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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. theocentricities. — “Theocentricities - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
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  • (4) A Certain Kind of "Purpose"‧Rev. Edmund Chan‧ Eng version To be biblical How to obey God (Yoshua 6:1 6:10) Key to Obedience →faith Difficult to keep silence 6:10 The calling of the God is the primary In God →With Go...
  • Knowing God (1) : the Potter & the Clay‧Rev. Edmund Chan‧ Eng. Version What is your image of God? Definition of theology? The chief aim: to think godlier about God in order to know and love God This conference is about theology,...
  • (7) A Certain Kind: A Gobla Vision for Intentional Disciplemaking Churches‧Rev. Edmund Chan Why are there dying churches across the world? 1st Generation (Knew God) Jos 24:15 Reality of Faith - Conviction that leads to commitment 2nd Generation (Kne...
  • Knowing God (2) The Grandeur of God‧Rev. Edmund Chan‧ Eng. Version Imagine the following situations! What if you can be in two places at one time? 1. Your knowledge will increase since you can be in two places. You can telep...
  • Avoiding Obstacles in Cultivating Spirituality Rev Edmund Chan
  • (2) A Certain Kind of "Process"‧Rev. Edmund Chan‧ Eng version 1. Living as overcomers (Nehemiah 4:1-6) People are used to encounter difficulties but the way you do would determine your direction. Believing in God does n...
  • Knowing God(3) : The Theocentricity of the Scriptures‧Rev. Edmund Chan‧ Eng. Version Luke 24:17 -- 27 Foundation of Theology is very important Without reading the Scripture, our faith can't bring us further. Just like the two men. They entire...
  • The Ancient Paths by Rev Edmund Chan This is the summary of Rev Edmund Chan's message during the last day of the Global Discipleship Congress held in Ortigas, Philippines from May 22-25, 2013. D...