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  • Irresistable as with all of my other videos, hate comments towards the couple, related couples, or karin will be deleted. arguments between sides will also be deleted. we're all sane human beings here can't we focus on the quality of a vid and the way it was made instead? and for the record i don't care if you rate it lower just because you hate the couple. ratings don't mean anything to me anyways. that word is kinda hard to spell...sorry. word with this one is "underfeed". finally did a sasukarin with clips! YAY! i just love it to death...not as good as i would have liked but i like it nonetheless! as always thanks for watching
  • 4-year old Jose Antonio Walks The Catwalk in hospital Antigua Guatemala Jose Antonio is already 4 months old but looks much younger because of being underfeed in his early ages. Right now he's doing better each week. He loved walking my red carpet and even after shooting this movie he kept on walking the catwalk :-) Read more on
  • Circle J Mirage Horse Trailer 2006 Circle J Mirage three horse slant trailer with 12' short wall, three burner stove, full sized oven, large fridge/freezer, microwave, double sinks, A/C, heat, tall shower, toilet, vanity and sink, queen bed with mirrored headboard, slide out dining area/bed conversion, TV, stereo, speakers inside and out, remote control awning, rear tack, storage under feed bins, drop down windows, rear bus windows, escape door with drop down window, stud wall, walk thru door to LQ, hay rack and much more. see us at /call 702-639-7705 las vegas, nevada
  • GM15092010 - 2 inch Flowerhorn This is good breed of Golden Monkey Flower Horn. Just 2 inch already with "nuchal hump" on its head, the pearl dots on its body.The redness of its fins and body and the roundness of the body need to develop. Feed him at least twice, do not overfeed,don't worry about underfeed as the fish can live 1 week without eating anything. Coloration of the body can be enhanced with lighting effects and also food.Feed with mixture of frozen food like worms + pellets for healthier flowerhorn.... This flower horn with chip 15092010.
  • HALLOWEEN From Heavens View AWESOME- not what you would expect. How Heavens see Halloween
  • Aquatic Turtle Care: What To Feed Your Turtles Feeding your turtles seems to be the most complex aspect of keeping them healthy and active. A simple task yet requiring some planning and structure, based on the species that you are keeping. Turtles are usually opportunistic feeders. In other words, they grab it when they can because they really aren't sure when they might get the chance to eat again. Do not be fooled---turtles will learn to recognize you and any food containers you have. They will quickly have you trained! Overfeeding is one of the most common mistakes in captive care. Keep in mind that they are not always hungry...but they are always looking for a meal because it's how they survive in the wild. They don't know that you are going to feed them routinely, so keep a regular schedule and try not to veer from it. They would eat as veggies Water Hyacinth Water Lettuce Anacharis As far as a diet goes, you want something high in calcium yet low in phosphorus. Stay away from fatty foods and those with a high carbohydrate and protein content unless the turtle is a strict carnivore. Don't over-feed or under-feed anything; even if it is good for their diet. Not enough is dangerous and too much isn't much better. You can also check out these articles on "What to Feed" and "How Much, How Often". It is vital to your turtle's health that you vary the diet. Don't rely on pelleted/prepared foods as a whole, instead, use them to augment a more natural diet. Herbivores need to be offered a wide range of veggies and plant ...
  • NextGen Reader - A Google Reader Client For Windows Phone 7 NextGen Reader is a google reader client engineered for performance. (free trial available with no ads) Features: # Works in Offline Mode. # Full Metro UI Support for dark and white theme. # Select multiple articles just like Official WP7 Email Client. # Breeze through Feeds, Folders or Friends-shared items in most intuitive way. # Share articles on Twitter with url shortner. # Send To InstaPaper. # Visually differentiate between read/unread, starred or shared items. # Recently starred and shared articles just a swipe away. # Tap and hold to see Context Menu for frequent actions. # Share, Star or Email Articles. # Mark articles as read under Feed, Folder or All Items in one step. # Sync Unread Articles Only or All Articles as you like. # Smart Sync marks multiple changes in background at specified interval. # View Feeds in Landscape Mode and change default font-size. # Open Full Page in Embedded Browser or Go to Internet Explorer. # Completely Secure - your login details are encrypted and stored on phone only. *More Updates Coming Soon! - Send mail to [email protected] for feature requests -
  • My wife Savannah feeds the Rays Although there was grave danger that the ravenous sting rays, truly under feed may attack Savannah mercilessly, she plunged her hand teeming with peeled shrimp, into the fridged waters of the fourth floor of the Tennessee Aquarium.
  • Coal firedDPS As recently as 2002, a number of Detroit Public Schools were still heated with coal. Plant in video features a Copes feedwater regulator, duplex pumps and an underfeed Detroit Stoker.
  • NextGen Reader - a google reader client for windows phone 7 NextGen Reader is the fastest and most beautiful google reader client for windows phone 7. Download: (Fully functional trial is available with no ads or limitations except one feature "share via tweet") # works in offline mode. # completely secure -- your login details are encrypted. # metro UI - change dark/white theme within application. # select multiple articles just like Official WP7 email client. # breeze through feeds, folders or friends-shared items in most intuitive way. # share articles on twitter and support for url shortner. # send to instapaper. # visually differentiate between read/unread, starred or shared items in list view. # recently starred and shared articles just a swipe away. # tap and hold to see context menu for frequent actions. # share, star or email articles. # mark articles as read under feed, folder or all items in one step. # sync articles as per choice -- all or unread only. # smart sync marks multiple changes in background at specified intervals. # view feeds in landscape mode and change default font-size. # open full page in embedded browser or go to internet explorer. # can lock your device during refresh.
