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  • Nancy Today: Heddle arrangement I've got to even up the amount of heddles on each harness. I want to get the most out of the size of my reed and the number of heddles on the harnasses.
  • Treadle hammer This is the treadle hammer I made mainly from scrap. It was built by looking at other designs. The hammer head weighs ~40lbs.
  • total fail! 4 flats jus cuz they couldnt wait so they drove over the treddle oops SUPERMAN
  • Knex Clock Work Timer with Ratchet. Verge timer, weight driven, with two gear trains and a winding ratchet for each. Took an afternoon to build, but a month to perfect. I quite like the results! the treddle is for releasing the alarm, when the weight has fallen completely down. eight minutes per rotation, dial for setting alarm, not to tell time. At least not yet! that's Ashley, my girlfriend' in the background. DAH.
  • Field Day of the Past 2010 - Treddle powered printing press MVI_0922.AVI
  • May Tower Forge making back plates 2 Hot cutting and countersinking 3/16" plate for quick release polo pony ties on my home-made treddle hammer.
  • zikomo vid Zikomo is an Irish Community-based Organisation working towards long-term self-sufficiency in Southern Malawi. This video was made in 2009 briefly reviewing some of the work done to date by the organisation.
  • Treadle & 2 stick deadfall traps Two simple traps that can b be made in just a few minutes.
  • Lottie on a treddle pump funded by MicroLoan Our wonderful volunteer Lottie has a go on a treddle pump that was put in by MicroLoan while chatting to Edwin, one of MicroLoan's field officers
  • the wicked hard core iron shop treddle hammer greg wilber said if you can make a treddlehammer from your old truck engine ill give you a demo spot at art in the pearl well we did more than that in 12 sundays brad davis elisabeth mahar and curtis aric made it from the junk in my back yard and used it to demonstrate forging iron . we made hooks and bottle openers to pass out to anyone who cared to give us a look.
  • Treadle Hammer Testing another new creation from BB forge bobs new treadle hammer with a 60lb hammer it makes short work out of that 16mm sq bar.
  • Elderedge Rotary Elderedge Rotary Flying Sphinx treddle machine one of the most elaborate and ornate designs ever put on a sewing machine
  • Pittler B2 Ornamental Turning Lathe