR THAT I WAS BORN
  • Dr Syn set up for single handed cruising My excuse for the untidiness of the boat is that I was packing up and realised I needed the photo s Photos taken at Portmadog
  • And here s after a little clean up It s going to be hidden anyway so the untidiness is excusable I m hanging onto the CM logo for now at least Might want to incorporate it somewhere unlikely
  • in Japanese temples but I didn t think I became calm with the solemn feelings here I m not sure but it might be due to the untidiness of the temple We stayed here only for ten mimutes Posted at 01 36 PM in
  • went into the room it looked abit tidier Trying to prove my point that the mess did not originate from my untidiness I took a picture of my stuff separated from the junk lying around Needless to say the one in the neat stacked boxes was my stuff compared to my sibling s junk pile During my journey to work I saw something out of the ordinary I saw 4 dustbins being put
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY home is where you hang your head I feel a t one s ease when I m in the untidiness I know that this can seem strange but I m really myself in my disorder In fact
  • facet summoners radar < h1> gateway health plan | | 18 36 03 15 08 2007 | moc liamsu hx <h1>congratulated untidiness magnetisms stoppable this magnifier Dave pectoral < h1>
  • Photographer Salvatore Saitta Caption Order and Untidiness Equipment Camera Canon EOS 350D Film Media Adobe Photoshop CS 2 Lens Canon EF 17 40mm f 4L USM Photographer Salvatore Saitta Caption Order and Untidiness Equipment Camera Canon EOS 350D Film Media Adobe Photoshop CS 2 Lens Canon EF 17 40mm f 4L USM
  • fewer flower spikes suggesting that it will be timely to give them the Playtex lift and separate treatment in late summer Meanwhile the combination of Papaver orientale Oriana and Peter Pan produced a gaudy splash of colour from their promising start in a new location where their unruly untidiness will be masked by other plants Sadly they were beaten into submission
  • resistor at the top of the picture The tag strips are also from the sixties Despite the apparent untidiness both hum and noise levels are very low and the amplifier is very stable The Amplifier Wiring With Tremelo Added
  • 7 Rude people back talk lateness hitting and untidiness 8 vampire Neko 9 One black cat with blue eyes named Sayuri 10 Other anything you wish to add 11 Obedient kind respectful
  • Spontaneous Portraits
  • rooftops with their untidy water towers The untidiness of it all is part of the charm Yeah charm right charm That s the ticket picture Jon Lovitz as The Pathological Liar on SNL The white objects in this brown circle Miranda Small s Abbey s Formula initially look like rocks but they are hollow and some have a strand of ribbon coming out
  • but there seemed to be a lot of untidiness in the off season I decided to investigate some hybrids which the catalogues assured me were much better behaved and earned their place Lemon Daylily Now each year I add to my collection of daylilies by purchasing just a few new ones by mail order I m fond of the dwarf varieties like Stella D Oro which I ve planted close
  • Double Hollyhocks Seed catalogues offer a lot of beautifully coloured doubles and I m often tempted to try some of the dark black red ones Mid Red Hollyhock Later on in summer the leaves get very scruffy and often get rusted I cut them down when I m sick of the untidiness and I ll often grab some seedheads and do a little
  • 10 over years of accumulation 10 over years of untidiness
  • Untidiness of construction is anathema to me If one is to erect a building it should be level and plumb The following is disturbing so I effected a remedy In true Vermont fashion the cheapest is usually the best allowing for the old saw Waste not want not We have many idle hands collecting welfare Shipping them out gives them a sense of
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  • Over The Wall 1/3 Sorry for the untidiness
  • Mem Fox: 2010 National Book Festival Author Mem Fox appears at the 2010 National Book Festival. Speaker Biography: Mem Fox was born in Australia, grew up in Africa, studied drama in England and returned to Adelaide, Australia, in 1970. She is Australia's most highly regarded picture-book author. Her first book, "Possum Magic," is the best-selling children's book ever in Australia, with sales of more than 4 million. In the United States, "Time for Bed" and "Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge" have each sold over a million copies. Fox has written more than 35 picture books for children and five nonfiction books for adults, including the best-selling "Reading Magic." Her latest book is "Let's Count Goats"(Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing). Fox lives in Australia.
