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  • DJ co ma treba jenom minimalni DJ s znalosti ale dokažou složit aspon nějaky Beat tak se pls ozvěte Všichni pište na ICQ 278 026 823 ThEtch
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  • Truck Full of Mail on Side Trans Canada Highway 11 AM this morning, workers are busy trying to pick up all the mail in the snow from a tractor trailer that ended up on its side during the snowstorm that hit the Hubcity. A tow truck from Nova Scotia is on the way to the scene, along with Department of Transportation to help block the road so they can recover the truck. District 11 RCMP were kept busy yesterday with many trucks either stuck , off the road or jack knifed on the TCH from Highway 15 to Salisbury scales. This truck is on the side of the East bound lane but was facing west in the Lakeville area and the Shediac road exit. Another transport truck was on scene and the mail was being put on that truck. Video aired on CTV News. #08 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Canada #15 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Reporters - Canada #18 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Reporters - Canada link to live Police EMS scanner feed
  • Blowing snow on the TCH near St. John's, Newfoundland A sample of blowing snow experienced Jan 27th 2007 on the trans canada highway near Butter Pot Park, Newfoundland. Heading west.
  • Justin Martin & Ardalan - Mr. Spock At the young age of just 20 years old, Ardalan from the TCH Dolphin crew in San Jose is quickly proving himself to be a leader in the next generation of bay area house music. Justin Martin quickly recognized his talent when Ardalan sent him a 10 minute demo. After one listen Justin thought the track was genius but needed some additional editing and arrangement work. He took on the project and the outcome was "Mr. Spock." This dance floor monster was instantly charted #1 by Claude VonStroke and Jesse Rose as soon as they heard it. PETE TONG (RADIO ONE) - ESSENTIAL SELECTION - AUGUST JOE RANSOM (KISS 100) - BIG TUNE OF THE WEEK ANDY GEORGE AND JAYMO (RADIO ONE) - TUNE OF THE WEEK CHARTED #1 BY JESSE ROSE, CLAUDE VONSTROKE, & SELECTED BY CHRIS LAKE FOR HIS BBC RADIO ONE ESSENTIAL MIX!
  • Black Ice Dangerous Driving Conditions ACCIDENTS A 2 vehicle accident on the Trans Canada Highway this morning just before 8 AM District 11 RCMP , Dieppe Fire & NB Ambulance responded to the call for accident with injuries. Under the overpass of route 134 Scoudouc exit in a very dangerous curve coming up a hill on the TCH 2 tow trucks were called and called and called and Engine 21 from Dieppe Fire Department finally cleared the scene just before 10 AM The highway was all black ice and very slippery. RCMP even had a complaint that the fire truck was a hazard to motorists but the Fire truck was parked to protect the 2 vehicles involved in the accident. RCMP were busy with a few accidents this morning mostly single vehicles along the TCH from Sackville to Petticodiac. Then a accident with injuries came in for Codiac RCMP on Mountain Road just past the entrance to Magnetic Hill around 9 AM Moncton Fire & NB Ambulance responded for a vehicle that went over a 10 foot high snow bank. People were inside the Ambulance being checked by Paramedics. RCMP had 2 vehicles for traffic and a tow truck was needed to recover the Neon that landed in the deep snow by the water theme park. Road conditions were very slippery at the time of the accident snowing and windy and most of the roads were all ice. #13 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Canada  link to live Police EMS scanner feed
  • Trishna 2009 Two Cents of Hope (TCH) is a registered non-profit organization started by a group of students at NC State University, Raleigh. TCH was founded to create a responsible and self-sustaining society. TCH family is committed to help deserving and talented individuals who are unable to help themselves for lack of opportunities or resources. Trishna 2006 was the first cultural fund raising event organized by TCH. Trishna means "thirst", and in the context of the TCH vision, it means "Thirst for knowledge". In 2007 and 2008, it was conducted on a much bigger scale. This year Trishna - Sep 12th, 2009 at 5:30 pm, in Stewart Theatre, North Carolina State University.visit us @ :
  • BABY BORN IN A CAR DURING SNOWSTORM Moncton Fire and NB Ambulance were searching for a vehicle that had a Mother that just gave birth to her baby inside the car around 7:50 AM this morning on the Trans Canada Highway near the exit for the Casino and Magnetic hill. Snowing hard and the roads were very bad, and Firefighters found the car parked on the side of the TCH. A Paramedic rushed the newborn into a waiting ambulance and baby and Mother were transported to the Moncton Hospital around 8:15 AM. Firefighters shook the mans hand and a hug from a woman that was inside the vehicle too. Being born so close to the casino in this snow storm nicname for baby has to be "Lucky" ! Video aired on the WeatherNetwork & Global News with Rebecca Lau & CTV News with Felicia Yap & CNN. Live Police Scanner Feed. #2 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Canada #5 - Most Viewed (Today) - Partners - Canada #9 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Reporters - Canada Lead story on CTV News with Steve Murphy Tuesday at Noon on A. To:newschaser Saw your video of the baby being born during a snow storm on ABC 7 news Los Angeles, California. Awesome, awesome job! Update: Proud parents Ashley Hicks and Jason Gautreau, baby Boys name is RAINE. Congrats!
