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  • is a comprehensive real estate portal. We feature property listings: Land, Bungalow, Apartment, House, Commercial, and a wide range of information relating to the real estate sector in Mauritius. We offer a range of Land Size: 165 toises. — “ - Buy, Sell, Invest, Rent Properties”,
  • The distance from the island to the greater is 120 toises, and here the stream runs with the greatest force. bank upon the tete-de-pont of 1,600 toises in extent, and which will be surrounded by a. — “Jean Lannes " Aspern-Essling”,
  • Hotels, Resorts, Holiday Packages, Entertainment, Real estate, Business and other practical information on Mauritius for citizens and tourists traveling to Mauritius Land capacity of 150 toises, near Champ de Mars, Bourguinon road. — “NW/Capital :: Mauritius Island Online - Real Estate in Mauritius”,
  • A vendre plusieurs lots de terrain de 97 a 138 toises a Pierrefonds (ex terrain de Medine SE), Beau Songes, a Details: Très grande maison a étage sur un terrain de 130 toises. — “Welcome to Real Estate Company”, adamus-
  • He measured with wooden rods a base line of 5663 toises, and a second or base of verification of 3902 toises; his triangulation extended from Malvoisine, near Paris, to Sourdon, near Amiens. They measured a base of 7246 toises near Perpignan, and a somewhat shorter base near. — “Figure of the Earth - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • The left was upon a detached sand hill, to the left of the peninsula, and about 600 toises in front of the first line. The enemy's second position was about 300 toises in the rear of the first village; his centre at the redoubt which he had taken. — “Napoleon's Egypt: French Announce Victory at Aboukir”,
  • toise ( ′töiz ) ( geodesy ) A unit of length equal to about 6.4 feet (1.95 meters); used in early geodetic What do tor toises eat? Post a question - any question - to the WikiAnswers community:. — “Toise: Definition from ”,
  • Informations about: Sacs, tissus, lampes, toises magasin decoration - Category: Online trading - Free intelligent non-specialized directory in english and french - Cigiema directory International. — “Cigiema directory - Online Trading - Sacs, tissus, lampes”,
  • Definition of Toises with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. — “Toises: Definition with Toises Pictures and Photos”,
  • Spectra Estates Agents in mauritius deals with Real Estate in Mauritius, Houses in Mauritius, Estate Agency, Houses Bungalows Villas for sale in Mauritius Morc Montreal III, 4 bedroom, one storey house on 100 toises of land, with 2 toilets and 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining, TV room, laundry. — “Real Estate in Mauritius, Houses in Mauritius, Spectra Estate”,
  • Nénuphar Immobilier Ltée. Real Estate Agency - Buy Sell Rent. Mauritius | ile Maurice Tel: (+230) 292 5550 House of 1400sqft on 70 toises 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, 400m from St Jean Road. — “Properties”, nenuphar-
  • Our property for sale in Mauritius listing includes; Apartments, Houses and Commercial complexes and a range of information for buyers looking for properties for sale in Mauritius. Area : 141 toises. Price : Rs15,000 per toises. This prime plot of land is situated 3 minutes to the beach. — “Property for sale in Mauritius: residential and commercial”,
  • Toise definition, an old French unit of length equivalent to 6.395 feet (1.949 meters) Buy Toises up to 50% cheaper on best-. Toises. Bargain Prices. Smart. — “Toise | Define Toise at ”,
  • Purlins, with a total length of 20 toises and dimensions of 4 pouces by 4 pouces, were used in the provisional roof frame ("comble" Seven square toises of heavy planking ("madriers") torn from the barracks also went into the building of six. — “H-A10: Report on the Casemates of the King's Bastion, 1720”,
  • Rent Residential Land Mauritius, Property in Mauritius - rent villa, rent house, rent flat, rent office, rent commercial building Nice plots of land of 225 toises for sale in a residential region at Residence Balaclava, Balaclava.The price is Rs5,500 per toises.Tel:4914329. — “Rent Residential Land Mauritius”,
  • Reduite sur l'echelle d'une ligue pour 400 toises, d'apres les 180 feuilles de la grande Carte de la France levee geometriquement par ordre du Roi, sur l'echelle d'une ligue pour 100 toises." See Carte de France for the entire 182 sheets published as an atlas. — “Composite: Carte de France. / (Cassini, Cesar-Francois, 1714”,
  • Toises et Frises. Wee Gallery. Eveil & jeux. All products. Doudous. Eveil. Idée cadeau. All Toises et Frises. Wee Gallery. Eveil & jeux. Doudous. Eveil. Idée cadeau. design. Fille. Garçon. — “Eveil & jeux - allobambin”,
  • last edit: 10-Mar-2010. comments: 0. Images cr_ toises. last edit: 10-Mar-2010. comments: 0. Images cr_ toises 0. Images cr_ toises. last edit: 10-Mar-2010. comments: 0. Images cr. — “CRETE 2010 pictures from greece photos on webshots”,
  • opposite the half moon of the temple, where we gained about thirty toises in advance, by means of a zig-zag of eighty ; and the other, which was forty toises, and which lay opposite to the demi-bastion of San Pedro. By these several approaches, we got within forty toises of the place of arms. — “War in Spain”,
  • A toise (symbol: T) is a unit of measure for length, area and volume originating in pre In North America, it was used in colonial French establishments in early New France,. — “Toise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • toises. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search [edit] Noun. toises. plural form of toise [edit] French [edit] Noun. toises f. plural form. — “toises - Wiktionary”,


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