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  • magnetic motor free energy manual perpetual generator neodymium magnets true false THE TRUE ABOUT THE FREE ENERGY MAGNETIC MOTORS GENERATORS 99-100% MAGNETIC MOTORS GENERATORS = FAKE before see hundreds of videos with magnetic motors and make my projects/tests my opinion about this is clear......... is almost impossible build a magnetic motor and produce free energy...... this comment explain what I think: People have been trying for years to get magnetic motors to work. Notice how the ones that are supposedly almost ready for sale have the adding of comments disabled? I can state quite clearly and strongly that all videos showing these devices working are faked. What many people fail to understand is that for a magnetic motor to work it would mean there is an energy input to overcome friction. Magnets do not give off energy. Magnets do not pull energy from space (zero point energy). That is information quoted by free energy believers who don't understand science. In the world of physics you never get something for nothing. The fact you can't buy a magnetic motor, even a toy one must give you and idea they are impossible. One thing you have to remember is that the force required to bring two magnets into position to allow repulsion to occur is the same as the force acquired when those two magnets repulse. Magnets in a magnetic motor are really only acting as springs. There are no shield that can be used to reduce the force required to bring to magnets together, any reduction would also reduce the repulsion that produces output. There is nothing wrong ...
  • TMH Tank this is a TMH( thermo magnetic hydrogen)Tank using water and little gas for running the engine,you will notice the carburetor is also missing
  • TDP Lamps AMAZON UK DISCOUNT LINK Product Description TDP Lamps This device emits a range of thermo magnetic waves through a special 'black body' emission plate. The thermo magnet waves penetrate deeper into the body than normal infrared devices. It is known as the 'Magic Lamp' in China and is widely used in Hospitals and Clinics in conjunction with acupuncture treatment, or applied separately, to alleviate pains, reducing inflammations, promote blood circulation and metabolism. It can be used to substitute moxibustion therapy with additional benefits such as eliminating odour and associated smoke, caused by moxa burning. The device is easy to use. Simply move the emission lamp's head closest possible to the area of treatment. Lamp is most effective when placed 30 to 40 cm away from the skin, and covers an area approximately 20-25 qi. Apply the device for 20 to 40 minutes for each treatment session.
  • Nikola Tesla biography 3/7 Nikola Tesla May 18, 1885. Obtained the patent on regulator for Dynamo-Electric Machines 1886. During the economic crisis, his company went bankrupt; he was a sewer worker in New York January - March 1886. Patents on dynamo-electric machine and thermo magnetic motor...
  • Thermo Magnetic Engine - working model Working model for science projects or exhibition demonstrating how 'Thermo Magnetic Engine' works in real time About Us: Science, school and engineering and hobby kit projects for all age groups and all needs are available. Projects are available on MECHANICS, OPTICS, MAGNETISM, ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS, INSTRUMENTATION, HYDRAULICS, SOLAR, SPACE ASTRONOMY, CHEMICAL, ROBOTICS, MATHEMATICS ETC., Execute, supply spares, guide and provide ideas for school, engineering and science exhibitions. Conduct Summer Camps and Workshops for Kids Manufacturing, Research and development of Educational Projects/Hobby Kits for Engineering and School Students, Laboratory Kits etc. Don't miss visiting our website: Feel free to contact us for further information now -- any day any time
  • Ferrofluids: Introductory History and Applications Get introduced to the developmental story of the mysteriously fun magnetic fluid, ferrofluid. Composed of magnetite, a surfactant, and a carrier fluid, ferrofluid exhibits interesting and useful magnetic properties that improve heat flow in high-end speakers. Future applications in space, biology, and the military, amongst other fields, leave many new directions for this fairly old material. This video was produced for a Stuff of History project at Olin College with professors Rob Martello and Jon Stolk. Made by Andy P, Sarah A, and Mike T.
  • Magnetic Wheel on top of Liquid Nitrogen Magnetic wheel that keeps spinning on top of Liquid Nitrogen
  • INFLATABLE ACQUA RUN ACQUARUN is a highly entertaining obstacle course for inflatables composed of variously shaped, multicoloured elements made of chlorine-proof PVC. Ideal for all swimming pools. ACQUARUN is positioned at the shallow end, so that it is totally safe even for children to use. The game consists of reaching the final slide by surpassing all the obstacles on the course, made slippery by the water, without ever falling into the swimming pool Made of PVC-coated polyester covered with an anti-chlorine, multicoloured Panama cloth; 220V 2 HP blower (380 V upon request), palletized with fibreglass cover, ground-insulated, watertight control board, safety switch, thermo-magnetic switch; corrugated air tube Ø 80 mm. TECHNICAL DATA: - Length 15.00 m; - Width 1.60 m. For further information: [email protected] Tel. +39 0376 397076 Fax. +39 0376 399780
  • Twin Cylinder Thermo-acoustic Stirling Engine / Lamina Flow ~ JA 321 mini- ((FREE SHIPPING)) & The thermo-acoustic hot air engine also known as Lamina Flow Beta Stirling engine. This engine does have only one piston, two cold sides and one hot side. Is a very simple devices for converting heat into motion.
