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  • "Beginning the Trek" L_schultz's photos around Ollantaytambo, Peru A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Ollantaytambo, Peru by TravelPod blogger L_schultz titled "Beginning the Trek" L_schultz's travel blog entry: "We started the day with a tour of the ruins of Ollayantambo. The site was originally built as a military fortress and the Incans were constructing a sun temple before being rudely interrupted by the Spaniards. The ruins are a superb example of the Incan construction techniques. Because they were working on it at the time of invasion we gain some insight into the process. 3000 ton stones were carved from one mountain and dragged them up another to the site of the temple. They used no beasts of burden. All stones were dragged by 1000 men on a system of rails that zigzagged up the mountains with the stones. It occurs to me that these massive structures that take years to build are nothing but public works projects. The Incans are very religious people. Throughout pre-hispanic history, they seem to follow anyone claiming a mandate from god. I wonder if the temples were the people's sacrifice to God or the rulers way of keeping the people busy and distributing wealth. Te pre-hispanic civilizations were relatively peaceful. There is far more evidence of trade between tribes than war. When there were dissidents in the empire, the rulers, separated and relocated them to outskirts rather than killing them. We drove 3.5 hours to our trial head. The road through the Andes was unpaged. The countryside was breathtaking. The ...
  • Space Bar Gili Air After Party Chill Out Wonderful People enjoy after electric cut unpaged local artist sound. @ Space Bar Gili Air 12.october 2010..... thanks to Gili Peoples..... ......miss you......