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  • Saturday never has good thumbnails! So this video got really long! :] Sorry about the length! This was uploaded at 1am.But it says Friday. :o I hope you enjoyed it. Eat a hot pocket while you watch this :] You will see. Website: My channel:
  • Antheraea pernyi, Chinese (Oak) Tussah Moth, ovipositioning on my finger This is a female tussah moth, its wingspam is about 17,4cm. It oviposits on my finger two eggs.
  • Tussah Anabel has had a single doe, and she's lovely! I'm calling her Tussah, since she's cream and gold (though she does have a darling little black legwarmer on one foreleg). She was born Monday night, and the whole thing went beautifully.
  • Rachmaninov - Prelude in G, Op. 32 no. 5 Rachmaninoff Prelude
  • The Lady Vanishes (with audio description and closed captions) **NOTE: This video is displayed with audio description and closed captions.** In order to make this movie accessible to all, CaptionMax has added a built-in description track and closed captions. Stranded in an inn in the Eastern European dictatorship of Bandrika, pretty socialite Iris Henderson (Margaret Lockwood) makes friends with a sweet old governess, Miss Froy (May Witty) and makes enemies with a snotty young musician, Gilbert (Michael Redgrave). As they all board the London-bound train the next day, a blow to the head leaves Iris disoriented. After Miss Froy mysteriously disappears and the trains passengers and crew claim she never existed, Gilbert is the only one who doesnt think Iris is mad. Like all good Alfred Hitch*** films, this 1938 tale is full of entertaining twists. Watch for hilarious British dandies (and cricket fans) Caldicott and Charters, secondary characters who appeared in several other films.
  • Natural Skin Care Naturally Rich Skin Care
  • Eublepharis macularius and caterpillar Eublepharis macularius female eats a bombyx caterpillar.
  • the lazy song I am dancing to the lazy song by Bruno mars with Chelsea and allison
  • Prelude in Eb Minor "The Dove" My Prelude in E flat Minor "The Dove" is dedicated to my mother (whom I affectionately call 'Coo'!) Very early in my life, I was captivated by doves. They allowed me to be their whisperer and I've remained close to them ever since. ^^;
  • Dye Fiber Darkness Science Experiment Video for Currclick contest. We dyed wool, mohair, angora, soy silk, latte silk, and tussah silk with the same dye and compaired the results. Real silk was the darkest.
  • Update Myrtle beach tuesday
  • FIERCE Male Soap("Abercrombie Dupe") Cold Process Swirls Making cold processed soap. Used olive, coconut, palm, castor oils, tussah silk and fierce male fragrance oil.
  • Emily Wilson! (A Comedy Scheme) Ep 2: Episode 2: Bazooka, Russia, and vodka.
  • Prelude in Bb Minor "Ode to Bach" My Prelude in B flat Minor "Ode to Bach" is dedicated to Mr. Jorge Grossmann, one of my favorite teachers. Bach is one of my favorite composers. His works of intricate harmony and counterpoint intrigue me and inspire me to live in music. ^___^
  • "Life is Beautiful" - A Thanksgiving Message An original composition to remind everyone to be thankful for everything. Love peace and truth forever.. happy thanksgiving! ^^ LYRICS: Some of you are unhappy, spending time grumbling away Thinking about that thing that just didn't work your way. Sometimes it's hard to think what to be thankful for But in the end, it's what you have that matters most. Be grateful that you're standing on the earth and breathing -- That's enough. Be grateful for the snow or sleet Or the gentle breeze that surrounds our world. And just give thanks, 'cos life is beautiful. Stop wasting time thinking what you could've done. Not seeing you're missing out on all the fun. Sometimes you wish that life would change -- Enjoy yourself, 'cos when it's gone you'll miss it most. Be thankful for your family, your friends and those you really love, Be thankful for food on the table and the warmth inside your home. And just give thanks, 'cos life is beautiful. This Thanksgiving remember to appreciate Your lucky stars and the fact that you've come this far. Show your happiness and pay it back -- You will be charmed and you'll charm the world. Remember to live in peace with nature Care for every living thing. Be grateful for all you have Cos no matter the amount it's still who you are. So just give thanks, life is beautiful. So just give thanks, life is beautiful.
