Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated

Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated

Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated
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  • 我的这个WebService示例中 只定义了一个Web方法 该方法接受一个字符串作为用户名 并返回一个字符串作为对用户的问候语 如下图所示 图5 查看WebMethod原型 在上图中填入 Web引用名 然后点击 添加引用按钮 在非托管版的代理类中 这里填的 Web引用名 将没有任保
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  • a composite web application and where he authors appropriate JavaScript logic to wire together the various components The following diagram illustrates typical usage of the Unmanaged Hub The Unmanaged Hub is described in the following chapter
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  • 设置好后启动TestMemorySize exe后输入u 并回车 创建1M的非托管内存 下面步骤相同
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  • 网络测试截图 图1 Ping 207 210 117 51 图2 Tracert 207 210 117 51
  • nun ein Windows Programm starten erzeugt Wine einen 800x600 Bildpunkte großen Desktop Mit dieser Einstellung gelingt auch der Betrieb des bockigen Windows Mail Programms Abbildung 8 Abb 8 Mit den richtigen Einstellungen in der Wine Konfigurationsdatei startet auch der Text Editor des Mail Programms MR 2 Fehlersuche mit Windows Tools Komplizierter ist die Fehler
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  • 一下生成的代理类 做到有个基本的了解 切换到 类视图 可以看到一个 Debug 命名空间 全部展开 可以看到生成的代理类的全部成员 图6 浏览生成的代码 4 调用示例
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  • FX82012 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
  • see I ve got it abstracted away with a common interface so I can switch between managed serial and unmanaged serial quickly I ran the same tests again this time with MY serial port stuff
  • Wrapper is used to cover difference with the help of CCW and RCW Native Code
  • in the Solution Explorer II Go to properties > Configuration Properties Debugging Enable Unmanaged Code and check it to enable Figure 1 Enabling Unmanged Debugging in Visual Studio
  • which Stephen Colbert could quip I ll help you tell the boring scoreless matches from the riveting scoreless matches Thanks to Outback Photo for the color space graphic Here s a screenshot from a new iPhoto gallery comparing the identical images shown via Safari above to those shown via a Flash gallery below Posted by
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  • 非托管内存无法看到对象的名称 但可以看到内存的申请过程 这对于定位内存问题已经提供了很大的帮助
  • 图1 建立非托管程序 完成后 查看VC项目属性 可以确认不使用托管 图2 查看是否使用托管 2 添加WebService引用 在VC项目名称上 单击右键 选择 添加Web引用 如下图 图3
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  • Коммутатор D LINK DES 1008D 8 port s 10Base T 100Base TX 1000Base
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  • FT82041 FR82041 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
  • LevelOne Professional Network Switches Unmanaged Fast Ethernet
  • 3 非托管内存的跟踪 要跟踪非托管内存需要做一个设置 选择菜单中view >Project Property Pages 按下图进行设置 设置好后启动TestMemorySize exe后输入u 并回车 创建1M的非托管内存 下面步骤相同
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  • Garrett Hardin on the Tragedy of the Commons and Resources Garrett Hardin interview on the Tragedy of the Commons and Resource Allocation. "The Tragedy of the Commons is concerned with the allocation of resources." "The unmanaged commons can not possibly work once the population gets about a certain size." Read more about Garrett Hardin at View more short videos at http Video copyright 1990 Educational Communications, Inc. PO Box 351419, Los Angeles, CA 90035. 310.559.9160. Permission required for other than personal viewing.