  • Car fire on highway A small Toyota car causes large fire and heavy black smoke as it slows traffic on the TCH just east of Arnold's Cove, Newfoundland at 3 PM on August 8, 2007. Witnesses told me that the car's transmission overheated and that the lady driver got out just before flames spread inside. The Arnold's Cove fire truck responded to the incident.
  • Colwood Crawl Solution At Standstill -Is Light Rail The Solution, Or An Overpass? Saanich -- It's 3pm, and on the Trans Canada Highway leaving Victoria, it's time to crawl - for kilometres. "It's pretty awful" says one driver, "It's terrible, I've been stuck in it for 40 minutes" says another. The logjam at the intersection of the TCH and McKenzie Avenue is a reality of the daily commute to and from the West Shore - it has been for years. And if you ask the people behind the wheel there is no shortage of solutions. "I heard they were doing an overpass down at the airport. I think it's more important here says one man. "You need proper merging lanes. A proper lane to merge and it wouldn't congest as much" adds another. But besides all of the frustrated drivers, there doesn't seem to be a lot of other people talking about the congestion at McKenzie and the Trans Canada Highway and how to solve it. An interchange was in the works in the mid 90's, before thousands more people and vehicles moved to the West Shore. But the provincial NDP axed the project after accusations of overspending and environmental backlash. Esquimalt - Juan de Fuca MP Keith Martin says an overpass isn't the answer anyhow. "It is to get cars off the road and get light rail going up the island and at least to the West Shore to start." Martin says getting light rail up and running is a far better use of taxpayers money than the $800 million secondary sewage treatment plan in the Capital Region, which he calls one of the most shocking examples of wasteful spending in our country - ever ...
  • I Wanna Join the TCH Kiwanis Club Simone actin the fool at lunch... It was pretty entertaining... I wonder how much further it would have gone if the bell hadn't rung...
  • Cruis'n the TCH Cruisin' along the Trans Canada Highway between Kamloops and Cache Creek.
  • Particle Illusion Light Show An Awesome light show made by particle illusion. I made this cuz i am the tch poducer of SHAC and it was pretty fun so yeah... enjoy
  • the TCH MEN on LAUA party BOOM tarat BOOOm Tarat!!!
  • 2010 NFLD trip -fleur de lys....part 3 We're off the TCH and on rough roads heading to fleu de lys ,brighton,mills cove and baie verte then staying over night off the tch at bishop falls municipal park. The generating station is shutdown and used for water level control. The roads are bad but the scenery was worth while
  • FalseFate Playing At the TCH Talent Show
  • GOT SNOW? Hard to believe Moncton had no snow up until Christmas week. This is just over a months snowfall in the Hubcity. Many accident around the city this morning, transport truck rear ended a vehicle on the TCH , another truck was on its roof. District 11 very busy with accidents around 10:30 AM a plow hit a vehicle on route 114 Hillsborough road people trapped inside and Riverview Fire had to do a extracation, that road is blocked off traffic being rerouted through Niagarra road. Another accident on the River road near Salisbury and now a vehicle just flipped over by the Salisbury scales on the Trans Canada Highway. Be careful very dangerous driving conditions. #7 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Canada
  • STALKER: SoC-- Stalker Suit in Starting Village Yep. Using the original version of STALKER. The "tch" sound is me. Something I do when I talk at times. And Youtube killed the last 5 seconds. I don't feel like reuploading. Fething YT.
