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  • DJ Reese unMethodical Voice Sessions w/Stalley check out an interview I did with Ohio native Stalley, as he talks about his music inspirations, how he has only been rapping for two years and more!!
  • "Unmethodical Device" abstract oil painting by Keith W. Johnson abstract original
  • stray clips Just walking around...aimless, deviating, unsystematic, without purpose.
  • 東方Touhou Techno/Trance 176 Title: エクスなテンドあっしゅOriginal: Extend Ash ~ Hourai Victim Artist: 堕悪祭怪&昼Circle: Mohican Sandbag (モヒカンサンドバッグ) Album: Full Materials 2.0 For me, extra stage themes don't do much. I find most of them too random and unmethodical. Extend Ash, however, stands off by itself as my favorite. As if the main game of IN wasn't depressing enough, you get put right back into the forest with this sorrowful sounding music. Mohican Sanbag's earlier releases have a certain simplistic and refreshing feeling to them. With various sampling and generic noises, the Full Materials albums are a good milestone noting the circles progression in style. If you're a fan of carefree house and parody themes, check them out. I'm kind of at a loss for what to tag this. It's such a mutt of a track, really. Oh well. It's electronic and this is where it belongs. My mind is pretty clear right now so I don't have too much else to add, other than I hope for more Extend Ash this Reitaisai!
  • Unmethodical This years class officer video. Dancing, Partying, and a trip to the MOON
  • DJ Reese unMethodical Voice Sessions w: Lyriciss.m4v DJ Reese interviews dope emcee Lyriciss
  • Madame Guyon - A Short and Easy Method of Prayer / Audio Book Reading (1 of 2) Madame Guyon - A Short and Easy Method of Prayer / Audio Book Reading (1 of 2) Originally published in 1685, Madame Guyon's A Short and Easy Method of Prayer is considered a classic of Christian mysticism, influencing great writers and speakers such as John Wesley and Charles Spurgeon. In it, Madame Guyon carefully and briefly sets out her 'unmethodical method' by which any and all can commune with God at any time and under any circumstances. Madame Guyon - (1647-1717), French quietist author Jeanne Marie Bouvières de la Mothe Guyon was the leader of the Quietist movement in France. The foundation of her Quietism was laid in her study of St. Francis de Sales, Madame de Chantal, and Thomas a Kempis. At age 16, she married Jacques Guyon, a wealthy man of weak health, 22 years her senior. Until his death in 1676, her life was an unhappy one, partly due to the difference in their ages, and partly due to a tyrannical mother-in-law. Her public career as an evangelist of Quietism began soon after her widowhood. Her first labors were spent in the diocese of Geneva, at Anecy, Gex, and Thonon, and in Grenoble. In 1686 she went to Paris, where she was at first imprisoned for her opinions, in the Convent of St. Marie in the Faubourg St. Antoine; she was released after eight months at the insistence of Madame de Maintenon. She then rose to the zenith of her fame. Her life at all times greatly fascinated those around her; the court, Madame de Maintenon, and Madame de Maintenon's ...