  • Hostgator Coupon with $25 off on Linux Unmanaged Get Hostgator *** at www.workinghostgator***.com Hostgator coupon codes that work for all hostgator plans including shared hosting, reseller hosting and hostgator servers www.workinghostgator***.com
  • Waiting for the Best Years written by: Raff, Mikko & Tom Howe published by: Phrased Differently directed & produced by F2R Films Raff is an UNSIGNED & UNMANAGED artist based in London, UK /raffsoulman
  • The Dirty Skirts "Daddy Don't Disco" Buy from iTunes : The Dirty Skirts have always had clear intentions as to where they were headed: to rise to the top of the South African music scene, and to take their music to the world. Driven by the awareness that it must be possible to reverse the tide of American/UK musical imports that washes through South Africa year to year, theyre on a mission to sell those pesky colonial powers something new, something very Cape Town. Its been, and continues to be a heros journey conducted in their inimitable style. For four years they remained independent of the South African music industry unsigned, unmanaged, maybe unmanageable. However2008 has seen the band sign their colossal new album Daddy Dont Disco to SONY BMG. The Dirty Skirts formed in Cape Town after a fortuitous braai-side meeting between Jess and David; a meeting of compatible hard working dreamers. They immediately set out to etch the band onto South Africas musical Hall of Fame by independently recording and releasing their eponymous debut mini-album in 2005. Singles such as Feeling the Pressure and Set Me Alight scorched up the local and student charts. Their first full length debut album On A Stellar Bender followed in 2007, with the barnstorming single Homewrecker reaching #1 on a number of national radio charts. In late 2007 they began writing the follow up album Daddy Dont Disco, which will be released on the 1st June 2008. As with most bands, The Dirty Skirts are not fans of pigeon-holing their ...
  • How To Make A Minecraft Alpha + Beta Server *EASY* ^ ^READ THE DESCRIPTION^ ^ Hey guys, what's up? Here is my first tutorial brought to you! Hehe, well, this is one; or my first easy tutorial out of all of my others in my upcoming MCServer Series. *NEW* Video up December 29 (12/29/2010): How To Add 'Already-Made' Minecraft Worlds to your Server! Subscribe if you want to be notified of Minecraft Videos :D! ::DOWNLOADS:: Minecraft Beta Download: Minecraft Server: (Minecraft Downloads Page) Hamachi.2 (Unmanaged): (Hamachi.2 Downloads Page) ——————————————————— #Minecraft server properties #Tue Dec 27 9:00:00 EST 2010 level-name=world hellworld=false spawn-monsters=false online-mode=true max-players=20 server-ip= pvp=false server-port=25565 ——————————————————— Twitter and Facebook links are not up yet. FAIL! EMail: ShaneCote@ ——————————————————— All images are in Copyright of Mojang AB. by Notch. You can play Minecraft Classic online FREE @
  • SF Unmanaged Ethernet Switch - Phoenix Contact The Standard Function (SF) 10/100 Ethernet switches provide redundant power input and floating alarm contact in 8 to 16 ports with fiber options. The switches' flat form factor is well-suited for limited space in a control cabinet.
  • Changing the client-server network for packet transport Ciena Sr. Technology Director Loudon Blair discusses how the introduction of WDM has created a new unmanaged network layer and how the OTN/G.709 standard addresses the "unmanaged" challenge.
  • My Minecraft Server If you don't have Hamachi, download this (THE UNMANAGED VERSION): Once that is downloaded/installed, open Hamachi and click on the "Network" tab and then click on "Join an Existing Network", then fill out the following (you only need to join one Network). Network ID(s): Jesse_Minecraft_Server_4 Jesse_Minecraft_Server_5 Jesse_Minecraft_Server_6 ect... Password: 7331 Boom, you should be in our Hamachi network. Now you can minimize that and open Minecraft. Sign into your account and go to Multiplayer, and type in the IP. IP: And boom, you should be in with us :D.
  • Cisco SG 100D-08 This switch is easy to set up. It works right out of the box; theres no software to configure. /go/100switches
  • Garrett Hardin on The Unmanaged Commons Garrett Hardin interview on The Unmanaged Commons. How many people is too many? "If we didn't have all those people, we wouldn't have all that congestion." There are three forms of government: democracy, socialism, and communism of the purest sort. Communism manifests itself in two forms: a commons that is managed (socialism), and a commons that is not managed. "We have too many areas where we rely on an unmanaged commons." Read more about Garrett Hardin at View more short videos at http Video copyright 1999 Educational Communications, Inc. PO Box 351419, Los Angeles, CA 90035. 310.559.9160. Permission required for other than personal viewing.