  • tch - Phonics - catch, match, patch See more at my channel The 'ch' phoneme with the 'tch' grapheme.
  • Accident Trans Canada Highway near Moncton Car VS Truck Just after 11am this morning a woman was very lucky after a Transport truck cut her off on the Trans Canada Highway , clipping her car sending it flying into the median. Call came in that the car rolled and it was on its roof. The woman's vehicle was traveling west on the TCH and the accident happened in between Mapleton Road and Gorge Road Exits, this the same area where that Dept of Highways employee was hit by a Transport truck and killed while setting up road signs, and also the same exit where the man headed up the wrong ramp and causing a head on crash where he was killed and a young female passenger. Codiac RCMP were first on scene later joined by District 11. Paramedics were on scene but the woman had no injuries. Road conditions were dry at time of the accident. Moncton Fire Dept were also responding to this accident but were turned away after RCMP found out the woman was ok! Video aired on CTV NEWS with Bruce Frisko.
  • Car Crash RCMP block Trans Canada Highway District 11 RCMP responding on the Berry's Mills Road for a motor vehicle accident with injuries on the Trans Canada Highway around 7:20 AM this morning. Moncton Fire and NB Ambulance were not far behind the Police that arrived on scene and blocked off both lanes of the TCH West Bound between Berry's Mills exit and Lower Mountain Road. A woman in her 30's the driver of the vehicle lost control hitting the guard rail , airbags were deployed, she might have fallen asleep for a moment. She was transported to hospital. Firefighters spread absorbal on the pavement to soak up the fluids from the vehicle, and a tow truck was needed. Both lanes of the TCH were blocked off for almost a hour. Road conditions were dry at the time of the accident. #7 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Canada  link to live Police EMS scanner feed
  • Freezing Rain 4:20 & Truck on Roof Weather forecast was for 15 cm of snow and or freezing rain to hit Moncton at 3 PM Wednesday afternoon and at 2:50 PM freezing rain started and not long after so did the accidents. First accident started on Kilam Drive in the city, a single vehicle hit a pole and knocked out power to homes in the area, and then they started on Wheeler Blvd, where Codiac RCMP responded to vehicles loosing control and going off the road. Then a accident on the Trans Canada Highway close to Sackville 6 vehicles involved and many other single vehicle accidents also. District 11 & 4 RCMP and Memramcook Fire & Ambulance were kept very busy along the TCH About a hour before the freezing rain started a Bell Aliant Truck was involved in a 2 vehicle collision in front of the Codiac RCMP station, the vehicle landed on it's roof and a witness told me that the driver of the truck was hanging upside down and appeared the seatbelt had him trapped, Firefighters arrived on scene quickly and had the man out in just a few minutes, back boarded and transported to hospital. Nicer weather earlier this month had many people removing there winter tires, probably the cause of most of the accidents. Salisbury Fire responded to a Transport Truck fully engulfed by fire this morning around 7:30 AM, just before the exit to the Big Stop in the east bound lane, driver got out ok and was not injured. District 11 RCMP had one lane blocked off until almost 10 AM so a heavy duty tow truck could remove the tractor trailer ...
