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  • marengo.MPG PRE unpapered gelding just arrived in the UK just backed rising 5 yrs stands about 15.1hh is very easy, safe,quiet good to do and stunning looks. Excellent paces for dressage please email me for more info [email protected]
  • CMTWH Walker for Sale 7 yr old unpapered TWH. Beautiful, natural walk. Gelding. Stops with your feet, stands still for everything, moves on leg commands.
  • duquesimon6.MPG pre unpapered stallion 5 yrs stands about 16hh for more info email me [email protected]
  • violet at liberty This is an unpapered Hanoverian 9 yo mare, 16.1 hh, without dressage training, very touchy. Owner wants 4K now instead of selling Sonya to me.
  • cortesano2.MPG PRE unpapered palomino gelding 6 yrs stands about 165 tall for more info email me [email protected]
  • Super Unpaper Mario This is a little intro to a pretend Mario game (inspired by Super Paper Mario) that I wrote and my friends and I acted in. I know it's not that good (most of the footage we had were bloopers) but I hope it's ok :D Also, I hope you can understand our lines... Anyways, it was really fun to make! It's Mario/Peach, Dimentio/Mimi, and (secretly) O'Chunks/Nastasia! And the songs used are New Stories (Highway Blues) and Beethoven's Symphony No. 9. Disclaimer: Nintendo owns Mario and Co! Special thanks to God for creating us and allowing me to upload this!!!
  • ReggieAug2010.MP4 5 year old wb/tb cross. Unpapered. 16.2, very uncomplicated. shown 3' jumpers this summer.
  • *Shiloh - Owl Hollow Farm* 1999, 14.1 1/2h Unpapered Welsh Cross Gelding Has done the Pony Hunters and Pony Medals and has many championships at the local shows. He has tons of heart and would make a great pony jumper
  • NAVEGANTE PRE unpapered Gelding 6 years stands about 161 tall. very good moving and no naughty ness looks like he needs his wolf teeth doing to me. lovely forward going horse with big movement
  • Super Smash Bros Lotta Demo Trailer This is the trailer for the demo. You get everything you see apart from the green level. Download the game here Please tell me if it don't work. Remember is you want any characters in it just post a comment
  • gsocproposalocr.mpeg This is a simple demonstration of how the application would work. The image was taken in average indoor lighting with the n900 camera and processed by hand using the GIMP. The Image was imported into OCRFeeder and converted to text, which is read by Festival. Unpaper was also used to remove dark edges.
  • cortesano5.MPG PRE palomino gelding for sale unpapered 6 yrs old stands 16hh very easy lovely paces great to do for more info please email me [email protected]
  • Wolfgang the German Shepherd Wolfgang is a 2 1/2 year old purebred German Shepherd (unpapered) from England. He is currently available for adoption, if interested in adopting him please message us at [email protected]
  • Hajinc GA absolute nothingness, just one of my hajinc unpapered stallions passing charlie's test
  • Owl Hollow Farm - Minuet Horse For Sale 1996, 15.3h Bay Unpapered Appendix Mare Was Year End Champion at Marion Saddle Club 4 years in a row in two divisions. Has shown in the Equitation, Medal and Modified divisions.
  • How to Make a Pinata Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from cpja and more videos in the General Holiday & Seasonal Crafts category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Making your own pinata is surprisingly easy, and it can be a lot of fun. To complete this How-To you will need: A work smock An old sheet or drop cloth Old newspapers 2 c. flour 1 c. water A round balloon A large bowl Plain white paper Acrylic or fabric paint Tissue paper and other trimmings Candy and other fillings Scissors Ribbon Sticks Glue Cardboard A work smock An old sheet or drop cloth Old newspapers 2 c. flour 1 c. water A round balloon A large bowl Plain white paper Acrylic or fabric paint Tissue paper and other trimmings Candy and other fillings Scissors Ribbon Sticks Glue Cardboard Step 1: Cover up Wear a smock and cover your work space with an old sheet or a drop cloth; making a pinata is a messy undertaking. Step 2: Make newspaper strips Tear old newspapers into strips approximately one inch wide and eight inches long. You'll need enough pieces to cover your pinata with at least three layers. Step 3: Mix up some paste Whisk two cups of flour and one cup of water into a paste, adding a bit more of either if needed to reach the right consistency. You can also use regular glue thinned out with water. Step 4 ...
  • Camaron PRE (non papered) stallion Camaron is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous stallion. He has a gleaming bay coat with a white sock and a luscious black mane and tail; he's robust yet long and elegant in the leg. Although unpapered he is 100% PRE and his sire's details and photographs are available on request. At present Camaron's training is coming along beautifully, he has just started to come off the lunge and is working well on the flat, learning the basic transitions. As of yet no outdoor experience due to his age and level of training but is soon to venture outside! He is truly submissive and loves to be loved with no vices whatsoever. Fabulous price.
  • CMTWH Walker for Sale Seven year old sabino black roan gelding. Unpapered. Stops and moves on leg commands, beautiful flat walk. Working on different speeds.
  • Dedal 2 yers old horse, PRE X LUSITANO unpapered lovely paces temperement etc
  • Calesera PRE mare Calesera is a gorgeous 4 (almost 5) year-old dapple grey PRE mare. Although her parents are pure she's unpapered due to failure to register her. She stands about 15.2hh and is one of the best mares I've known yet! She is great for hacking alone or with others and has a very sweet, submissive and kindd temperament with a huge will to please and a desire to be loved and appreciated. She's very safe to ride outside as most of her training did take place in the outdoors so she's no stranger to cars or puddles, although please bear in mind her tender age as she is still young and thrives from our confidence. She has absolutely no vices and is very easy to lead, shoe, groom, wash, load etc. She has been to countless ferias so is fine with noise, music, traffic etc. In the schooling arena she knows; walk, trot & canter and has even begun a bit of leg yielding. A really good investment for a life-long true friend.
  • duquesimon7.MPG pre unpapered stallion 5 yrs stands about 16hh for more info please email me [email protected]
  • Horse for sale, Jorn in piaffe To buy go to . 9 yr unpapered gedling stands about 165 tall.
  • NAVEGANTE PRE unpapered Gelding 6 years old stands about 161 tall very good paces not naughty looks like his teeth need doing though
  • UCS -- Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Sammy's Video Note - I will be reposting this after I get some different music due to the fact that the current song has been disabled. Augh YouTube. What's happened to you? Day 1 video of Sammy the Rescue Horse. He's -supposed- to be about 16 years old and a Missouri Fox Trotter, he is a gelding for sure, but I won't know for sure on the age for another few weeks and if he is a MFT (or gaits at all) for another several months. He is very gentle with lovely ground manners (save for a terrible pawing habit), and not at all a stubborn or high strung horse. In my eyes, he was worth every penny. Sammy 16 yr Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding Unpapered Chestnut w/ star and stripe. Possible socks, white belly, flaxen mane and tail. A huge thanks to all of those helping me rehabilitate this wonderful gelding. I can't thank you all enough :) Music --- Yes, Linkin' Park. The music I wanted to use was accidentally deleted so this is the next best thing. Aw well..