  • Provenance Capture of Unmanaged Workflows with Karma with Beth Plale Abstract: For the digital data created as an outcome of scientific discovery to retain its value over time, the data must undergo some level of curation. In order for archival of scientific data to be fully realized, however, curation costs must come down. This will be achieved in part through tools that automate metadata and provenance collection. In this talk I present a logical architecture of a standalone provenance system, and the Karma system that implements it. We focus on the implications of unmanaged workflows particularly on the representation of provenance information. Achieving flexible forms provenance creation has tradeoffs in where the burden of effort lay and in accuracy of the results. Finally, we discuss an evaluation of the performance of Karma under two capture scenarios and increasing workloads and determine the system to be scalable to a mid-range workload. Bio: Beth Plale is Director of the Data to Insight Center and an Associate Professor in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University Bloomington. Professor Plale did her postdoctoral work at Georgia Institute of Technology and has a Ph.D. in computer science from State University of New York Binghamton. Plale is an experimental computer scientist whose research is on data cyberinfrastructure and tools in an interdisciplinary research setting. Her research interests are in data provenance, metadata catalogs, automated digital curation, workflow systems in e-Science, and complex ...
  • Bonaire Eco Rape Burney El Hage and Elsmarie Beukenboom The eco systems of Bonaire are just like us the people 'they live', when they get tiered they will not tell us, when they are about to die they will not tell us but when you have watched this film, you can never say you were not told! The maximum penalty under the marine Ordinance is $ 2800.00 Dollars, for using gloves, animal harassment or breaking the coral there is a minimum penalty of 100 U$. War on unmanaged tourism in the Caribbean.
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  • Cisco 100 Series Unmanaged Switches The 100 Series provides all of the features and investment protection you expect from Cisco, without any complexity. There is no installation software and nothing to configure. /go/100switches
  • Evoke 2010 - No Concept by Unmanaged (party version) This is the offline render of our first 64KB demo ever (52KB in fact). This version shows some nasty timing issues (jumping tanker) we were not able to solve before the deadline. Next one will be better, now we know how to .... :)
  • Bamboo Revolution Begins Growing Bamboo for Timber Harvest Bamboo Revolution has taken the first crucial steps towards creating a timber bamboo industry based in Oregon. Last fall, the company transplanted live Moso bamboo plants to Oregon from Louisiana. Over the past two years, Bamboo Revolution built a relationship with Andy Ringle of Avery Island, La., home of Tabasco® pepper sauce. His family holds a lease on one of the oldest timber bamboo groves in America. Planted in 1910 by former Tabasco president EA McIlhenny, in cooperation with the USDA, this grove represented, at the time, an initial step toward the establishment of a bamboo industry in this country. However, with McIlhenny's death in 1949 this potential remained largely unrealized, and many of the bamboo groves that McIlhenny planted on Avery Island were left unmanaged and fell into neglect. In October 2009, 10 Bamboo Revolution employees and Dain Sansome, owner of Bamboo Valley, traveled to Louisiana to help restore the bamboo groves. In return, they received permission to transplant 180 live plants to Bamboo Revolution's cooperative farm with Bamboo Valley, an established bamboo farm in Albany, Ore. The plants began shooting new growth this spring, and will multiply extremely quickly. Bamboo can be harvested after just four to six years of growth, whereas comparable wood species take 30-60 years to reach harvestable maturity. The harvested material is manufactured into panels, veneer, flooring, countertops, and other building materials. Developing a bamboo ...