  • Road cycling on the TCH near Woodstock New Brunswick 080209 Road cycling
  • 2 hour wait for tow truck- ACCIDENT Trans Canada Highway A 2 vehicle accident on the Trans Canada Highway this morning just before 8 AM District 11 RCMP , Dieppe Fire & NB Ambulance responded to the call for accident with injuries. Under the overpass of route 134 Scoudouc exit in a very dangerous curve coming up a hill on the TCH 2 tow trucks were called and called and called and Engine 21 from Dieppe Fire Department finally cleared the scene just before 10 AM The highway was all black ice and very slippery. RCMP even had a complaint that the fire truck was a hazard to motorists but the Fire truck was parked to protect the 2 vehicles involved in the accident. RCMP were busy with a few accidents this morning mostly single vehicles along the TCH from Sackville to Petticodiac. #13 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Canada  link to live Police EMS scanner feed
  • Blowing snow on the TCH near St. John's Newfoundland Car off the road near witless bay line
  • FATAL accident Trans Canada Highway Around 3:20 PM District 11 RCMP were on scene of this fatal accident. Vehicle rolled over on the Trans Canada Highway 2 and landed in the median , ejecting the driver. Moncton Fire were first on scene finding the male in his 30's. This is between Harrisville Blvd and Highway 15 Exits. Roads are all ice from snow during the day, and many accidents all happening at the same time on the TCH and the rural parts just outside of Moncton , keeping the Police busy. Just after this a accident by the Big Stop on TCH where the car was on fire, the people got out ok. A few rollovers and vehicles going off the roads since noon today. alcohol was a factor in the crash. Video aired on Global News lead story, with Nicole Weisberg. Video aired on CTV News with Felica Yap. RCMP - On December 11, 2010, at approximately 3:20 pm, District 11 RCMP, responded to a fatal single motor vehicle crash on Highway 2 in Moncton, NB The driver of the van, 31-year-old Ottawa man died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The investigation has revealed the victim's vehicle, a 2004 Dodge Caravan, was travelling westbound on highway 2. Vehicle left the road into the ditch and rolled several times before landing on it's roof near the Caledonia exit. Roads were slippery due to light snowfall. There was no one else in the van. Coroner attended the scene, victim's name is not being released at this time. Alcohol is believed to be a contributing factor to the ...
  • "Wreckhouse & Alpacas" Beanthere's photos around Corner Brook, Canada (newfoundland and labrador) Preview of Beanthere's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Corner Brook, Canada Entry Title: "Wreckhouse & Alpacas" Entry: "I wasn't sure what route to take, did some reading and decided to explore the northern peninsula before heading to the east coast. The lady at the VIC said to stop at a place called Wreckhouse - which is a parking lot off the TCH....with an amazing view! The Long Range Mountains run down western NF and the highest one here is Table Mountain at 1700 feet. Newfoundland/Labrador ranks second among Canada's provinces and territories in the number of days annually with at least 1 hour's wind speed at or greater than 40 km/h (25 mph) and third for the annual average wind speed. And in this area, Wreckhouse, the winds accelerate over the mountain ridge line and down into the valleys producing gap winds which can gust in excess of 160 km/h. It's not unheard of for transport truck to be pushed into the ditch. Before the TCH, a railroad ran up the peninsula and trains were regularly blown completely off the tracks. A local fellow, Lochie MacDougal (born 1896), had a natural sixth sense to the changes in the weather and this ability allowed him to be employed by the railway to inform them if it was safe for trains to pass. He performed this task for thirty years until his death in 1965. His wife continued on with the task until she ...
  • Young bull moose on the side of the TCH in Newfoundland Alfred and I came across this young bull moose on the Southern side of the TCH in Newfoundland heading Eastbound between the Springdale exit and Badger.
  • USA Hemp Museum Exhibit At TheTHC Expo This year's THC EXPO in Los Angeles made history on many levels. It was important enough for one of the largest private collections of hemp related history exhibited a small number of it's exhibits. Visitors were welcomed by Richard M. Davis, the founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum whose collection of thousands of hemp pieces is awesome by any standards. 'The only problem with getting the museum housed is the landlord always asks 'you won't be smoking marijuana here,' so we move on.' This webeo is a rough cut of a 4 minute walk through some of the museum's exhibits shown at the THC Expo. We have many more to follow as we look forward to next year's THC EXPO. For more on hempk, including your ebood free ebook downloads of the HEMP FOR VICTORY series posted at (hard copies available at ). HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE WONDER HERB HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP (Ebook available - hard copy soon)
  • Hurricane Igor Packs a Punch This was the scene on the TCH during Hurricane Igor.
