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  • Lucky milks the 1 uddered cow? Yikes it's NOT MILK! Lucky and Bruiser are at the bar and do not have any money to pay the bar tab. They are forced to choose between themselves as to who will milk the Cow? See what happens next as Lucky returns with really thick looking milk.
  • C Lady Harland 9123 Colyer Herefords Internet Heifer Auction - Sept. 27 - Oct. 2, 2010 We tried to pick out a cross section of heifers that were bred to multiple sires so here is a "Harland" daughter bred to the $55000 Cooper sale topper "860". We have had great success with "Harland" because he makes great uddered females and his sons always ultrasound with as much consistency as any sire we use. After seeing the first set of "860" calves this season he will no doubt be a bull that will be utilized here for many years to come. They are moderate at birth and have a tremendous amount of performance like they were expected to be. "9123" is a short marked, heavy pigmented female that is easy fleshing. If she looks anything like her sisters that have calved here we think you will be very happy. Also note that this heifer is a maternal sister to the 0106 female in this sale so consider what this "860" calf could be. Bred safe to "860" to calve January 30, 2011.
  • Goin' Low : The Adventures of Stuart 5 Episode 5: "Feed the Fish" Sometimes you got to give the fish a little more than what they need.
  • B064 : October : Polled GKB BH B627 ROSIE B064 OCTOBER 1, 2010 POLLED SIRE: GKB DOWNTOWN B627 ET 42722208 DAM: BH 694Y ROSIE 31 P42968449 Rosie is out of a "Hi-Ho" daughter that is deep ribbed, massive and good uddered. Adding "Downtown" to the genetics created a stylish show heifer prospect.
  • Thomas Angus Ranch October 2010 Production Sale -- 200 Cows Sell Looking for Angus cows? Then look no further than Thomas Angus Ranch -- the brand that covers the West. We're proud to offer 200 deep-sided, easy-fleshing and great-uddered females at our upcoming sale October 21st. A special feature includes sets of spring and fall calving heifers and a great group of elite donor cows -- including Thomas Eisa Erica 6714 Cows are bred the right way, and are on target to make your business more profitable -- whether you're a commercial or registered breeder. Thomas Angus Ranch -- The brand that covers the West. 200 bulls sell at 11 AM -- Cows at 2 pm
  • Goin' Low : The Adventures of Stuart 4 Episode 4 "The Pizza's Done" There are times in you life when you need to go another direction. That's what Stuart finds out in this episode. You never know what can happen next.
  • Lot 5 - Big-Gully 28U Sensation 812X 812X is the single polled heifer calf in the offering and represents the lone offspring of SHPH 2N BEEFMANT 28U, owned with Standard Hill Polled Herefords. 812X contributes powerful center body dimension and hip shape to the offering. Her sire provides a muscular, big-boned phenotype and outcross polled genetics to our inventory. Her dam, 811S, is a HF 4L BEYOND 36N daughter that is long-sided, youthful appearing and sound uddered at 4 years old. 812X is in the top 15% for WW and YW.
  • Gertie says teh ''Sh'' Word (NO SH*T!).wmv Arnold's Grandma actually uddered a "Naughty big-people word" that is usually not heard in Y-7 programing. ("Grandpa's Packard" - Season 5) I OWN NOTHING that isn't mine!
  • Goin' Low : The Adventures of Stuart Episode 1: "Time for Dessert" Follow Stuart as he adds adventure to another party.
  • Mainstream Manifold There was nine in the one herd of which 5 worked well for a video and pictures. These were great uddered cows, that had a great texture to them!! They were all great framed cows with good width and openness. They moved very well on their feet and legs and all displayed good rump and loin structures. These were in a 350 cow freestall (large in comparison to the area), and were milked on a rotary parlour. Each of them bred back in one service, with one of the cows in this to calve in 50 days from now. She was dried off following the picture, but was still in great body condition. These cows ate non stop, and their owners were very satisfied with them as individuals and as a group.
  • Goat Made in China I was looking at some toys made in China and suddenly a Goat caught my attention. I am used to goats having TWO udders but here was one with four ? Do they give more milk or it is an error ?
  • get shlongahawked | ep.1 grey gamers has an uddered moment
  • Barnyard Rocks!!!!! My first Google search stories video.
  • It all began with the fan. picture video from 2003. just put it together again.