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  • Earthquake zone " Nepal " Most at Risk ? "If you are building a house, make sure your engineer follows earthquake resistant methods, "Nepal lies in fifth vulnerable zone of earthquake which means it is in high risk. There is possibility that Nepal could face great Richter earthquake in future and condition here will be more pathetic than Haiti. "Our capital Kathmandu is one of the most vulnerable urban areas due to unmanaged, unplanned and unsystematic city settlement. Due to the haphazard settlement, there is no way out to rescue people aftermath. People here will die more not because of the seismic activity rather they will die more for not getting rescue facility. More than 100000 people will die in Kathmandu only due to unmanaged city plan. There are 30 bridges in Kathmandu city, and 20 of them are in condition to collapse if earthquake measuring around 7 on the Richter scale jolts the capital. The study done by National Society For Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET) in2000. However, realizing this risk and to reduce it, the Nepali government has promulgated "Building Code" law that makes it mandatory for citizens in all 58 municipalities and 20 village development committee to apply quake resistant methods while building their houses. Please rate/comment and Subscribe me for more updates !
  • SafeCentral Secure VDI Endpoint data security is an important concern for enterprise IT teams that allow employees and contractors to access corporate data and services from their own personal computers. The flexibilities of the hosted virtual desktop model must be balanced against the need to secure data in use on unmanaged devices. The SafeCentral Secure Desktop provides an endpoint data protection layer between unmanaged PC operating systems and hosted virtual desktops.
  • Set up a Remote Encrypted PuTTY Connection - VPS BIBLE Pt 3 Part 3: Use PuTTY & OpenSSH to setup a secure tunnelled connection with authentication keys & create a simple double-click, password-free login. Here's how. Tutorial series index at . Enjoy!
  • Grace Engineered Products - E5 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch Why use Grace's E5 Ethernet Switch? 1) To free up panel space. In this case I just don't have the panel space to put it in; 2) To route communication wires away from the 480. This is a 480-volt cabinet and the Ethernet cables from the drive come right in through the door into the Ethernet Switch and it is a good way to route them away from the 480-volt power; 3) To free up aisle space by not opening a door that will clutter the aisle. In this facility we don't have a lot of aisle space and if we open the door we are taking up aisle space so what we try to do is install the Ethernet switch through the door and communicate through the door via the GracePort (PLC); 4) MOST IMPORTANT - To eliminate exposure to high voltage. In this facility we have to put on Cal-rated clothing and high voltage gloves to open the cabinet door. That takes up valuable time and also gives up aisle space for our operations. With the Ethernet Switch we can leave the door closed, bring in our lap top on our cart, therefore we don't need any other clothing...Panel Interface
  • My Server Rack This is a video of my server rack. Rack - Black Box Company 3 120MM 110volt fans 1 Shelf 1 Keyboard/mouse tray Removable sides and doors, with adjustable rails inside. Modem: Motorola SB6120 Cable Modem with 22/5 Business Service from Comcast. 4 downstream channels, 1 upstream channel. Gigabit link to PFSense machine. Switch: Netgear JGS524 24-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit unmanaged switch. Console: 15" Toshiba LCD monitor, Logitech PS/2 Keyboard, Generic PS/2 Mouse. Zonet 4-Port KVM connected to all 3 machines. Left- Main Server: Runs Windows 2008 SP2. -Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.4GHz -2GB PC2-6400 (DDR2-800) -250GB OS Drive -400GB Temp storage drive -5x1TB Drives in RAID5 giving me 3.63TB of redundant storage space, controlled by a hardware RAID controller card. -Gigabit Link to the switch. -Runs uTorrent, SABnzdB, Filezilla Secure FTP server, network storage, PeerGuardian, Apache HTTP server w/ PHP & MySQL. Middle - Gaming Server Windows Server 2003 standard edition 74GB 10kRPM Raptor HDD 2GB PC2-6400 (DDR2-800) Gigabit Link to the Switch Runs 4 32 player TeamFortress 2 servers Right - Firewall Machine PFSense based on FreeBSD Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.3Ghz Gateway Motherboard (Intel based) 384MB RDRAM 20GB HDD 2x Linksys EG1032 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Cards Linksys WRT54G Runs Tomato Firmware 70mW wireless power output into 2 9dBi antenna No routing done, only wireless access. All internet access is done through the PFSense gateway machine. Locked down with WPA2-AES, 20+ digit ...
