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  • Snowcrash 27th April, 1999 soundcheck Snowcrash soundcheck in the cellar of Pfefferberg, Berlin in the chill out room for a hirsch bar party. 27/4/99.
  • Maine Cuisine - Sam Hayward Fore Street Fore Street: Unique Décor and Nose-to-Tail Cooking After training on-the-job at various eateries, he opened Fore Street in 1999. The décor features "no faux textures—everything is genuine, lived with. The tables are made of copper or wood from old barns. The restaurant is one big room with an open kitchen as if it were a theater. You can watch as the staff cooks in front of a glowing, wood-burning oven or turns a spit with big joints of meat." His most consistently popular appetizer is the wood oven-roasted mussels. Hayward also loves "the braised, sugary sweet late winter root vegetables." And he's especially proud of "the Maine island lamb. It's nose-to-tail cooking with the lamb prepared three ways: a slowly smoked shoulder cut, a marinated leg of lamb turn-spit roasted, and a loin or rib chop, grilled."
  • NES Kid Icarus ending Ending to the NES classic Kid Icarus.
  • Dvorak: Rusalka: Act II opening (ENO 1986) From English National Opera in 1986, this is the David Pourtney production of Antonin Dvorak's opera, Rusalka (the little mermaid). Act II opening scene with The Gamekeeper and the Turnspit. Rusalka ::: Eilene Hannan (soprano) The Prince ::: John Treleaven (tenor) The Gamekeeper ::: Edward Byles (baritone) The Kitchen Boy ::: Fiona Kimm (soprano) Mark Elder/ Chorus & Orchestra of the ENO
  • what if acoustic.3gp Me doing an acoustic version of Dork Turnspit's track What If. For the real stuff go to /dorkturnspit
  • Rusalka Krombholc 1/27 (Prelude/Předehra) Remastered recording of Dvořäk's "Rusalka" from 1952. Though not my favorite recording of this work, it has so many unforgettable moments and so many glorious interpretations (mainly those of Blachut, Krombholc and Krásová) that I couldn't resist sharing it. The 1961 Chalabala recording with Subrtova remains my benchmark for judging "Rusalka," and there are many clips of it available on YouTube. If you like this, please check those out as well. :) Cast: Rusalka: Ludmila Červinková, Watersprite: Eduard Haken, Prince: Beno Blachut, Foreign Princess: Marie Podvalová, Ježibaba: Marta Krásová, Gamekeeper: Jiří Joran, Turnspit: Ludmila Hanzalíková, Hunter: Přemysi Koči, Prague National Theater Orchestra conducted by Jaroslav Krombholc
  • Akz&Kamz - Beamer Benz or Bentley Remix DownloadLink: Akz Verse: Yeah lets go lemme talk to em let my bars walk to em I wanna see em run coz I'm makin' it fun but bun dese ***s they think they're smart so I play my part doe and cold like a flow in the seven seas and I know but I don't know if they're keen, enough on merking me but I'm making a scene by breaking a dream I'm hanging up like it's a phone call but I meant up top but I don't fall, never fall ima keep going never stall, kicking like I'm playing ball but I play alone coz I'm wiping all these drones in a spin of the cyclone and I roll like a lone wolf with no eyes closed right above it all never hi, low still could do it with my eyes closed my bars never saggy like a teabag but I fly high like D.Mouse like cocaine sniffers could send Winehouse back to rehab i wish i could say it fast, but this tracks flow is slow, can you see that ima re-stack so take a serious step back or take a G slap and *** all the haters even the fake ones hate it when there blatant appreciate no more hating but here is a statement all you do is chat *** while I'm making, another lyrical creation I can show you, coz I aint faking but for now I'm gonna rest and finish my breath but put me back on the mic and you'll see that I burn, so fresh, the flow that was in my mind, is how I learned Copyright's Intro Verse: (Sick *** blud, now it's my TURN) Spit the fire leave you with the ash Leave the haters head's turned Leave the haters trapped in the urn Leave ...
  • Mankind @ Turnspit Night 29/1 2011 A clip of the song "Grove of Birches" from Turnspit Night in Stockholm 29/1 2011. /musicofmankind [email protected]
  • Katrina Roberts 10-12-09 Visiting Writer Series: Katrina Roberts reads poetry.
  • FLOWboarding down Market Street in SAN FRANCISCO (2005) My ride to work on a Monday morning with the FLOW LAB boys. I road to and from work for at least 1.5 years and only broke two boards and got almost run over a few times. One time an old man from Piedmont Hills in a Benzo straight up drove over my Hammerhead (by LOADED) after almost hitting me. He almost also hit a bike messenger who in turn spit on him through the window which made him want to drive over my very phat board. I went to the police department in the Tenderloin to file a hit and run report and they cop behind the counter seriously got MAD AT ME! I made him fill it out anyway. Do your job, Dick. True story.
  • Subtle 'FKO' music video FKO is the first part in a trilogy of videos made by animation wizards SSSR; a Norwegian/Japanese animation collective who combine drawings, animated models, cut-up film and 3D computer graphics. The music is by Subtle and these videos were included on the band's CD/DVD album 'Wishingbone' - Lex Records (LEX030)- a collection of new material, remixes & collaborations with artists such as Beck, Mike Patton and Low The next two parts in the series can also be found online, including the video for 'Swan Meat' that won best music video at the British Animation Awards 2006. For more information, please visit: http PS. It is widely believed that the title of this vide 'FKO' stands for 'F**k Kelly Osborne'.
  • Subtle — FKO Live at the Gravity Festival. Yes, there were only about 30 people in the crowd. Final Fantasy, Quantic and others are tough competition I guess, they rocked hard though, painted a smile on my face, and I got a free button for my stolen bike. Yay! Download at
  • Blake the grass snake turns Pit Viper! Blake with his cap and a borrowed hat!
  • Nibs - Supporting act for Mankind at Turnspit Night in Stockholm 29th Jan - pt 1
  • Town skatepark Thought we'd see how hood the town centres security is ... Turns pit not very sorry for the terrible camera men :(
  • Baumkuchen machine, Baumkuchen oven - The automatic machine makes 12 Baumkuchens at a time The Auto machine for makes 12 Baumkuchens at one time. For detail please contact me
  • extreme TTR 50 track Josh Lingle and Cody Graybill tear it up on their pit bikes.
  • Nibs - Supporting act for Mankind at Turnspit Night in Stockholm 29th Jan - pt 2
  • 바움쿠헨기계 오븐 Baumkuchen เตาอบ เครื่องจักร This Automatic machine can make 12 Baumkuchens at one time. For detail please contact me. [email protected]
  • Subtle - FKO Clip de "FKO" par Subtle. "FKO" PV by Subtle.