  • Silk factory (Viet Nam) La soie est une fibre textile d'origine animale. Elle est issue du cocon produit par la chenille du bombyx du mûrier (ver à soie). La technique permettant de produire la soie date de 2500 av. J.-C. et vient de Chine par la Route de la soie. Elle a été un secret jusqu'en 560. La production a commencé en Europe au VIe siècle. En France, la production débuta au XIIIe siècle. L'élevage des vers à soie est appelé sériciculture. Silk is a natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into textiles. The best-known type of silk is obtained from cocoons made by the larvae of the silkworm Bombyx mori reared in captivity (sericulture). The shimmering appearance for which silk is prized comes from the fibers' triangular prism-like structure which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles. "Wild silks" or tussah silks (also spelled "tasar") are produced by caterpillars other than the mulberry silkworm (Bombyx mori). They are called "wild" as the silkworms cannot be artificially cultivated like Bombyx mori. A variety of wild silks have been known and used in China, India, and Europe from early times, although the scale of production has always been far smaller than that of cultivated silks. Aside from differences in colors and textures, they all differ in one major aspect from the domesticated varieties: the cocoons that are gathered in the wild have usually already been damaged by the emerging moth before the cocoons are gathered, and thus the single ...
  • Spinning Spinning tussah silk for pendant cords on a 200-year-old Shaker spinning wheel.
  • Audrey on the back porch, spinning Not a tutorial. There are plenty of experts for that :) Just a ***y few seconds-long video of Audrey spinning some chartreuse Green Tussah silk.
  • Beautiful Silks: How to Dye Tissue Silk in a Microwave Fun & easy instructional lesson on fabric colouration.
  • Renovation Toccata in Eb This is an original composition of mine. I was inspired when my house was being renovated. :D
  • Drum Carding Batt I'm carding 0.4 oz of Shetland roving, 0.4 oz of alpaca roving and 0.2 oz of tussah silk roving. What's not shown in this video is that the batt took me a total of 4 passes and I added the angelina/glitz on the 3rd pass directly to the drum. Please excuse my sneezing during this video
  • HI! it's me hi tuesday link to my other channle-
  • Jonano Vienna Collection - NY Fashion Week Jonano eco chic collections debuts their Fall 2010 Vienna Collection, their premiere collection with award winning Design Director Henry N Jackson. The Vienna Collection combines Jonano's signature sustainably grown and ethically sewn eco fabrics with Mr Jackson's own sophisticated yet feminine design inspiration. From Tussah Peace Silks to bamboo blends, organic cottons and hemp denims, this collection merges sustainable style with true cosmopolitan flair. Available at . Music by eric and stephie.
  • Yallop Naturally Rich Skin Care Our product are made using quality Oils, Butters, Silk , Waxes & Clays. Cold Press Soaps made using traditional methods. Luxury affordable products in simple packaging.
  • Spinning with a wheel Abby Franquemont spinning tussah silk to medium thickness. This video is not intended to be instructional and it's older than youtube.
  • Discount & Wholesale Silk Fabric | Dupioni Shantung & Taffeta Linen Silk JRB Silks collection includes over 1000 high end silk fabrics in silk Dupioni, silk Shantung, silk Taffeta, silk Linen and silk Tussah.
  • Antheraea pernyi 5th instar The Chinese Oak Silkmoth (Antheraea pernyi) eating Post Oak (Quercus stellata).
  • Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2010 Last fashion train started at 9:20 PM.....extravagant masala twist with "Tote on the Turf" getting transmogrified into Mumbai Local Platform. Whilst Narendra Kumar distributed chai to the congregation in the front row in a true Mumbai spirit. Narendra saluted the essence of the Indian women as they alighted daintily from the MUMBAI LOCAL to the railway tracks. A great chemistry of colors was at display with integrate bold and slightly chaotic sound-wave prints echoing the energetic ambiance of the city markets. Cream and okra, with subtle accents of lavender, beige was the major highlight with delicately charming pastels and marigold. Pompous and Luxurious arrayal of fabrics on the likes of raw silk, tussah, organza, organic cotton silk and georgettes made larger than life statement whilst marrying the traditional Indian handcraft avec cleaner lines. The Silhouettes had a vibrant and poised amalgamation of soft draping and well defined tailored unique contemporary styles. Cuts were natural and effortlessly sophisticated.
  • Xiumei My Wife in Madam tussah museum in London I was in 2003 with Xiumei My Wife in Madam tussah museum in London London
  • Removing Wax and Steam Setting Silk in a Pot Removing wax prior to setting silk by steaming. Simple steaming method in a tamale steaming pot. How to set steam set dyes. visit: for more information, online classes, and free silk painting network.
  • Prelude in C Sharp Minor "Birds at Dusk" My original composition Prelude in C sharp minor "Birds at Dusk" is dedicated to my parakeet Lazuli. I was fortunate enough not to be ignorant of the beautiful songs that birds sang every evening last summer. I heard most of the small birds' voices in C sharp minor! =^.^=
  • Beautiful Silks: How to Steam Dye Silk Tussah Steam Dyeing Silk Tussah is an easy way to colour your silk tussah fibre for embellishment, spinning or incorporating into felting. This tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to dye your own Silk Tussah at home, using Beautiful Silks Liquid Heat Fix Dyes.