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  • Conversion, Covenant, and Hope in the Human Future-Messianic Hope Conversion, Covenant, and Hope in the Human Future: New Frontiers in Jewish and Christian Thought Sunday-Monday, February 13-14, 2011 Monday February 14, 2011 Messianic Hope Chair: Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn, ITI; Beit Morasha of Jerusalem Prof. Alan Mittleman, The Jewish Theological Seminary Messianic Hope: A Critique Prof. Christoph Schmidt, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute Hope against Hope - After Messianism Dr. Deborah Weissman, President, International Council of Christians and Jews Hope and Responsibility: A Zionist Perspective Prof. Yoram Bilu, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Dr. Zvi Mark, Bar-Ilan University From Tsaddiq to Messiah: A Comparative ***ysis of Chabad and Braslav Hasidic Groups Concluding Remarks
  • Bethlehem (Original Poem) Joseph journeys with Mary to Bethlehem and describes his experiences during the birth of the baby Jesus. The poem ends with the Flight to Egypt. A Tsaddiq is a righteous person. "House of Bread" is a literal translation of the name Bethlehem, and "guest-room" is a literal translation of the Greek word usually translated "inn" in Luke 2:7; Palestinian homes of the time were caves cut out of the rock with two rooms: the "family-room" where the owners and their guests stayed (which had no room for Joseph and Mary), and an "outer-room" where the animals were kept and fed, hence the feed-trough or manger. It was here that Jesus was born. Birth in this setting would mean that Jesus' family was extremely poor. The swords and spears are those of the Roman army. Tacitus said "the Romans make desolation, which they call peace." The poem is similar to TS Eliot's "Journey of the Magi," without imitating it, or some of the poems of Ezra Pound (who would never have written anything remotely like this).
  • Antoine Spence.wmv Antoine Spence "I Find Security in God's Ability"
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