  • WAI RAI FRESHY ep.8 (2/3) [eng sub] big dan ryn aon natalee
  • Day 38: 02/07/11 UNTIDINESS!!! Wisconsin vlog
  • For Shindogo, this is where the magic happens... Alex's garage, where band practices take place. Taken earlier on today by Michael. Free free to mock our untidiness.
  • TEDxIndigo - Felipe Giménez - 10/29/09 (English captions available) Conferencia sobre creatividad brindada por Rodrigo Vives en TEDxIndigo, Universidad CAECE, Mar del Plata, 29 de octubre de 2009. AboutTEDx, x=independently organize event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self- organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
  • Black Books - wasps Manny complains at Bernard's untidiness
  • Natallie; 'Before I Die' #17 Allie's pov, unless told otherwise Present day: The room felt confining, I could feel the walls looming in around me. Yet the door feeling further and further beyond grasp. The thunder was rambunctious, the sound overpowering the soft beat of the radio. Beyond the bounds of possibility there was no blackout. A loud thump on the door distracting me from the delusions around me, a scratch at the door seconds later and petrified whines. I rose from the bed and paced my steps carefully, stumbling to the fact i'd lost full feeling in my feet. The untidiness of my room not helping, I turned the knob. Chloe bounding into the room and leaping on to my bed, and yapping. She'd always been terrified of the thunder. For a tiny dog she was made up of pure energy. "Chloe, its only thunder" I giggled, walking back to the bed and plopping down beside her. Her constant yaps at the thunder, keeping my mind at ease as I stroked her soft fur. I was feeling churned up inside about meeting Nat's family tomorrow night, mainly because i'd have to explain the leukemia situation and I wasn't sure if they'd think its best for Nat. I had a hunch, not even a hunch I was certain the night would end in disaster, What if they interpret me in a different way. I have a feeling his father already thinks i'm a huge dilemma in Nat's life. A knock on the open door, Chloe's bell jingling as she bounced off the bed and pattered off down the hallway. My dad walking into the room, I sat up only then I noticed the ...
  • Workstation A short video made for a colleague of mine, describing our new workstation. We still have boxes etc everywhere so excuse the untidiness (due to temporary lack of space). The interesting music score (C), is the second score (first one "titled" cmb movie choir that was created / mixed by myself using Music maker 16 Premium / bundled resources and took me roughly 4 hours to complete, Genius? thank you, but I know ;o) Besides this is a film score so the "normal" musical rules don't necessarily apply anymore... You know, "normal" as in front porch, big ears, and an old beat up Banjo? :o) PS If you count twelve Bell clonk's towards the end, you're spot on cause that's what I got, lol... ;o)
  • ~Dark Purple Smokey Look~ Requested by: mynaelise - Purple & Black Smokey Eye w/ no outer V emphasis. (I'm so sorry this is late! Hope u likes!) Hey Everybody! Here is Tutorial #9: Dark Purple Smokey Eye Look. I just came home from a beautiful day of hiking with my husband so imma bit sweaty and gross looking, but please excuse untidiness and I hope u all enjoy this vid! ^.^ Face: (didn't use much cus I knew I was gonna sweat) -Maybelline Concealer -Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder -Anastasia Brow Duo Powder Shadow (rubbed off some from sweat :() -Jane Bronzer (contour) Eyes: -Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer -Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Black Magic -CS 88 Color Palette (the non-shimmer one)(used the coraly color - from the right, over 3 down 4) -L'Oreal Hip Studio Secrets Crystal Shadow Duo in Charming -L'Oreal Single Shadow in Seashell -Almay Eyeliner in Black/Noir -L'Oreal Paris Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black -Darkness False Lashes in VB -Too Faced Starry Eyed Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in Mad, Mad Love Lips: -Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Soft *** -Maybelline LipGloss in Sandstone Shimmer Ears: -Black Rose Studs from JuluJewelry! Thnx again Steph! :)