  • [Tutorial] TABBLE TENNIS ONLINE ! Ping Pong de masa online ! Tabble Tennis online ! Download LINK :: -HAMACHI : UNMANAGED MODE -Tabble Tennis PRO ! DELUXE !
  • ZEP Unmanaged - La mascota del Team ZEP, la mascota del security Drinking Team
  • Network nodes discovery from DHCP servers By default, Switch Center is collecting network nodes by using SNMP protocol. The nodes information is collected from the default gateway that configured on the platform that runs Switch Center and from the network segments that connected directly to Switch Center platform. There are some cases that SNMP protocol can't be used like unmanaged remote networks or specific secured private networks. In that case Switch Center can discover nodes MAC and IP addresses information from Microsoft DHCP servers that used by the remote unmanaged or secured networks computers.
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  • Worldwide Exchange China Interest Rates April 28 Worldwide Exchange - April 28 China Interest Rates Key Message: In China, its been surprising the global markets by raising interest rates. The hike is an effort by the Peoples Bank of China that says, To cool the economy and improve the quality of bank loans Simon Littlewood, President of Asia Now Quotes "Renminbi was being revalued. Bank lending the 1st quarter of this year grew massively from last year." "If there is a rampant growth and unmanaged lending that there may be a crisis in the banking system and indeed there are signs that the level of risk currently for the loan portfolio in key banks in China is well above what many ***yst would regard as acceptable. Once you get anxiety then you start to find that a lot of people who have borrowed money are not serious of payng it back. It would not be difficult for things to go quite badly quite quickly." "The level of FDI in China is massive and a significant of number of MNC are funding net working capital from loans from Chinese banks."
  • C# unmanaged dll, MASM32 Using unmanaged dll in C#
  • How to Install Nginx (vs Apache & Lighttpd) - VPS BIBLE # 11 Part 11: This copy/paste how-to installs & configures Nginx web server, tweaking the file structure, & setting up a vhost file with symlink. Tutorial series index at . Enjoy!
  • Mike tri-chuck fire Mike S. And his fire tri-chucks
  • Xen 4.0.1 CentOS 5.5 Boot - Softlayer Unmanaged X3470 Server specs: Intel X3470 Processor Quad core 2.93 w/HT 4 x 2GB DDR3-1333 ECC RDIMM 2 x 2TB WD RE4 7200 rpm w/32MB cache Dual 1000mbit public / private connections
  • Game Theory, Population Control, and Eugenics Reducing the number of people can increase public investments per person if public revenue does not decrease. This chart is a prisoners dilemma. The result of a prisoners dilemma is similar to a society that has an unmanaged population and resources. The result is that if each player takes their most dominant position each player will be worse off than if they took their dominated position. For example. If Alex confesses to the crime but Doug does not confess, Alex will get zero years in prison and Doug will get 20 years. On the other hand if they both confess they each get five years in prison, therefore the dominant position for Alex is to confess to the crime. The options are the same for Doug, so Doug will also confess, resulting in both Alex and Doug each getting five years in prison. The irony and dilemma is that if both Alex and Doug stayed silent and took the dominated position they would get only one year each. The population dilemma is similar to the prisoners dilemma in the sense that an impoverished person who has a large number of children can increase their well being through child labor, but if everyone in society had a large number of children the amount of public benefits would be reduced per child. The dilemma is that if society has a large number of children, but the individual does not then he will have neither child labor nor a large mount of public benefits for his children, but if society reduces the size of the impoverished population the amount of ...
  • Anghor Thom - Unlimited & Unmanaged Tree Growth Is Destroying Cambodia's Ancient Temples Numerous images of the ancient temple site of Anghor Thom, Cambodia slowly bringing down and destroying this temple site. Do something before the whole area is rubble. DO "Doc" Myhra. (davidmyhra@)
  • How to Setup DNS Domain Zone & Nameservers - VPS BIBLE Pt 9 Part 9: Setting up your VPS, or any Linux server, you'll need to point it to a domain name, and to configure what's known as a DNS zone. Here's how. Tutorial series index at . Enjoy!