  • Meat Bandsaws [email protected] com 323-268-8514 Meat Bandsaw features: Stainless steel construction; High-Speed; Hose down washable; User's security system controlled electronically; Precision balanced cast iron saw wheels; Tensioning system easily adjustable; Sealed off bearings; Consistency in cuts; Stainless steel easy slide moving table system; Deep tray (drawer type); Master switch; Safety: Avoid accidents, thermomagnetic switches, motor brake, thumb protector, door sensors; Cleaning: Hose down washable, easy to disassemble, removable wheel and blade cleaner system; Saw Blade: 120" (305 cm); Blade speed 32 m/seg; Throat width: 14.17" (36 cm); Throat height: 17.71" (45 cm); Motor: 3 HP / 2.23 kW; 220/380 V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø; This high speed bandsaw enables the ST-305 SH to use a thinner blade just as effectively as a normal saw using a thicker blade; However, a thinner blade creates less waste as it cuts through meat; This band saw is ideal when cutting finer cuts of meat, such as steaks and fillets; The result: you will save up to 20% in waste vs conventional meat bandsaws.
  • Spacelab Entry(Physics) Hi, This is my entry for youtube spacelab! It is about thermomagnetic convection in microgravity.Hope you like it!:)
  • Thermomagnetic convection This video presents typical flow patterns on the thermo-magnetic convection phenomenon. It was made by members of the "Vortex Group - Fluid Mechanics of Complex Flows" situated at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Brasília, Brazil. In the present work, we particularly focused on the flow induced by convective currents inside a cavity with aspect ratio near the unity. The currents are formed when a magnetic suspension is subjected to a temperature gradient combined with spacial variations of an externally imposed magnetic field. Under these conditions, stratifications in the suspension density and susceptibility are both important effects to the convective motion. The convection state is largely affected by new instability modes produced due to susceptibility stratification. The experiments reveal that the magnetic field enhances the instability in the convective flow leading to a more effective mixing and consequently to a more statistically homogenous temperature distribution inside the test cell, as showed by Gontijo, RG and Cunha, FR in the 6th Internacional Conference on Surfaces, Coatings and Nano-Structured Material -NANOSMAT Conference - Krakow - Poland - 2011.
  • Spacelab - Ferrofluid Thermal conductivity in Microgravity According to my research, this experiment has not been done before on ISS. FerroFluids - Ferrofluids are colloidal liquids made of nanoscale ferromagnetic, or ferrimagnetic, particles suspended in a carrier fluid (usually an organic solvent or water). It becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. In microgravity... natural convection, bouancy forces, sedimentation are absent. To be precise, even basic principles such as 'fluid flow' are greatly altered in Microgravity. So, due to applied magnetic field "Thermomagnetic convection" is also altered to a small extent in microgravity. Hence, Thermal conductivity (Rate of heat flow) in a FerroFluid... will be different in microgravity. Applications- Study of this experiment has applications in developing advanced cooling systems, heat transfer systems, Ferrofluid deformable mirrors and other lot of applications in Aerospace industry. NOTE :- The magnetic field used for the experiment is of small magnitude... hence it doesn't interfere with operation of other instruments onboard the ISS. By plotting the graph of Temperature versus Time for the obtained experimental data thermal conductivity of ferrofluids can be calculated. The data can be fed to the computer onboard the ISS which can calculate the thermal conductivity. Thank you for sparing your precious time and watching the video. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME if you like my video here.....
  • Thermo-Magnetic-Motor-Curie point see the first video for information on the Curie point oscillator
  • Thermotion Corporation Success Story A manufacturing company in Mentor, Ohio recieved some significant help from MAGNET to help create their thermo-magnetic acuators. MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network) is a Manufacturing Extension Partnership center located in Cleveland, Ohio. Visit for more information on Thermotion and their collaboration with MAGNET. Video by Clare Crawford
  • Agroglifos (Crop Circles) English subtitles - 4-4
  • DR.Mario Ricardo Arbulú Saavedra PHD ROBOTICA 2009 TRIUNFADOR EN ESPAÑA Mario Ricardo Arbulú Saavedra Tel: (34) 916246011 E-mail: [email protected] European PhD in Electrical, Electronic and Automatic Engineering, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain, 2009. MSc on Electric, Electronic and Automation Engineering, by the University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain, 2003. Electromechanical Engineer, by the University of Piura - Peru, 1998. Currently, I am a Post-doctoral researcher in the AIST. Two years ago, I was in the same lab (Advanced Institute of Science and Technology-AIST), Japan, 2007; in the Humanoid robotics group. From 2003, I am a teaching assistant at the Department of System Engineering and Automation and my thesis research is about Gaits of Humanoids robots. Participate in Rh-2 and [email protected] EU Projects. Coordinator of Rh-1 humanoid robot Project since 2002. Project assesor in technical studies of Telecommunications projects (Cóndor Corporation, Peru), 2000. Heavy machinery maintenance, preventive and corrective maintenance supervision (Trucks, Frontal loaders, Tractors, Shippers, Pumps, Auxiliary equipment), when I worked in Maintenance Area of San Martín Mining Company, Peru, 1999. Stage of research on Automatization and Industrial Control Process (2 months), by a scholarship on the Intercampus Program, in the University of Valladolid, Spain, 1998. Development of Electrical inspection, conductors and thermomagnetic switches selection, overload and short circuit protection, substations, reading electrical map, knowledge ...