  • Messy attempt at some Chinese moves I did thid vid a while ago wasn't gonna upload it because i want to work on some of the moves more, so theres some new stuff im trying like the shoulder flip I'm trying to hold a different sort of pose i dont know what yet i sure ill think of something.Another move is the Chinese handspring hops i managed 2 small ones its so hard but like the twisted lift I'm not going to stop till i get it.So excuse the untidiness I'm just messing with and thought id share :Dx
  • tidy up my desk a video project created with time-lapse technique
  • Plonsters - How The West Was Really Won It is not easy being a western hero, and especially when one is not recognised as such. Plif and Plops are of the opinion that Plummy is not allowed in the Saloon Bar. However, he keeps his cool and turns himself into the bartender. There is Country Music, great drinks and reluctant bar stools. And as soon as Plummy turns himself into a bucking bronco, the other two notice that it is not that easy being a cowboy. But as in every good western, they leave towards the setting sun. Plif et Plops se prennent pour des héros de western, il veulent, ainsi, aller au bar saloon mais Plummy n'a pas l'age légal pour entrer. Comme d'habitude, Plif et Plops le laissent tomber...
  • "Enviro Jingle" by: R-chisaw.. entitled "YOH!" Open up your heart clear your mind Let's start a new day for our mother earth Be a role model and never say yes! to untidiness The sun will shine today let's clean the earth for a better future Don't hesitate to help with one voice Let's start it today Get up now make a difference altogether as one, why don't we help Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and protect our environment Carpe Diem! let the nation see another sunshine Without nature we won't be surviving so let us start a new beginning right now? leyah18
  • NQNY Christmas Spectacular! The Christmas Spectacular re-cap mash-up to wrap the end of 2010 and the end of our 5th month in New York. Forgive the untidiness of the editing and the poor video quality, this was done with much love, but very quickly. To follow our adventures and happenings on tumblr, head over to and check it out! And as always, thanks for watching and have a happy and blessed holiday season!
  • Plonsters - In Outer Space One evening Plummy stands in front of his house and looks at the starry sky. However, he discovers that a star is missing. With a bit of plasticine he makes a star and turns himself into a rocket in order to fly to it. In the final seconds before taking off, Plif and Plops appear. The two annoy poor Plummy on the planet, before he angrily packs everything together and flies home. But where is star the both of them were so fond of? Plummy, though, doesn't want to tell all his secrets. Cette nuit-là, Plummy admire le ciel étoilé et ***yse les diferentes constellations existantes. Il souhaite aller plus loin et s'en rapprocher. Ainsi, les Plonsters partent à la découverte d'une autre planète...
  • My Makeup Collection Please do pardon the untidiness of my drawers :) this is for everyone who wanted to see my collection. thank you for all your support! God bless u for all your kindness dont forget to view and support the ff: :) FACEBOOK PAGE! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! BLOG! :)
  • The McIntyre Family - Part 5: "The Fishing Trip" - Steve's View Steve is getting to know Richie by taking him fishing --something he remembers doing with his own dad. He has seen a better side of Richie during the trip.
  • Southward from Eufala Quick trip to Florida this past week. Needed to stay awake. Hence the video. Driving down 431 was thoroughly interesting. Like a trip through the Americana movie sets. So much of what is portrayed in rural movies seemed to be there. Expansive fields, various forests, tractors and barns, trailers and homesteads. There was the madness and untidiness of Dothan, and the elegance of historic Eufala. And then at the end of the road were the glistening welcoming waters, the turquoise syrup, of the Gulf of Mexico. But that's another story and another video.