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  • Advantech's EKI Unmanaged Ethernet Switches Advantech's EKI Line of Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
  • Sterling Commerce Managed File Transfer How Sterling Managed File Transfer captures unmanaged transfer and creates a system that's secure, and easily automated.
  • All GM Private Server 3.3.5a Click here too download Hamachi, be sure to click Unmanaged. 1. When done downloading a White, Blue, and Black box will appear. 2.Click the power button too turn it on. 3. At the top you will see network. click Join Existing Network. Network Name: RawrGasm WoW RawrGasm WoW RawrGasm WoW2 RawrGasm WoW3 RawrGasm WoW4 RawrGasm WoW5 The password for all of those is 123 Right click and chat with the server owner(Pillsburry) or any Admin for an account. We WILL be going public after i feel the server has been successful on Hamachi.
  • Symptoms of unmanaged conflict Workplace conflict can be insidious and destructive if not managed properly. Ben Adkins is a conflict management specialist and mediator. He teaches managers and employees how to resolve differences and keep things moving forward
  • My Minecraft Server! How to join: Hamachi: Download the Unmanaged one for free. 1.Download Hamachi 2.start it up, fill out the form, and join one of these hamachi servers Network Name:Moon_minecraft Password:123 Network Name:Moon_minecraft2 Password:123 Network Name:Moon_minecraft3 Password:123 3.Make sure you've been accepted into the hamachi server. Then put this IP into the Play Multiplayer IP area:
  • How to Set Up Linux Distribution for Newbies - VPS BIBLE Pt 2 Part 2: Intro to a typical unmanaged VPS control panel, and taking you through the steps to configure & launch your initial Linux distribution. Tutorial series index at . Enjoy! Ideal for blog and site owners that have outgrown shared hosting but can't, or don't want, to afford a managed VPS, this series of blog posts and videos takes a blank VPS, building it into a supercharged server, capable of hosting multi-sites, email and more. Why do it? 'Cos it's easy to do and, for a typical hosting fee of about $20 a month, you can have a solution powerful enough for most sites, and even start your very own hosting company or co-op! For the complete series ... 1. VPS Intro & Linux OS Setup, 2. Secure (SSH Command Line Access, 3. Security & Firewall, 4. Nginx (better than Apache) Web Server, 5. Tweaks for Wordpress Caching, 6. Filezilla with SSH not FTP, 7. Adding & Testing (Multiple) Blogs & Sites, 8. Google Apps for Domain-Specific Email, 9. Moving Day! How to Move Your Blog or Site ... check out
  • Investigating EQ Did you know that unmanaged emotional reactions and lack of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills can result in diminished employee productivity, a lack of innovation, dwindling employee and customer satisfaction, high turnover, the inability to manage change, growing stress levels, a negative work environment and even workplace violence? Emotional Intelligence is a set of competencies demonstrating self awareness, self management and relationship sensitivity. Someone with high EQ can manage their own emotional impulses, can communicate with others effectively, can manage change well, problem solves, uses humor to build rapport, has empathy and remains optimistic even in the face of adversity. Studies show a direct correlation between high Emotional Intelligence and job success for all roles. This DVD takes you into a typical office via a news reporter (think 'Daily Show' meets 'The Office') and shows viewers the ways that EQ impacts business results and co-worker relationships. Popular with colleges or universities looking for an alternative to a dry, psychological explanation of Emotional Intelligence. Included are: • Ten EQ skills that are defined and examined • A PowerPoint® presentation to ease its integration as part of a training program • 2 versions of the content -- o "Traditional" -- a no-nonsense approach with some entertainment thrown in for audience appeal o "Entertrainment" -- includes bonus scenes that provide a humorous approach that has added levity for ...