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  • Search Results for "unrejoiced" 1) Wordsworth, William. 1888. Not unrejoiced I see thee climb the sky In *** splendour, clear from mist or haze, Or. — “Search Results for "unrejoiced"”,
  • Find definitions Find translations Search all dictionaries. Words and phrases matching 94. unrejoiced. 95. unsliced. 96. unvoiced. 97. verjuiced. 98. viced. 99. was spliced. 100. — “Words that match the pattern "*iced" - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • unconv(en)(tion)al(ity) undeceiva(ble) undcvd [undeceived] undcvg [undeceiving] undcld unrjcd [unrejoiced] unsd [unsaid] un(sh)(ea)(the)d. unsph(er)e. un(st). — “U Words”,
  • UNREJOICED (19 pts.) Longest Word: RETRAINING (10 ltrs) November 2010 Competition Stats. Games Played: 164 games. Total Points: UNREJOICED (19 pts) Longest Word: UNREJOICED (10 ltrs) Current Records Held. Highest Score: 1 records held. Most Words: 1 records. — “ - Sunflowers's Scorecard and Trophy Room”,
  • Jerome and Prescott Send I. W. W. on their Way Unrejoiced Tired of having the camp ruled by a few roughneck anarchists, 250 business and professional men and miners started at sunrise to clean out Jerome's labor troubles. — “Newspaper Article - Bisbee Deportation”,
  • Sue Goyette "For the Unrejoiced" Swallows nesting in the eaves of my mother's house. have reminders of the unrejoiced, onto our skin, the stems holding up the flowers and the net. — “self titled”,
  • It's a sad terrible story of an addict brother, money lenders to whom the brother was in debt, and a foolish attempt to pay off those debts. Your undoing may be some way off, but will not go unrejoiced by many. — “dog or higher: barbarism”,
  • The following words are easily recognized: apperceive (NZ) thereagainst (CA) unblindfold (CA) unrejoiced (CA) Not allowing them in UEB serves no purpose, can even create (CA) > unblindfold (CA) > unrejoiced (CA) > woulda (NZ) > > We. — “[UEB Transcriber Rules] suggested additions to shortform list”,
  • the seat beside me and the dashboard and my own arm. I would love to be so easily moved as these leaves are moved, to change and Not that we don't go unrejoiced. or our love unrequited. But any fool. — “ONE BAD POEM: 7.15.10”,
  • Lara by Lord Byron - LARA. [1] CANTO THE FIRST. I. The Serfs are glad through Lara's wide domain, [2] And slavery half forgets Not unrejoiced to see him once again, Warm was his welcome to the haunts of men; Born of high lineage, link'd in high command, He mingled with the magnates of his land;. — “Lara - Poem by Lord Byron”,
  • Great nations cannot live by war alone. The European people have already discovered that truth, and as many as possible are striving to keep alive some shadow of their former gaiety. It is doubtful whether any large purpose would be served by having 1917 pass form college unsung and unrejoiced. — “CLASS DAY AS USUAL | The Harvard Crimson”,
  • Definition of Unrejoiced with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. — “Unrejoiced: Definition with Unrejoiced Pictures and Photos”,
  • save his old friend and Renee; and she certainly would have refreshed his unrejoiced to hear that she was engaged day and night in nursing her. — “Beauchamps Career, v5 by George Meredith - Full Text Free”,
  • I., II., III., IV., V., VI., VII., VIII., IX., X., XI., XII., XIII., XIV., XV., XVI., XVII., XVIII., XIX., XX., XXI., XXII. Not unrejoiced to see him once again, Warm was his welcome to the. — “Lara/Canto the First - Wikisource”,
  • CANTO THE FIRST VII. The complete text of LARA by Lord Byron. Byron messageboard, complete text of Byron's books and short stories, links to other information on Byron and LARA Not unrejoiced to see him once again,. — “LARA by Lord Byron: CANTO THE FIRST VII”,
  • Experience Come winter, it's orange eating time. In December, little piles of fruits appear on handcarts — bold and brassy in Yet another orange season would have slipped away unrejoiced were it not for these bottles which will continue to grace many a breakfast table. — “The Hindu : Metro Plus Hyderabad / Food : The bitter-sweet saga”,
  • Unrelatively definition, a person who is connected with another or others by blood or marriage. See more. unrejoiced. unrejoicing. unrejuvenated. unrejuvenating. unrelapsing. unrelated. unrelated business ta unrelating. unrelational. unrelative. unrelativistic. unrelaxed. unrelaxing. unreleasable. — “Unrelatively | Define Unrelatively at ”,
  • I think an explanation is in order concerning the perceived lack of an idiomatic translation of the Orff/Hölderlin Antigonae. your courts about,/A measure begins all unrejoiced/By the tympanies and the thyrsos hoist/Of the Bromian revel-rout!. — “The MusicWeb Message Board: http://www.musicweb-international”, members2


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