  • Gopher Tortoises Puttin on the Ritz.wmv Gopher tortoises in Naples, Florida occupy the sandy uplands between the Ritz Carlton Hotel (& neighboring luxury condos) and its swanky Gulf side beach. Closely guarded by nature conscious staff at the Ritz Carlton, these tortoises savor the Florida sunshine and the lush vegetation surrounding the hotel. Their only worry, if turtles worry, are potential future developments that may force them to leave this perfect micro-habitat, displaced by the inexhaustible quest of public officials for more tourist dollars and the seemingly unquenchable urge of Floridians for more asphalt and concrete to tame the untidiness of nature.
  • Shaykh Su'ud Shuraym: Soerah 22 Al-Hajj [De Bedevaart] Sura 22 Al Hajj ; Ayaa (vers) 26 t/m 29 * het Aloude Huis ; Al-Bait Al-'Atiq = de Ka'abah te Mekkah - de bekende dagen; de 10 dagen van Dhul-Hidjah - haar 'onreinheid' reinigen; het beëindigen van de Ihram, door het scheren van het hoofd, nagels knippen, en 'normale' kleren aandoen. - hun geloften vervullen; het offeren van het slachtvee (kameel bv.) 22:29 Sahih International Then let them end their untidiness and fulfill their vows and perform Tawaf around the ancient House." Muhsin Khan Then let them complete the prescribed duties (Manasik of Hajj) for them, and perform their vows, and circumambulate the Ancient House (the Ka'bah at Makkah). Pickthall Then let them make an end of their unkemptness and pay their vows and go around the ancient House. Yusuf Ali "Then let them complete the rites prescribed for them, perform their vows, and (again) circumambulate the Ancient House." Shakir Then let them accomplish their needful acts of shaving and cleansing, and let them fulfil their vows and let them go round the Ancient House. Dr. Ghali Thereafter let them make an end of their unkemptness, and let them fulfill their vows, and let them circumambulate the Ancient House.
  • Squalor All the animated scenes from my Final Major Project at Sunderland University. Each of the bizarre 'Things' represent a negative aspect of Guy's life. Gluttony, Untidiness, Laziness and Alcoholism. Guy is repulsed by these beasts, not realizing, until the end, that he is in fact repulsed by himself. Directed, Animated and Edited by Jack Telford.
  • BBL out of box LindaCarolRodriguez .wmv This is my "out of box" experience with the Brazil Butt lift from Beachbody. Sadly, I forgot about the rest of the house before I started. Please forgive my untidiness! You can visit my store here to purchase this video. If you're looking for another workout, try this link. if you're interested in this work out or any other!
  • "VIVA ITALIANO" Dee4diesel's photos around Lake Como, Italy A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Lake Como, Italy by TravelPod blogger Dee4diesel titled "VIVA ITALIANO". TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Dee4diesel's travel blog entry: "1st June AN ITALIAN EXPERIENCE We woke up to see the morning light softly highlighting the beautifully tended vineyards in the valley, the meticulously ploughed fields in sweeping furrows and warm temperatures. Italy, for all its mad drivers, has some zany ideas about safety, including the mandatory carrying of reflective vests for every passenger (in case you breakdown and want to pace up and down the road) plus a chevron reflector if you carry bicycles on the back... all this for the paltry price of $69. Sometimes I think people see travellers as mere walking wallets! I wanted to go thru the Dolomites, a mountain range in the eastern part of northern Italy, with peaks ranging from 2000-3400 metres and well above the snow line. We didn't expect it to be as spectacular as it was! This is a great place for some dramatic walks, multi-day ones though, and we weren't prepared for that. So it was just a windscreen tour of the winding roads, high bridges, viaducts, sheer rock faces, hairpin bends, avalanche tunnels, towering crags, jagged peaks, narrow clefts and the quaintest of villages with all their colourful window boxes of spring flowers. We don't know the composition of dolomite, but it has a high lime content which is excellent soil for grape growing, hence the beautifully ...
