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  • Whooping Cough in an Adult Description: A 64-year-old man was admitted to the medical service with a presumed asthma exacerbation. His symptoms had worsened during the preceding 3 weeks despite treatment with oral glucocorticoids. He also reporting having associated chest tightness and difficulty eating and sleeping, without any post-tussive emesis.
  • Introducing: The Mischief Machine The supervillain from the Super Solver series of educational games, reimagined as a killing machine. Why settle for an incompetent robot army when you can BE a one-man robot army!? He already took over my computer and is probably spreading across the Internet as we speak, so get your reading and arithmetic skills ready... Created by Sam Lloyd as a final project for Computer Science 22: Digital Modeling at Dartmouth College. With a tussive cameo by Amanda Tsao! Soundtrack: In The Hall Of The Mountain King (Techno Remix) by DJ Liquid. The Super Solver series and all characters and representations therein are property of The Learning Company.
  • Yama JRT Passing Out My Dog Yama coughing and then falling over on her side.
  • Adventitious Breath Sounds Download more at ..
  • Laudanum - Wiki Article Laudanum , also known as Tincture of Opium, is an alcoholic herbal preparation containing approximately 10% powdered opium by weight (the equivalent of 1% morphine). It is reddish-brown in colour and... Laudanum - Wiki Article - Original @ http All Information Derived from Wikipedia using Creative Commons License: Author: Djm55 Image URL: ( This work is in the Public Domain. ) Author: Djm55 Image URL: ( This work is in the Public Domain. ) Author: Cydone Image URL: ( This work is in the Public Domain. )
  • cough syp addiction sucessfully treated - improved -de addicted cough syrup anti tussive, are very useful in treatment of cough, but in some cases they work as mood elevator... so some persons not all, becomes addicted to that property of cough syrup, in such cases sometimes when they do not respond to De-addiction methods ... cause of addiction may be underlying depression or early thought disturbances ..... so by addition of additional therapy, like anti depessant & mild dose anti psychotic, helps in improving along with psychological therapies ... like abreaction, ventilation, narco ***ysis , hypnosis , ontological therapy, family therapy & marital therapy one such case was treated & above is the video . he was addicted to the cough syrup .. Corex .. 3-5 bottles per day ...for 8 years ... & not ready for the treatment ...he was brought to talk to me ... & when I said ... you are not an addict ... but sometimes nobody listens to you... on that he agreed ... & was willing to talk to me. he was admitted after psychological testing .. of Rorschach ( inkblot) ( RT) & thematic aperception test - story formation test ( TAT) after draw a person test ....( DPT) he was treated with antidepressant, along with catalyst therapy & anti psychotic in low dose his counseling revealed stress full childhood ... because of comparison with the elder brother in every thing every day every moment ....... built up frustration ... for which ... corex was an answer ... sometimes for motivation ... parents compare .. but sometimes repeated comparison ...