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  • Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world about connecting with friends Living Intentionally, Focused and Enlightened (WLIFE) Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, under fulfilled, under powered and/or frazzled by life stress?. — “connecting with friends Meetup Groups - connecting with”, connecting-with-
  • If we allow further that the general plan for the growth of output is also going to be underfulfilled by several per cent, the annual deficit increases to 700 million rubles (on condition, of course, that production costs remain at the level already attained). — “Khristian Rakovsky: The Five Year Plan in Crisis (Part 2)”,
  • Developing abundance is something that only you, as an individual, and you alone can do. It is something that leads down the road to achieving not only physical despite their wealth have few friends, or do not even trust those that they have, and end up living under fulfilled existences. — “Develop Abundance For A Great Life! | ”,
  • Secretariat Says 2009 State Budget's General Fund Underfulfilled By UAH 937 Million In Q1 "The national budget's general fund is underfulfilled by UAH 937 million for the first quarter," Shlapak said. — “The FINANCIAL - Secretariat Says 2009 State Budget's General”,
  • Violating psychological contract terms amongst Maltese public service employees: occurrence and relationships. Author: Cassar V. Violation was conceptualised in two ways: under-fulfilled employer obligations and over-fulfilled employee obligations. — “IngentaConnect Violating psychological contract terms amongst”,
  • Good eats in the heart of the city The Magnificent Mile is home to some of Chicago's best restaurants. Your palette will always be satisfied and never under-fulfilled. — “DINING - The Magnificent Mile - GNMAA”,
  • The budget of Kiev will be underfulfilled on 4 mlrd grn 2010, the director of "city Institute" Alexander Sergienko considers. It has reminded, that for first six months 2010 in the city budget 37,5 % of the means planned for year have arrived. — “The expert: the Budget of Kiev in 2010 is underfulfilled on 4”, fin-
  • In Groundhog Day, director Harold Ramis set forth a charmingly provocative proposition: even the most obnoxious and self-absorbed person could transform himself into a decent human being, provided he had enough time to chord among overworked and under-fulfilled baby boomers, just at the. — “Clonesome Blues - Page 1 - Movies - Houston - Houston Press”,
  • And when they find that person that appreciates and satisfies that desire, they are willing to be ***ually connected to that man. Many feel under-appreciated and under-fulfilled in their emotional and physical realms of life. — “Do women cheat for different reasons than men? Is it true”,
  • City Kyiv City Administration to open 'convenience stores' 3 days ago at 11:33 Kyiv budget's expenditure target under-fulfilled by 21 percent in 2008. — “Kyiv Post. Independence. Community. Trust - City - Kyiv”,
  • Is Grunge Cool? Roofing's Under-fulfilled promise. A lot has been made about the energy efficiency of roofing systems, membranes and coatings. None bigger, than the potential reduced cooling costs of reflective or "white" coatings used in roofing. — “InfraStructures - August 2005 - Is Grunge Cool? Roofing's”,
  • However after reading this book I do feel slightly under-fulfilled However after reading this book I do feel slightly under-fulfilled. — “: James Carter's review of Audacity to Win, The”,
  • Personal and professional development coach Kelly Eckert feeling generally over-stressed, over-worked, and under-fulfilled: Do you feel as if there is something else you were meant to do?. — “Kelly Eckert”,
  • Are you living with a longing and wonder if you'll ever realize your dream? Has unexpected loss or change, forced you to face a different future or new beginning? Are you a discouraged or under-fulfilled Christian leader or business owner in need. — “Welcome to Hopelifters Unlimited”,
  • Posted Wed, Oct 27th 2010, 12:45 (Grand Cayman - CITN) - Councillor Taylor Burrowes says to beat boredom and be spontaneous. If people do not make time for fun and adventure in their lives, they run the risk of feeling over-worked and under fulfilled. — “Cayman 27 : Inner Peace: Be Spontaneous”,
  • Meredith Cole's Floating takes on the internal dynamics of a half-dozen over-educated and under-fulfilled Washington D.C. twentysomethings as the writer among them, Paul, resists the group's pressure to relinquish his literary ambitions for a more conventional career path. — “FILMMAKER MAGAZINE | Winter 1997: PRODUCTION UPDATE”,
  • Sterling TaxSource is the industry's most advanced tax servicing platform. These products are developed to address unmet or under-fulfilled consumer needs making them easy to understand and easy to sell. — “Sterling National”,
  • Posted by catholicsensibility under Fulfilled in Your Hearing, Liturgy, USCCB documents Posted by catholicsensibility under Fulfilled in Your Hearing, Liturgy, USCCB documents. — “Fulfilled in Your Hearing " Catholic Sensibility”,
  • Seven-Year Plan Following the rise of Nikita Khrushchev to primacy among the leaders of the Soviet Union, the sixth five-year plan (1956 - 1960) was Civilian investment rates fell, and national income (defined in Marxist concepts) was underfulfilled by four to seven percent. — “Seven-Year Plan: Information from ”,
  • Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world about Women Connecting with Women Living Intentionally, Focused and Enlightened (WLIFE) Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, under fulfilled, under powered and/or frazzled by life stress?. — “Women Connecting with Women Meetup Groups - Women Connecting”, women-connecting-with-
  • Since the old Pro-Logic Pioneer drives the center channel with only a synthesized signal of approximately AM-radio quality, the Belle is underfulfilled so to speak, but still anchors the center soundstage nicely. I'm happy. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews. — “: D. Thomas Longo Jr.'s review of Klipsch”,
  • The Tax Ministry of Russia transferred RUR123.7bn ($3.91bn) to the federalbudget in August 2002. Therefore, it under fulfilled the tax collectionplan by 1.2%, the Information Policy Department of the Tax Ministryreported. RUR97.1bn ($3.07bn) in. — “Tax Ministry under fulfilled plan for tax collection in”,
  • DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Research and Markets (http:///research/79ee5d/algeria_pharmaceut) has announced the addition of the While the local market remains under-fulfilled, opportunities for local manufacturers may arise given the lack of any substantial government. — “Research and Markets: Algeria Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare”,
  • This article may not meet the general notability guideline. Historically the planning process has revolved around indices of gross output, with perceived success or failure hinging on how much the plan has been 'underfulfilled' or 'overfulfilled', i.e. how much the various quantitative projections (e. — “The Myth of the Plan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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