  • tina Gyahahaha, just get bored and don't have any idea what to do until my feet are hit by wacom. Excuse for its untidiness, still amateur :P
  • Our Iowa Apartment First of all, no copyright infringement intended for song, it just seemed to fit. : ) This took place when we first moved in so please excuse some small untidiness.
  • Home Air Cleaners Introduction A new research of Brigham Young University and Harvard Initiative of Global Health medical researchers on the New England Journal of Medicine article, says that the cleaner the air we breathe, the longer we will live. This research indicates the good quality of air that free from hazardous pollutant will support and increase your lifespan. Another research that is done by EPA says that indoor pollution can be as much as 100 times greater than outdoors. This means that we are truly living in a very untidiness situation, even though in our own home. What a terrible fact! Everybody is willing to do everything to protect their family from unsafe situation. And one way to solve the air problem and get the clean air for your home is using the home air cleaners. The idea of home air cleaners is come from the impact of the second war world, which was known produce the unsafe air of hazardous environment to the soldier. And to protect from potential toxic substance and radioactive impact, the HEPA air cleaners is developed, which is known as the best air purifiers available. Now, even though we are not in war situation or might not firemen or divers, we still need to take a big concern about these air cleaners for home used. The increasing of disease that is transmitted through the air like Ebola in Africa also become a major remain of the importance of home air cleaners. Just remember that we and our family is deserve to have a better living that supported with the good quality ...
  • Henry's Day at the Office Shruti's assistant Anna shows a short demo on how Henry can help with domestic untidiness
  • Jon's Virtual Tour Here is my instalment of the virtual tour videos...aplologies for the broad bristolian accent if you can notice one....and sorry for the slight untidiness but hey!
  • Silly band untidiness show by cat In the middle of making show two an cat attacks silly bands
  • Logic Pro urban instrumental Just trying to lay down something real quick in Logic.... Forgive the untidiness but it's a work in progress....
  • untidiness fighting for their .......
  • Voice Actors Needed (OPEN) This "fanime" won't be very typical. It won't include a lot (if any) real animation, so I'm not quite sure you should really call it a fanime. It's going to be called "OPERATION:Growing Up" or OGU for short. This should be a very easy voice to play, since there's no uber high voice or super low seductive voice. She is in her early ***s so please do keep that in mind. Here are some lines that you may use, but you really don't have to. Curious Voice "I've been meaning to ask, if our uniform has a red vest, than why are you wearing a white one?" Evil Voice "If you ever try that again, I'll beat you so hard that you won't wake up ever again." Begging Voice "Let me copy the homework! Please? I'd let you copy mine if you needed it!" Normal,than obsessive Voice "Mornin'. I-is that....a stain on your shirt....take it off...RIGHT NOW!" Sorry but I forgot to include that she is a very obsessive person to. When I say obsessive, I mean she is a perfectionist and she doesn't tolerate untidiness, (with the exception of her room.) There is no set date on the auditions, but please do try to get them in when you can. Good Luck!
  • welcome to magicland Finding treasures in the midst of clutter. A dreamlike place full of forgotten treasures. Seek and you shall find. One man's junk, another's treasure.
  • Plonsters - The Pear Tree Plif and Plops come across a tree full of juicy pears. But before they can grab the pears for themselves, Plummy starts collecting the fruit. With all kind of tricks they try to stop him: as a butterfly and a mosquito, a „living" ladder and a basket „gone wild" they make harvesting the fruit nearly impossible. So Plummy morphs himself into a small helicopter and picks the fruits, and generous as he is, he shares them with the others. Plummy découvre un poirier avec les plus beaux fruits de la saison. Il souhaite les cueillir mais Plif et Plops vont lui jouer des mauvais tours...
  • BOGAN HUNTER - THE DIRTY MAGNA The Bogan Hunter tracks down a filthy magna that is clearly driven by a dirty bogan (most probably from the Plympton area) and investigates the untidiness of it.
  • Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb "Comfortably Numb" (working title The Doctor) is a song by the English rock band Pink Floyd, which first appears on the 1979 double album The Wall. It was also released as a single in the same year, with "Hey You" as the b-side. It is one of only three songs on the album for which writing credits are shared between Roger Waters and David Gilmour -- the melody, and most of the music on "Comfortably Numb", was written by Gilmour, while Waters contributed the lyrics and some additional notes. "Comfortably Numb" is one of the most famous Pink Floyd songs, and is known especially for its guitar solos. In 2004, the song was ranked number 314 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. It ended up becoming the last song ever to be performed by Waters, Gilmour, Wright and Mason together. As with the other songs on The Wall, "Comfortably Numb" tells a segment of the story about Pink, the album's protagonist. This song has to do with Pink's battle to handle the world. Film version: ----------------- A large group consisting of Pink's manager (Bob Hoskins), the hotel manager (Michael Ensign), paramedics, and roadies burst into Pink's hotel room to find an unconscious Pink sitting in a chair. The hotel manager does not take kindly to Pink's untidiness, but Pink's manager insists that "he's an artist". After injecting a drug into Pink's arm, the paramedics drag Pink out of the hotel and to his limousine. He is then transported to a concert where he was scheduled to ...
  • willow, buddleia and beneficial insects in the orchard A little untidiness round the edges of an orchard is a good thing within reason. Look after beneficial insects and biodiversity and you will benefit.
  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift Riptide TA Bike 1:07.87 ..Tips needed! Riptide TA Bike had been an obsession for me. For ages I was stuck at 1:08:00 (my only Top 100 TA time then besides ATV Riptide), and must have spent hours trying to get under 1:08, without success.. Inspired by Cetramide's Edge Big Rig call for tips, I decided to record my attempt at Riptide. I even managed 1:07:87 and I'm back in the Top 100. Still almost 2.5 secs behind Cirrus. What do I do wrong? Or is it general untidiness? Any help appreciated! I want to break the 1:07:00 barrier!! (Or what the heck: the Cirrus barrier! :-). At the end proof of my (temporary?) Top 100 time lol..
  • Plonsters - Chaos & Untidiness Plummy is in the kitchen and starts making dinner. Plif and Plops drop in too. Plummy sends them into the living room to tidy up. They don't like that idea and start to play. In the middle of the chaos, Plummy serves the dinner. It takes quite a while before the living room is tidy and not all of the tidying up methods were approved by Plummy. Finally, the whole place shines and a fine dinner is served. Les Plonsters veulent se préparer à manger mais la maison est vraiment très sale, il faut la nettoyer de toute urgence! Plummy nettoit la cuisine pendant que Plif et Plops s'occupent du salon. Plummy fait bien sa part du travail mais les deux autres ne pensent qu'à s'amuser et ne rangent rien du tout. Plummy va se mettre en colère...
  • A lot to 'Manage' (New fanfic) I figured I would post chapter one to see if you liked it... "Alyssa! Can you come here for a moment?" My father yelled from his office. I looked up from the paper I was filling out, "One second!" I put the pen behind my ear and made sure I looked alright. My father was very picky and untidiness is one thing he will not stand for. I made sure there were no wrinkles in my shirt and that my hair was done up. I walked quickly and with purpose into his office. "You needed to see me?" I stood upright making sure not to slouch and held my hands together behind my back. "Yes." He replied simply, "I asked you to organize events for that new group, Tri Squad, right?" He hadn't made eye contact with me since this conversation began. He was far too busy deciding who he should drop. A lot of the musicians he had made a contract with haven't done very well, once their audience starts to decline my father drops them like hot coals. My father is not well known for his kindness. He's well known for his success in the music industry. Then again, almost anyone could become instantly famous if you're the head of Hollywood records "Yes you did." I stood there unmoving, waiting for him to respond. He looked up from his papers making eye contact with me for no more than two seconds before he went back to studying the papers on his desk. "Go get them for me." He wrote some notes down on a piece of paper, as if I wasn't even there anymore. I nodded. No 'please', no 'can you', and no 'thank you ...