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  • Saints & Sinners Bingo Mobile / Oberon Games
  • uglily,dog
  • Espeon of TG I don't own the music or the game or the server. Don't comment if you don't have anything nice to say. Okay so here's the deal oo I did this in 2 days and it must suck, right? This is like the first time I made a video ever. lool. So don't rate it uglily. So umm this is a video of me in TrinityGunz and my IGN is Espeon. I recorded all this just recently and.. yes I know i suck. I just wanted to make the movie and enjoy it for myself. I don't intend on making myself look like a pro cause there aren't any good clip on there. Oh and i just realised i did used 3 clips twice... gay. Too late now, I'm too lazy :P Umm Well k cool. Thanks. Music- Asian Kung Fu Generation- After Dark, Rewrite; respectively
  • Happy Birthday to my dearest Chan Ho Sang. Happy b-day :D sorry for I sang so uglily xD
  • (06) Call Of Juarez -- Horsecrunch Normally you can't kill an enemy with a horse... ... but I found a way! XD (video 05 was skipped because youtube comprimated it too uglily, you couldn't see anything XD -.-)