  • Alien Death Form: Underfeed Track 16 of 29 from the untilted album. Released on Roil Noise Offensive in 2004. This group was a collaboration between Rubbish and Rabbit Girls. To hear the entire album support the label and buy it here:
  • Meer Taqi Meer - Hasti Apni - Shishir Parkhie - Ahteraam (T- series) SAYED AMANULLAH MEER TAQI MEER (1722-1810) : Khuda-e-sukhan Meer has been called the pioneer of Urdu Shayari and the greatest Urdu poets like Ghalib, Naasikh and Zauq who used to call him Ustad accepted this. He was the only son of a Sufi saint Meer Muttaqi. Meer left his hometown Akbarabad at the age of 11 after his fathers death and found his patrons among the Rajas & Nawabs at Delhi After Delhi was ruined, he went to Lucknow. He spent all his life like a wanderer in search of peace. Meer used a common and easy to underfeed style of narration which not only increased the simplicity and beauty of has at but also magnified its effect to an extent that would leave the listener spellbound Sher Hum Khuda ke kabhi qayel hi na the Unko dekha to khuda yaad aaya Ibtida-e-ishq hai rota hai kya Aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya Ghazal Hasti apni hubaab Ki si hai Ye numaish saraab ki si hai Naazuki uske lab ki kya kahiye Pankhudi ek gulaab ki si hai Baar baar uske dar pe jaata hun Halaat ab ijteraab ki si hai Meer un neembaaz ankhon mein Saari masti sharaab ki si hai
  • the pony .do not own this song. breakaway blackjack (aka george) was a bucking, rearing pony with little education. didn't know how to jump, collect etc was used in a riding school but got kicked out from throwing the kids off. after that he was bought and taught to rear under saddle to 'show off' in front of people. he had little proper handling and was under feed and abused. he has come along quite nicely lots of ups and downs but we are getting there :)
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  • The Female 1 - Young, sleek, under feed & keen to for acceptance.m4v
  • Spotted Puffer eats snail this is my green spoted puffer (GSP) eating a malasian trumpet snail (MTS). he is about an inch and a half, maybe 2 inches and is eating a very small MTS. he looks a little skinny. but every day when i feed him he gets fat and then the next day he is real skinny again. so dont think i underfeed him. he is in a 5g hex. yes i realize this is a high end brakish fish and realize he will outgrow the tank that he is currently in. in know what his needs are and his accomodations are temporary until he gets bigger so read this before you comment.
  • Several Tips for Basic Horse Care : Feeding a Horse Grains Watch an expert discuss how and when to feed your horse grains in this free online video on basic horse care. Expert: Kelli LaBar Bio: Kelli LaBar is a practicing aesthetician and makeup artist in Wilmington, NC Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC
  • smack down hello today there will be a fight star smackdown between jose vs luis only that Michael wants to go to WrestleMania 27 to end the run of the Under fer jose hopefully only knows what could be done for the last time we see him since he Under fer told you that if I accepted the scolding but underfeed said no and now trying to combencer jose hara to the under fer to accept cooperation could be qn game michael jose career or cooperation could be streak vs career at the main event that is Wrestlemania 27.
  • The story of my stallions... This is a short "pic" story of my two horses.. The wore hardly underfeed and hitten with wips.. I had them now for like 1 year :) im so happy with what they have become. Ill soon start to hang on them :)... and plan to sit on them for the coming summer :D Hope y enjoy it! (this is my first pic movey so i know ive done planties of wrongspells.. but didnt understand how to undo it.) :)
  • A Moonshiner And His Money - Charlie Bowman Charlie Bowman and His Brothers from the hills of Tennessee to youtube. Columbia records 1st country music genre recording. Charlie was known as "the champion fiddler of East Tennessee," so named for winning more than two-dozen fiddle contests.His future credentials would include being a 2001 inductee into the North American Fiddler's Hall of Fame.He was a major recording artist, vaudeville performer, songwriter, and a member of several musical groups, including Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters (the Hill Billies).Charlie had a talent for generating atypical sounds from his fiddle, ranging from a couple of hound dogs chasing a red fox through the Tennessee hills to a barnyard selection with cacklings from a gobbler and a bantam hen.He could play fif*** standard and several not-so-conventional instruments: brooms, saws, washtubs, thick balloons, a homemade one-string bass, and even an underfeed furnace.In 2006, a major discovery was made of the "Lost Suitcase Collection," a previously unknown cache of photos, tour memorabilia, and news stories on Charlie and the Bowman family of touring musicians
  • Our Little Sweetie, Ugly While on vacation my cat came missing for 12 days. The area we were at was small and did not have an animal shelter within 70 miles. Thanks to a wonderful neighbor who had printed out dozens of posters of my cat and posted them in the local post office and nearby grocery stores she was returned to me within 2 days. She was well, clean and not underfeed. Being that the area we were in was a small area, we all believe that she had been kept by someone, even though Ugly had tags with a phone number. My husband discovered her when he stepped outside for a moment on Halloween night.
  • NIHONGO DESSSSSTH Space Ralph's kazu. K socks. Underfeed dog. Kawatana madness
  • Jack Soundstack - Does your Heart Still Eat (Dec2010) Lyrics: does your heart still eat, is your heart underfeed, does the beat exceed, is it love that you need