  • Because Bob Swarts and The TCH Band Bob Swarts 10-25-10. Because by the Dave Clark 5 1964 The TCB (Taking Care of Business)Band At the B St. Bar and Grill Hayward Ca. The TCB Band are Steve Sandness-Guitar lead and Harmony Vocals Gene Tanna-Bass guitar Lead and harmony vocals Steve Osternig -Drums Vocals Richard Sinkler-Pedal Steel guitar
  • just driving on the tch in gander, newfoundland day trip to clarenville
  • Villians on the TCH I always gotta play Villians (1920's style) when I pass people on the are a couple older ones.
  • Road cycling on the TCH near Florenceville-Bristol NB 080209 Road cycling on the TCH near Florenceville-Bristol NB
  • Moose on TCH - Traffic Jam Newfoundland style Traffic jams don't happen on Newfoundland ... or do they? This is what happens when a family of moose get on the TCH near Foxtrap Newfoundland. We're
  • Vehicle Fire on Trans Canada Highway-Aulac 2 Members of District 4 RCMP responding to a vehicle fire on the Trans Canada Highway in between Aulac & Sackville, as you enter the Tantramar Marsh at 1:20 PM this afternoon. Pte. De Bute & Sackville Fire Departments arrived on scene and both West bound lanes of the TCH were blocked while Firefighters put out the fire. The 3 people that were travelling in the vehicle were not injured. Traffic was backed up to the Nova Scotia border. The pavement was damaged from the intense heat where the vehicle was burning on the shoulder of the road. A flat bed tow truck arrived and the traffic started to flow again at 2 PM #11 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Canada #11 - Most Viewed (Today) - Canada
  • John Morrison Quotes 1 ...
  • Military Vehicle FIRE on Trans Canada Highway near Moncton A Military vehicle fire this morning around 11:20 am had both west bound lanes of the Trans Canada Highway blocked off for about a half a hour. Salisbury Fire Department responded to the fire at mile marker 445 between Berrys Mills & Magnetic Hill exits of the TCH just on the outskirts of Moncton. District 11 RCMP also responded to the call. There were a couple of other military vehicles further back from the fire and they were blocking the highway waiting for the Fire department to arrive. The vehicle burnt for 15 minutes before Firefighters put water to the fire. Moncton Fire Department also responded to the fire with Engine 5 but it wasn't needed. Cst Bedard was the RCMP officer that attended the Fire scene. It was raining lightly but didn't help with the fire. Moncton Fire Department would have been alot closer to this call then Salisbury. Video aired on Global News with Rebecca Lau.
  • RCMP needed backup for man fighting him on Trans Canada Highway near Moncton A District 4 RCMP Officer needed back up at 11:20AM on the Trans Canada Highway at Elmwood drive because the person was fighting him. People were stopping to help the Officer before Codiac RCMP arrived on scene and then District 11 RCMP also arrived on scene. Many RCMP members were on the TCH both in the East & West Bound Lanes, searched the car and there was a male arrested and in the back seat of the cruiser. Tow truck was called at 11:50AM and the person arrested was transported to Codiac RCMP station at 520 Main street in Moncton.
  • Off The TCH Part 1 The date is March 20th, 2011 and agian it's snowing and 3 feet of snow on the ground and we decide that it was an excellent idea to go for a trek. In the first part of this 2 part series we cover the Fire Steel from Light My Fire that I purchased from , I also cover some basic fire techniques and the Sawvivor. The camera work is a bit frigged up by Shawn his technical prowes is not very good at all. Shawn also has a small commical moment by doing a small review on his tea. Part 2 to follow.
  • Old Brown's Daughter, Great Big Sea, Vancouver (day of the bus accisdent) Closing out their Vancouver Centre For The Performing Arts show at the end of a very long day (the day their tour bus wound up on its side along the TCH), GBS performs Old Brown's Daughter with amazing class and poise. Never can watch this one without crying. February 2006
  • HMAN PRESENTS a 4/20 SPECIAL KUSHHH PIFFY OFF THE TCH 2 BOW! The HMANPROMO Channel is used to promote the HMAN doing what he does best, [W]RAP'N EVAH SO FAMILIAH!! Join the "H MAN" Fan Page on FACEBOOK and be sure to check out the OFFICIAL MYSPACE PAGE /THEHMANCAN