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  • Staccato Du Mal - Walls Fade Obsession VII................ Let's just have a little talk... Just another talk... Have a look so sweet... Let's have another dream...... Just a little cigarette...don't sweat... It's just another conversation... Just you with me...and three wines...and dance... It's just another conversation... Maybe two or three... It's getting steep..... It's getting deep........ Just another conversation... Just another... Maybe two, maybe three..... It's getting steep...... It's just another...... Just another conversation.... Shhh...stop...sshhh.... It's just another conversation.... Call me... I'll wait for you.... Away from you........
  • J-Gabbersha - Oldschool Hakken Typification in My Two Self-images =) I LIKED clip "Grunn Gabbers Hakkuh!" and decided to make a cover on it..
  • Fire Aftermath. Post kitchen fire and little kids screaming..
  • LEE SMASH After we unloaded the truck at Arby's I made a fort. Then Destroyed it! MUHAHAHAHA.
  • The kitchens on fire! The kitchens on fire. This is what happens when Sarah and Tina make french toast.
  • Fox 4 Red Light Runners Auto Tuned
  • Flesh Graey Display - Insurmountable Typification Music: Flesh Graey Display, Flesh Graey Display CDr Lt, 2006, Picture:
  • Ocular Globes by Gurmit (Art Installation) 2011 Ocular Globes by Gurmit (Art Installation, 400 by 200 by 400 cm) 2011 This Installation resides in the premises of the mind and the bodily perceptions. These 2 perceptions of vision and movement are inseparable; they are intertwined in a body that moves-and-sees as part of one complete process which allows us to understand the nature of our actual experience in the world. It produces an understanding that when I perceive a space around, I am actually perceiving myself in that space. The work's figurativeness contains references both to the history of the development of the optics towards the three-dimensional space geometry and towards the gender stereo typification. Installation using red threads diverging like rays of light from the full, ***, tender and seductive perfectly rounded breast creating a magnetic lunar globe that pulls all eyes through the formation of camera Lucida's geometrical shapes. The lenses on the breast focuses and metaphorically seeing through the heavily laden weapons of surveillance. These relating references are directed at relationship between humanity and our surveillance techonological society.
  • Vague Disquiet - The Lower Lifestyles
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne (II) Featuring discussions of the logic of allegory and romance; liminality; and The Scarlet Letter.
  • How Scientist Bryan Heit Explains Sincere Animal Behaviour as Homo***ual Necrophillia Part 1 of 3 In contrast to what is stated by the scientists in this video, this is not a case of homo***ual necrofillia at all. 1stly, even though the maker of the above video had the guts to disagree on this with an alert YouTube viewer who had also noticed the dead duck to be a female; the dead duck is obviously a female. Why this stunning ignorance about it? Anyway, there's no case of homo***uality to be found here. 2ndly, this is certainly not an example of necrophilia either. Not only do the videos at the end of this production strongly support my opposition to this typification, but on top of that I can easily explain why there is no necrophillia involved here, and I'll do so by describing what I have seen with my own eyes. While driving in my car in my hometown village, I witnessed almost the exact same drama taking place. In the middle of the street there was a duck trying to make love with a very dead duck. I stopped and watched closely. The female duck was that much seriously wounded that her internal parts were exposed. Obviously hit by a car and by the look of it, very recently so. Immediately raised my understanding that this had to be an attempt of the duck to revive the life of his love. This thought quickly proved to be right. Because after these attempts, the duck tried to lift the head of his love with his beak, after which he again tried to make love with her. After this scenario was repeated for several times, I had to leave the scene. It was too heartbreaking to ...