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  • Playtime with Henry and Pollyana one of my collage projects, i made the dolly myself lol! please comment and lemme know what you think, ta muchly x
  • Adventures Through My Fish Tanks 1 We got a waterproof camera and I decided to take it into my tank.
  • Goblin Animation yep its another anamation of mine this wasnt a project, twas a bit of fun hope you like it.
  • Monster and Ulexite Recorded on December 3, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • Ulexite.mp4
  • Red An arty film i made for a coll project, we had to be inspired by the color red. watch it and let me know what meaning you get from it.
  • Ulexite Tv rock
  • SoPhIeS pIgEoNs - Say Play Sway This is a stop motion animation i did for my tutors band the legendary SoPhIeS pIgEoNs, i hope you enjoy it. If you do check out there myspace /sophienelson and now they have a youtube chanel so go find it!!!! thanks for watching X3
  • Substituting Gerstley Borate in Floating Blue Using Digitalfire INSIGHT to formulate, fix and adjust ceramic glazes. , when frits are not suitable, ulexite, using phantom, static and added status with colorants and retotaling and static materials.
  • Geology Rocks: Ulexite Demo I show a few of the samples in my rock collection and talk a bit about the interesting light transmission properties of Ulexite. It's sometimes called TV Rock or TV Stone because it acts like a fiber optic. It's kind of hard to capture on film, but a fun rock to play around with as you can see.
  • Ulexite i love this wonder stone.